The Almighty Ring
442 Literal Human Shield
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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442 Literal Human Shield

When Yang Po and Yang Qing agreed to behave normally in front of Jiang Fei's parent, Jiang Fei agreed to not avoid them intentionally.

Once they came to that agreement, Jiang Fei could finally breathe normally. His parents were as normal as anyone else's in the world could be. There would be nothing but bad endings when it came to this society of bloodthirsty Metahumans.

During dinner, the sisters were… normal. Yang Qing, the little sister was well-behaved and had already gotten the love of Jiang Fei's mother. Jiang Fei could not help but tense up whenever his mother giggled at the cutesy act of Yang Qing. If that was not the first time they met, his mother would have accepted the girl as her step-daughter in a heartbeat.

After enduring the horrid dinner session, Jiang Fei found an excuse and got the twins out of the house. Even though they had an agreement, he did not want the fighters to be in his house chattering cutely and laughing with his mother.

"Fei! How about that? The girls are cute and pretty, aren't they? I think they perfect!" said his mother when the twins had left. As expected of his own mother, she could pick up the subtle unease Jiang Fei had during dinner and the obvious act of him kicking them out of the house.

"I… No comment."

Jiang Fei froze. He had no idea that his mother would say something like that.

"Ahh. I see what's going here. You're afraid that Sun Mengmeng would be jealous! Haha! I understand! I'll keep my mouth shut about Yang Po and Yang Qing!"

It seemed that his mother had gravely misunderstood the entire ordeal. The true issue was that she was smiling happily. When she turned around into the kitchen to clean things up, she had said something under her breath.

"Thank god my child has begun to be interested in girls. I thought that he had become a nerd…"

"Mom… I think you've got the wrong message here. Those girls are just my classmates!" said Jiang Fei, with a pale face.

"Relax. I not going to tell anyone. Your father well… even if I told him, he wouldn't care!" said his mother, still in the kitchen.

"No.. It's… URGH!"

Jiang Fei gave up trying to explain his way out of this predicament. He was sure that there was no way to clear the misunderstanding.

Back in his room, Jiang Fei sat down on his bed. He pressed his temples as he felt a painful headache. Since he could not think of a solution, he called Han Tianyu.

"Brother Yu. You gotta help me man… the girls… those twins… they're already infiltrated my house and got my mom on their side!" said Jiang Fei as he laughed bitterly.

"What? Does auntie know about your other life?" asked Han Tianyu, stunned and a little happy. If Jiang Fei's parents were now involved with Jiang Fei's hidden life, Han Tianyu might have a chance. He was really afraid that he would wrong Jiang Fei if he had tried doing what the girls did.

"No… That's not what I meant. My mom is infatuated by the girls! They were deliberately charming my mother!" said Jiang Fei as if his mother's one weakness was cute girls. It did happen before with Sun Mengmeng.

"Hmm… Well… there is literally nothing I could do for you now," said Han Tianyu as he breathed a sigh of relief to show his concern to Jiang Fei. In truth, he was a little disappointed.

"What do you think I should do tomorrow?" asked Jiang Fei. Tomorrow was the day when the sisters would come to his class.

"Tomorrow… I think you should just attend for once."

"Why should I?"

"I just got news from Old Hai. Listen closely. Those girls came to this town not just to get you in their hands but to also use you as a… how do I put this… hmm. A literal human shield?"

"Huh? There's going to be a shootout?" asked Jiang Fei, panicked.

"No… Wait. Let me explain. Those two girls were so beautiful and cute that there were plenty of guys in the alliances who had tried to have their ways with them. Most of them had gone into Aquamoon Heavenly Palace and tried their luck there. There were two kids who had never given up on them since. Due to their own backgrounds, the sect dared not reject them directly. Hence, the two girls came to this place to escape them. Coincidently, you appeared. Got the picture?"

"So technically speaking, they think that I'm such a pushover and could use me as their shield?"


"Who are the two kids?"

"Ye Zhangfa, the grandson of the Grand Elder of the Soaring Cloud Sect, and Bai Zongwei, the young master of the Snow Mountain Sect."

Jiang Fei frowned when he heard the way Han Tianyu explained their identities.

"From the way you said it, it seems that those two sects you mentioned are strong!"

"Well, they're not weak! That's for sure! They are both from strong sects or else Yang Po and Yang Qing would have not backed down," said Han Tianyu as he laughed. From his perspective, Jiang Fei had a Level 5 master to back him up. His place amongst the martial artist in China was either higher or the same as the two kids. Never lower. That was why he did not worry about Jiang Fei being a human shield for the twin.

"Urgh… so troublesome!" cried Jiang Fei as he frowned. He knew that his words carried no weight since the Level 5 master Zhuge Shanzhen was fake. He had never wanted to bring up that name but everyone else would not stop talking about it. That was one of the reasons why he did not want to participate in any of the activities of the Martial Artist Alliance. Eventually, he would step on his own tail and fall.

"Oh right. Since tomorrow you'll be going to class to meet the twins, I want you to pay attention to the two guys who are coming along as well. Bai Zongwei is a man of honor and would only fight you in a fair match. If he wanted trouble with you, you could expect a proper letter from him. The one you should be worried about is Ye Zhangfa. That boy is nothing but immature and rash," said Han Tianyu.

"What am I supposed to do then? Take the hit and walk away?" asked Jiang Fei.

"I… I'm not in the right place to help you with that. All I can do right now is to give you advice. You of all people should know that I am but an ant in the alliance…" said Han Tianyu. Even if helping Jiang Fei was beneficial for him, it was all on the basis that Han Tianyu would not be harmed. If it was Bai Zongwei, Han Tianyu would not mind standing behind Jiang Fei, telling him what to do directly. However, Ye Zhangfa was going to be there. He would not want his entire family wiped out of existence just because he interfered with Ye Zhangfa's conflict with Jiang Fei.

"Okay then. I'll give you a call when things get out of hand," said Jiang Fei. If the Level 5 master of his was real, Jiang Fei would reassure Han Tianyu, allowing him to safely plot plans. The problem was, there was no master. He had only relied on lies and fabricated truths to be safe. What could he depend on to ensure Han Tianyu's safety? When Han Tianyu rejected Jiang Fei's help for assistance, there was nothing he could do.

"Sigh… 0541, what do you think I should do?"

"I am truly sorry. I am unable to interfere with any of your emotional predicaments. I am unable to advise anything in this matter. However, I will increase my sensitivity to danger. If there anyone has plans to assassinate you, I could pick up the signal and inform you before the perpetrator could strike." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"That is as much as you could do. It's fine. Either way, let's see how those two good-for-nothing thugs react to me standing in the way of the twins!"


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