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When the massive army was approaching from afar, Jiang Fei took the time and picked up as many equipment that were dropped by the players that he had killed. Naturally, he prioritized the equipment from the highest to the lowest tier.

Cosmic Dragon's equipment were all left untouched. He had his reason in doing so. Even though Cosmic Dragon was annoying and arrogant, he did let Jiang Fei walk away after the first fight. Jiang Fei did not force himself to fight back. If he wanted to go all out, Jiang Fei could have just let Isabella kill him easily. Nevertheless, since Cosmic Dragon had shown "mercy", it was only fair if he had spared him, even if it was just his equipment.

The second reason for not picking his equipment was Cosmic Dragon's equipment suitability. Heavy Armor magicians were rare and no ordinary magicians would want that. Magic Attack Plate Armor could not be worn by just any average player. Even the healer-base Knight was only wearing the Chain Armor instead of Plate Armor. The attribute of Cosmic Dragon's armor was not suitable for others as well. Picking them up would be a waste of space since no one would want them. Jiang Fei had shown him mercy by not picking up the "trash" equipment, giving the impression that he was giving a chance to Cosmic Dragon.

While Jiang Fei was picking up the rest of the players' dropped equipment, the large army had already arrived and surrounded Jiang Fei from all directions. Even though the system notification was intriguing, most of the attention was placed on Jiang Fei.

"Verdure Glider has gone too far! He could kill other players in another city! This is outrageous!" 

Despite killing only a small number of players, the entire mass was led to believe that Jiang Fei had purposely killed the players as an attack on Saintlight City. Their assumption was only made stronger since Jiang Fei had publicly announced his challenge.

"Damn! Where did that bastard go? How dare he come to make a mess in Saintlight City!"

"We'll show him who's boss here! One man against a whole city? Like hell we would lose!"

Almost all players who were surrounding Jiang Fei were pug players. Only a handful of them were members of smaller guilds. Larger and more organized guilds would not send out their members for something as menial as this.

Any group of players that resembled a proper guild would have a proper scout team. Their roles were as simple as observing and reporting to the guild master. Before facing any challenges, the scout team would take into account the threat level, success rate, cost, benefits, and planning before taking further actions.

Naturally, players of Saintlight City did not know Jiang Fei that well. However, the efficient ones immediately logged out of the game to do some research on him on the internet. In no time at all, larger guilds had gotten some information about Jiang Fei's estimated strength. They now know that Jiang Fei had a pet dragon and had the ability to summon a black dragon that possessed a Forbidden Spell that would kill over 100,000 players instantly.

With that information in hand, the larger guilds had made their decision. Winning would only bring them fame. If they included the other pug players, they might stand a chance. However, the likelihood of Jiang Fei using the Forbidden Spell was high. Hence, their decision was not to interfere with whatever Jiang Fei was doing. In the worst case scenario where Jiang Fei attacked the city directly, they would mobilize their entire guild to retaliate.

Currently, those who had surrounded Jiang Fei were either brainless or emotional players who could not think for even a second about the consequences of their actions. The total number of players then had easily exceeded 100,000 but neither one of them had started to attack. The reason was simple. Even though Jiang Fei had only just returned to his normal form after his Demon form had expired, the dragon that was beside him was scary. A huge eight-meter long armored dragon was not something that any Tom, Dick, and Harry could kill.

Jiang Fei rode the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon and hovered in the sky with a hammer that was still crackling with lightning. Even though he was surrounded by a sea of angry mob, he was not scared. His dominating aura was so powerful that he could frighten the weak-hearted easily with a single look.

The mass was led by nothing but their common objective to kill Jiang Fei. They did not have a leader or anyone who resembled a commander. Like a chicken coop, the map was filled with noisy yelling and angry cries.

Out of the blue, Jiang Fei could hear a whistle. It was the sound of a very fast moving object. He turned around and saw a small black dot. Someone was coming toward him on a flying mount.

To be honest, Jiang Fei had never seen anyone else with a flying mount. Up until then, Jiang Fei had thought that he was the only one who had a mount capable of both aerial and ground movements. Not even Cosmic Dragon nor Han Tianyu had a mount like that.

The mount of just a griffin. Nothing as cool and attractive as Jiang Fei's dragon. Even so, the beast was peculiar. It had feathers that reflected five different colors and the head of an eagle. The horns it had were that of a deer. Weirdly enough, besides wing, it also had four limbs. The front were claws and the rear were hooves.

Riding on top of the griffon was a cute elven girl. What drew Jiang Fei's attention was the weapon that she was carrying behind her back. It was a bow but it had wing-like feature that made the girl herself look like she had wings on her back.

"Look! It's Cloudfall! Shadow Cloudfall has arrived!"

"Kyaaa! It's sister Cloudfall! She's here! She's here to kill that bastard!"

"Impossible! Not even Cosmic Dragon stood a chance against Jiang Fei. Shadow Cloudfall might not stand a chance!"

"Hmph! What do you think we are doing here? Are you saying you are going to let Cloudfall fight that bastard alone? Where's your team spirit?"

From the looks of it, the spectator's hope in defeating Jiang Fei grew. 100,000 players and one strong newcomer was surely enough to defeat a single player.

The reason why Shadow Cloudfall was so loved by the mass was due to her stature in the game. She was one of the Profession players who sided with the mass. In this era of gaming, people who wanted to earn a living via gaming would automatically sign up toa guild or a company to gain sponsors and wages. In which case, they would form a guild where the guild master would be their employer. Shadow Cloudfall was a rare case where besides official PvP events of which she was sponsored for, she had positioned herself to be amongst the pug players as well.

As such, she was recognized and acknowledged by the mass. Although she was not as strong as Cosmic Dragon, she did, however, had more fame than him.

Shadow Cloudfall did not want to mess with Jiang Fei. She had merely arrived at the scene because she saw the public announcement that Jiang Fei had made and wanted to see the fight. However, when the announcement was made, she was in the middle of a fight with a dungeon boss. She had thought that she might be able to rush over after the boss was defeated since a professional fight would last longer than usual.

From what she had gathered, Jiang Fei and Cosmic Dragon had exchanged a few words and started to fight. Jiang Fei had conquered the entire fight and completely crushed Cosmic Dragon from all angles. Hence, when Shadow Cloudfall finally defeated the boss, the match was over. He had never expected to hear Jiang Fei attacking the mass when the match was over.
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