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"Yeeehah!" cried the cursed pirates as they charged toward Jiang Fei who was still thinking of ways to stop them.

"This is troublesome!" cried Jiang Fei as he fought back to back with Isabella.

Their numbers were not a problem. The problem lay at the fact that they could not die. Their damage was high enough that they could deal limited damage to Jiang Fei. With over twenty of them attacking simultaneously, Jiang Fei was not in urgent need of healing. However, he had to activate several skills as well as the Lifesteal Demon form to sustain his own health.

It was lucky that Jiang Fei had managed to kill half of them before the moon rose. If he had played along with the leader pirate's act, he might be in huge trouble now.

"This cannot continue like this," said Jiang Fei after fighting for more than twenty minutes. Even though neither Isabella or Jiang Fei was in mortal danger, it was still troubling to fighting an undying monster.

At that moment, Jiang Fei unconsciously hurled his hammer toward one of the pirates that was hidden in the shades of the hideout. Isabella followed Jiang Fei's attack and landed her fireball on the same pirate.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


At the wail of the dying pirate, Jiang Fei immediately noticed that the pirate that he had just killed was in the shade. Without direct contact with the light of the moon, the cursed pirates would be back in their human form.

"I see now! So that's how you kill them!"

As long as the pirates were in the moonlight, they could not be killed. In that case, Jiang Fei had to just find a place with no moonlight to kill all of them.

"Bella, follow me and keep up with my attacks!" said Jiang Fei to Isabella as he tried to kite one of the pirates into the shadow.

"As you wish!" The two had been fighting side by side for a very long time. Even if Jiang Fei could not get used to following up with Isabella's attack, Isabella had no problem matching with Jiang Fei. She had, from the start, been with Jiang Fei. In a few hits and blasts, they had successfully defeated one more pirate.

"B-Back! Get back!" cried the leader of the pirates. Only after the second pirate had perished that the leader pirate realized that even with the curse of the moonlight, they could not defeat the adventurer. If they insisted on fighting, they would be overwhelmed. Hence, without delaying any further, they decided to run away.

"You think I'll let you run?"

Jiang Fei could not afford to let them run away. He needed them to reveal the location of the treasure. Without them, it would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

"I'll get them!" Isabella growled fiercely. Isabella was not scared of Specters. As a powerful royal Nephilim as well as a Demon Dragon, there was nothing in the world that would scare her. She was merely disgusted by the presence of a Specter.

As the cursed pirates ran, Isabella and Jiang Fei were able to catch up to them. They continued to attack. With proper aiming and attack, Jiang Fei was able to push them into the shadow and Isabella was able to kill them since they did not have the moonlight protection.

As they attacked, Jiang Fei noticed that Isabella was being more aggressive than usual. It could be because of her hatred toward the Specter that drove her to that point.

The cursed pirates ran and Jiang Fei chased after them. Even so, Jiang Fei was much faster, allowing him to kill them off slowly but surely. As they ran, they reached the inner part of the island. Although the island was not huge, there was a huge tall mountain at the center of the island. The mountain was oddly shaped. There was a huge two-meter gap in the middle of it. As if some giant had cleaved the entire mountain in two. The two-meter gap was a pathway which the pirates were running toward. From afar, even Jiang Fei could recognize that this phenomenon was not natural. Someone or something had made it.

Once the pirates entered the gap of the mountain, the light of the moon was immediately cut off. It was completely dark and the only light source was Jiang Fei's armor and Isabella's fireballs. Without the protection of the moonlight, the cursed pirates reverted to their human forms. Jiang Fei easily killed them one by one and soon, there were only the leader pirate and two underlings left.

Despite being mortal again, the three pirates were still running straight, crossing over the gap to the other side of the mountain. Jiang Fei felt confused. Why would they give up the moonlight protection and decide to enter the mountain gap even though they knew that it would kill them?

Jiang Fei did not think much of it as he killed one more pirate. There were only two left.

After a little bit of running, the leader pirate reached the middle of the mountain. After that, he immediately kneeled on the ground. He was not begging for Jiang Fei to spare his life but facing he was facing one of the sides of the mountain that had been cleaved.

"O great god of the sea! Your faithful followers are being massacred! Please beseech us salvation from this murderer!" cried the leader of the pirates.

"O great god of the sea! Please save us!" said the other pirate as he too, kneeled down.

"There is no salvation for putrid scums like you!" cried Isabella with rage as ran toward the pirates.

Before the underling could finish praying, he was immediately turned into a pile of ash.

"WAHH! O great god of the sea! Please help me!" cried the leader of the pirate as he was the only one left. The next one to be killed would definitely be him!

"Die!" roared Isabella as she charged at the last one. She had completely forgotten that Jiang Fei had told her to keep one alive!


Just before the fireball was about to obliterate the leader of the pirate, a wall of water burst out of the ground, protecting the leader of the pirates.

"Who are you! How dare you massacre my followers?" a clear female voice came from the wall of water. A female NPC morphed out of the water and stood in between the pirate leader and Jiang Fei.

The female NPC was beautiful as she radiated a powerful godly aura. Her dress and appearance were that of a true goddess.

Siren the Sea Demon (Sea Monster, Lord)

Level: 65

Health Points: 6,000,000

Magic Attack: 22,000

Skills: Water Elemental Magic, Illusion.

Note: A sea monster that uses intricate illusion spell to trick sailors of the sea.

"Sheesh! So much for a goddess!"

Jiang Fei had obtained information about the so-called goddess and found out that she had the skill "Illusion". If the ring had not provided Jiang Fei with that information, he might have been intimidated by the presence of the 'goddess'.
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