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Jiang Fei was not at a disadvantage against the monster. Under his Nephilim form, Jiang Fei's Attack Power more than doubled. When his Ruthless Barrage stacked for the tenth time, his Attack Power exceeded 40,000.

Moreover, under the Nephilim form, Jiang Fei was able to fully ignore his opponent's Defense. Therefore, each attack dealt a significant amount of damage. With the Nephilim King's Eyes, Jiang Fei could even regularly deal Critical Damage to his opponent which resulted in a rapid loss of Health Points for the monster.

Although the monster dealt nearly 10,000 damage to the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon with every single attack, and occasionally even dealt more than 20,000 damage if he used his skills, Jiang Fei could still overcome the threat with his 140% Lifesteal effect.

Despite the monster having 15,000,000 Health Points, Jiang Fei's ability to ignore the monster's Defense was too overpowering. In less than two minutes, the Ghost Commander had lost nearly two-thirds of his Health Points.

"You damned invader! You are quite strong! Have a taste of my ultimate skill!" The Ghost Commander shouted angrily as he activated his ultimate skill.

Suddenly, the monster stopped his attacks and held his sword horizontally as his body began spinning at a rapid rate. Waves of sword energy emanated from his body and soon formed a giant Blade Fury!


A huge sum of number appeared above the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon, indicating the amount of damage it just received. The Juvenile Skygliding Dragon had instantly lost half of its Health Points.

"Woah, screw me! This is insane!" Jiang Fei focused his gaze. Although the ultimate skill's damage was insufficient to kill the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon instantly, it was a skill with a continuous damage effect. Moreover, Jiang Fei was located very close to the center of the Blade Fury where the sword energy concentrated. This meant that it was entirely impossible for him to sustain the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon's Health Points with his Lifesteal effect.

Furthermore, if the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon were to die, Jiang Fei could not possibly withstand the insane damage with his own Defense. Regardless of how strong his Lifesteal effect was, there was a chance he might be instantly killed.

"Retreat!" Jiang Fei instantly removed the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon from combat. Simultaneously, he activated the Lightbringer's Armaments' Qilin Body skill.

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As soon as the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon disappeared, a Qilin shadow appeared on Jiang Fei's body. Jiang Fei had entered an invincible state.

Jiang Fei was left with no other option but to remove the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon from combat. Although he had several life-protecting skills, none of them allowed him to protect his Mount from being killed. Therefore, the only way Jiang Fei could save the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon was to remove it from combat.

The Qilin Body allowed Jiang Fei to be in a state of invincibility for ten seconds, which meant he could ignore Blade Fury completely. Jiang Fei made use of the time to attack the monster fervently.

Jiang Fei caused the monster to lose over 10,000 Health Points yet again.

Seeing as the Blade Fury was about to end, and his invincible state would end in a second, Jiang Fei hurriedly summoned the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon.

After a loud whistle from Jiang Fei, the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon descended from the skies. By then, the monster's ultimate skill had also come to an end.

However, Jiang Fei's biggest concern now was the three-second delay from the time the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon was summoned to when he could use it. Without his invincible state, Jiang Fei dared not rely on his own Defense to fight against the monster.

Shadow Barrier!

Jiang Fei was unwilling to use the Divine Shield which lasted fifteen seconds. After all, Jiang Fei was uncertain as to whether the monster would use Blade Fury again. The Ghost Commander still had nearly 5,000,000 Health Points.

With a two-handed sword, the monster could not attack very frequently. In three seconds, he could only attack Jiang Fei two times at most. Therefore, even if Jiang Fei was slow in getting onto his Mount, he would only have to bear two attacks. Hence, the Shadow Barrier which could be used three times a day was the best option.


The monster's first attack was blocked by Jiang Fei's Shadow Barrier. Right then, Jiang Fei was also able to climb onto the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon.


Just as Jiang Fei sat on his Mount, the second attack landed on him. Although he received another hit, the damage was not too unbearable for Jiang Fei.

Once he was seated comfortably on the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon, Jiang Fei no longer feared the monster's attacks. With the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon as his fleshly shield, Jiang Fei resumed the battle with full force.

As Jiang Fei's Nephilim transformation state lasted ten minutes, he was not concerned about not being able to kill the monster before his transformation ended. In reality, the monster was left with less than 5,000,000 Health Points. He could last at most another minute before being defeated.

Jiang Fei's earlier precaution did not go to waste. When the monster reached the 10% Health Point threshold, he unleashed Blade Fury yet again. However, Jiang Fei was cautious enough to save the Divine Shield for this very moment. Therefore, Jiang Fei canceled the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon and activated his invincible state. The fifteen seconds of invincibility not only allowed him to shelter himself from the monster's ultimate skill, it even bought him enough time to summon the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon again.

"I will not fall!" After the second Blade Fury, the monster no longer had the ability to counter-attack Jiang Fei effectively. Very soon, the monster was killed by Jiang Fei.

Ding! You have eliminated the Ghost Commander Walkers. Obtained 5,500,000 Experience Points. Obtained 1,000 gold coins!

Jiang Fei observed as the monster dug the giant sword into the ground as his entire body turned into ashes. Jiang Fei could not help but sigh mournfully. Just as the Ghost Commander himself had said, he would not fall even if he died. For a commander to sacrifice his own life twice to protect his grounds, he was commendable even though he was merely a character in the game.

"Alright, Bella, come over!" Since the monster had died, Jiang Fei no longer needed to make Isabella wait somewhere far away.

"Let's see what this fellow dropped!" Isabella said as she jogged over to Jiang Fei.

"Haha. Since when have you become interested in what the monsters dropped?" Jiang Fei asked nonchalantly.

"Hehe!" Isabella giggled and smiled at Jiang Fei without answering his question. In all honesty, Isabella was personally not interested in what the monsters dropped as she had nothing to do with the items. The only reason she seemed to care so much was because these dropped items were able to increase Jiang Fei's capabilities rapidly once he equipped them.

By now, the corpse had already fully vanished into thin air. However, the sword which the monster dug into the ground was still shining brightly. It seemed like the object had replaced the Ghost Commander's corpse.


When Jiang Fei touched the sword, two items fell out. At the same time, the huge sword disappeared.

Out of the two items, Jiang Fei first picked up a small notebook.

Divine Marksman's Skill: Dusk's Bow

Use: Teaches you the advanced skill of Dusk's Bow.

Requirement: Archer Class

Dusk's Bow: Locks on to a single target in a 1,500-meter radius. After 5 seconds of power collection, a piercing arrow is shot toward the target. Deals 20x your Attack Power to all targets the arrow passes through before reaching the final target. Cooldown time is one hour.

"Screw me! It is an advanced Skill Book!" Jiang Fei's eyes lit up.

Although the Divine Marksman's Skill Book had the same rank as the Seal Curse Spell or Divine Art Skill Books, its damage output was incomparable to that of the Seal Curse Spell. Although they were all AoE skills, Dusk's Bow could not kill as many enemies as the other skills because there would be limited targets in a straight line. Even if the skill could kill all the enemies instantly, it was still far weaker than the Seal Curse Spell.

Despite this, the value of the Dusk's Bow Skill was not any lesser than the other Skill Books. In certain cases, its value might even be higher than the Seal Curse Spell!
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