The Almighty Ring
419 Too Deep
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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419 Too Deep

even though jiang fei had never fought the boss before, he was in complete control of the battle. in less than half a minute, the boss was ultimately killed.

ding! you have killed dwarven assassin gargalin. obtained 550,000 experience, 400 gold coins!

jiang fei was a little disheartened when he read the system notification. he had gotten too used to fighting bosses alone and had not need to share experience points with anyone!

the boss had dropped a total of two items.

proof of bravery (quest item, normal)

note: a proof of gargalin's defeat. allows advancement to an advanced class—assassin!

charm of evasion (accessory, legendary)

physical attack +525

vitality: +40

strength: +40

evasion chance: +5%

equip: grants the skill—silent step. increases evasion chance by 100%. after successful evasion, gain 100% critical rate chance. effect lasts for 5 seconds. 1 minute cooldown time.

level requirement: 50

"the quest item is mine. you can have the other one," said chen xi as she just picked up the proof of bravery. she had never liked accepting help from others. even though chen xi was the one who had summoned the boss, the entire battle had been completely dominated by jiang fei alone. hence, it was fair to have jiang fei take the loot besides the one that chen xi needed. on the other hand, chen xi was at the point where she did not really care about equipment since she was undergoing her advancement quest.

"okay. i won't hold back then," said jiang fei with a smile. the equipment was a level 50 accessory. he could equip it immediately tomorrow after the dungeon run. if chen xi took the accessory, she would have to train for a whole month before she would reach level 50.

after stashing the loot, jiang fei left chen xi to herself and left her to do her quest. jiang fei and isabella hopped onto the dragon and continued north.

he had no clear objective then. he had only read about a new kind of boss that would spawn randomly at the mines. this boss would not drop equipment but large quantities of rare minerals. since he was already at the mines, he might as well roam around the place and see if lady luck was on his side today.

after one hour of aimless roaming, jiang fei did not find anything that resembled a boss. perhaps lady luck had her eye on someone else.

"ah fei, come to my place tomorrow," said han tianyu the moment he came online.

"what's up? are the old guys interested in my master's pills?" said jiang fei.

"haha! you betcha! they were practically high on cloud nine!"

it was true. when old man hai and the other elders heard from han tianyu about the miracle pills that jiang fei's master had produced, they were happy and wanted to take advantage of the situation. however, the name zhuge shanzhen was like a huge warning sign. a level 5 master would be hard to confront.

"so? what's the result? what is the price?"

"about that… there's no consensus about it yet."

"what's going on?"

"things… got complicated… because of me…" said han tianyu.

the matter was caused by han tianyu for being a little too greedy. because of his greed to help jiang fei to obtain more benefits from the transaction of the pills, he had accidentally involved unwanted parties.

it was known that the china martial artist alliance was a sparse group. members were given freedom as they were neutral. those that jiang fei had come across, such as old man hai and two other elders, were the leaders of the northern faction. this time, to increase the bargaining, han tianyu had involved the people from the southern faction.

the relationship between the northern faction and the southern faction were only linked due to their names. although jiang fei was acknowledged as the youngest level 4 fighter in the alliance, his activities had only been in the north. the southern faction had only supervised his movements and activities but did not have a direct relationship with him nor did they contact him.

when the appearance of the evil purging pill came, the southern faction thought that they had enough. the pills were scarce and even though there were more of them in jiang fei's hands, it was the direct concoction of jiang fei's master. technically speaking, jiang fei could have an endless supply of the pill. that made the southern faction decide to make a move to contact the boy.

"oh damn…"

jiang fei's heart sank a little after listening to han tianyu's explanation of what had taken place. jiang fei himself was staying in northern china. that was why he only knew old man hai and the other two elders. in fact, only those three elders were considered as level 4 martial artists.

what jiang fei understood was that the china martial artist alliance held a high position amongst the metahuman society. it was impossible to have just the three old elders to lift the entire alliance to that position. there had to be others that were more powerful than them. that was what jiang fei had been wondering about. at that moment, jiang fei had just realized that the three elders were in charge of handling matters that were considered to be foreign to the northern faction.

han tianyu and his own masters were considered to be part of the alliance but they only moved in the shadows and never in the light. old man hai and the other two elders were the ones that were publicly known. their rankings should be the same as the human torch shroder of the mutants brotherhood.

'oh man… my view of the world is too narrow! how could i have underestimated other people in the world', thought jiang fei. to be honest to himself, he had dwelled too long in the light of fame. because of that, he might have slightly underestimated the other metahumans.

from jiang fei's perspective, the other metahumans were just… meh. he could just nod politely and have casual conversations with level 4s. level 3s were easily beaten to a pulp. unless jiang fei confronted a level 5 like phoenix, there was no one in the entire of metahuman society that jiang fei would be scared of!

that day, after han tianyu had given more information about the alliance, jiang fei had realized that he had been too obnoxious and ignorant. what jiang fei knew about the metahumans was just surface level. who knew just how deep the entire metahuman society was?

han tianyu would never know that jiang fei finally had his eyes opened to the truth of the world. it was supposed to general knowledge. hence, even when no one talked about it, it was common knowledge that everyone knew. jiang fei was perhaps the only one that did not know about it.

luckily, jiang fei realized this. it was even luckier for him that nothing bad had happened.

"since the southern faction had gotten involved in this, what is going to happen to me?" asked jiang fei as he prepared himself.

"well, it was feared that since you have mingled in the northern faction for too long and might have sided with the northern faction instead of the whole alliance, the northern faction and the southern faction had come to an agreement. everyone would put together their skill books and you will select four of them. the faction would then decide on the distribution of the evil purging pill based on the books you choose. if you so happen to pick all the skill books from only one side, the other would be the unlucky one," said han tianyu.

what han tianyu did not tell jiang fei was that when jiang fei went to select the books, there would be representatives of the factions approaching him. it was for the sake of the miracle pills here. even the strongest one then would be willing to lower him or herself to win jiang fei over.

"hoho. this might be good for me after all. fair and square. i like it!"

jiang fei had failed to see the deeper end of things as he was already satisfied with the outcome.

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