The Almighty Ring
458 Delicious Hydra Sashimi
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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458 Delicious Hydra Sashimi

"Here I go!" cried Isabella, brimming with confidence. Even though her expression and voice radiated with confidence, there was a hint of fear.

After reaching Level 60, Isabella's Dragon Morph duration was extended. Right now, she could remain in her dragon form for as long as fifteen minutes. The force transformation had also extended from two minutes to five minutes. That meant, if the situation called for it, Isabella could last as long as twenty minutes. Provided that if Jiang Fei and Isabella could accept the penalty.

Besides the transformation extension, Isabella had also unlocked four new skills. In her human form, she had unlocked Shadow Amplification Circle and Hidden Shadow. In her dragon form, she had unlocked two Draconian Magic skills. The Starfall and Light of Shadow.

Shadow Amplification was a buff skill which allowed Isabella to place a magic circle in which when she stands in, increased her casting range and spell attack by 100%. The magic circle would last for ninety seconds.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Hidden Shadow was an ally buff skill which granted Stealth to Isabella and any allies. The Stealth effect was not as good as a Thief class. It was still useful for other non-Thief players to be invisible.

The skill Starfall was a small AoE attack skill. If the enemies were gathered closely, she could hit close to 500 players. On the other hand, this skill could only target a boss with large body size. That was the estimated size of the AoE. This skill required a long chanting duration but the attack power was far stronger than any other skills Isabella had used, excluding the Forbidden Spell.

Light of Shadow was another AoE skill, which attacked enemies as well as lowering their Physical and Magical Defenses. The effect was roughly the same as a shower of Shadow Arrow.

Jiang Fei followed Isabella's words and came to the beach to choose a perfect spot. After that, Isabella jumped down from the Dragon and started to cast the Shadow Amplification. After ten seconds or so, the magic circle was placed. Isabella told Jiang Fei to stand a good distance away. Soon, she morphed into her dragon form.

Once Isabella, in her dragon form, stood in the magic circle, Jiang Fei quickly understood the reason behind her confidence.

"I never thought that the magic circle effect could work with Isabella's Dragon form," said Jiang Fei as he silently praised Isabella's intellect.

Isabella began to chant the long spell and the Nine-Headed Hydra continued to stand there doing nothing. Isabella's Dragon form had an extremely long magic casting range. Paired with the Shadow Amplify magic effect, her attack range doubled. The Nine-Headed Hydra could not even feel Isabella's powerful surge of magic.

"It is lucky that this boss is a dumb NPC!"

Without higher artificial intelligence, the boss would only behave the way the default battle system was programmed. If no one entered its aggro range, the boss would only stand and occasionally move a little bit.


The last part of the spell was chanted after Isabella had been chanting in Draconian language for more than thirty seconds. The longer the chant, the more powerful the spell's attack would be.

The moment Isabella finished her chant, a bright star shone brightly in the clear sky. After that, the blinding star that shone far brighter than the sun came down.

After summoning the first Starfall, Isabella immediately started to chant the next skill instead of admiring the skill's effect like Jiang Fei did.

The blinding light in the sky came down faster than a meteor. The Nine-Headed Hydra had not noticed the incoming attack until the miniature star was above its head. At that moment, all it noticed was the intense heat and shadow on the ground before it turned to look. However, it was too slow as the star came crashing down.

The Nine-Headed Hydra shrieked in terror as soon as it got hit by the attack. When the dust in the air settled down, the surrounding seawater came gushing back to fill the temporary void that the attack had made.

"Holy hell!"

Even Jiang Fei was shocked to see just how powerful the skill was. The attack had immediately killed off three of the nine heads.


The huge red damage text popped up on the Hydra's head. That single attack had taken out more than 30% of the boss's total health points.

The Hydra that had taken such huge damage immediately detected the source of the attack. It slammed its tail on the seawater and glided through the beach toward Jiang Fei and Isabella.

When Isabella had asked Jiang Fei to choose a perfect spot, Jiang Fei had factored in the fact that the boss would come after her. Hence, the distance between Isabella and the boss initially was far enough to allow Isabella to finish her second chant.

Before the boss could even get close to Isabella to begin its attack, the second Starfall came down from the sky.


"Ouchie!" cried Jiang Fei even though it was not him who took the damage.

The same powerful explosion, the same damage taken, the same cries of pain. The boss had lost another three of its six remaining heads.


The boss had finally reached close a proximity to attack Isabella. At this point, Isabella had stopped chanting and chose to rely on melee attacks. Her powerful wings spread out. With one single flap of her wings, she shot out like a cannonball and zoomed toward the Hydra. With her thirty meters tall body, she was practically a huge missile.




The Hydra attacked with three of its remaining heads. The three heads attacked magically. Besides the one head that dealt ice magic damage, the other shadow magic and fire magic could not deal any significant damage to Isabella.


Isabella let out a loud roar and Jiang Fei immediately frowned worriedly.

"Damn... when did the innocent little girl become so violent…" wondered Jiang Fei as he saw what Isabella had done to the Hydra. When Isabella shot toward the Hydra, she opened her jaws and bit off one of the Hydra's head and chewed on it violently. She... looked happy when she was eating the Hydra. After the first head was swallowed, she went for the second one.

The entire battle between the Demon Dragon and the Nine-Headed Hydra was not long. Excluding the time taken for two Starfall castings, Isabella was practically feeding instead of fighting the Hydra. Like a hunter killing its prey.

The second head that Isabella had swallowed was the ice magic-based one. After losing the one head that could deal proper damage to this maniac dragon, the Hydra had immediately lost the fight.

By the time Jiang Fei finished digesting what he saw, Isabella was already wiping away all the blood around her jaw. Not only had she defeated the Hydra easily but she had also completely consumed... no, devoured the entire boss. There were smaller chunks of meat laying here and there but they were too small for Isabella to enjoy.

"Hehehe! Quest complete! I've done it! Yay!" cried Isabella after she returned to her human form. She was practically jumping with joy when Jiang Fei came to pick her up.

"Hahaha! What were you thinking? Are you actually fighting or feeding on the boss? I can't believe it. The Hydra sashimi must have tasted good for you to completely eat even its bones!" said Jiang Fei as he saw just how happy the little princess was. At that moment, he truly could not believe his eyes. There she was, standing right in front of him with her cute little cheeks and cheerful smile. It was extremely hard to believe that only a few minutes ago, she was the huge dragon that had basically torn apart the Hydra and eaten it piece by piece.


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