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Jiang Fei could not bring himself to say anything.

He knew that Forbidden Spells could be enhanced through equipment but he had never seen anything like it! He would never have thought that such an equipment could be obtained through a quest!

Even though the negative Vitality stat was a little troublesome since magicians are like glass-cannons, the magic attack stat of the ring was so powerful, it made the ring a must-have item for magicians!

Aside from the annoying negative Vitality stat, the ring had a Level Requirement of 60. Little Rain was only at Level 45. He would have to wait for quite some time until Level 60 is reached.

"My lord, what is the next step?" said Jiang Fei to Heinz.

"An eye for an eye, remember?" said Heinz as he held the sword in his hand tighter. He had considered the fallen Walkers as a real brother. The four of them; Heinz, Walkers, Ivan, and Frizt were a band of brothers. How could he ever forgive and forget the enemies who had killed his brother!

"You there!" cried Heinz as he called for one of the lower ranking soldiers.

"Yes, sir?"

"Rally together. I want you to repaint this town with the blood of its inhabitants! Except for the Moonlight Church, you shall not let anyone go!"

"Yes, sir!" The lower rank soldier raced across the platoon and spread the order. Soon enough, the entire army was marching to all corners, killing anyone and everyone of the Light Faction.

At this point, there was no resistance left. The soldiers that were supposed to be reinforcements were easily killed by Isabella. Even the higher officers of the Light Faction had been instantly swallowed by Isabella by the time Heinz and his fellow Dark Faction soldiers arrived.

Many of the closed doors of houses and shops were burst open and the NPCs inside were killed mercilessly. In no time at all, the entire town was wailing in terror.

"There's no need to kill innocent civilians, is there?" said Isabella. She had already morphed back to her normal self. Even though she enjoyed butchering sea monsters, she could not stomach the scene of the massacre.

"Princess, we came here with a mission. There cannot be any room for mistake. We must have insurance!" said Heinz as he bowed to Isabella. He did not retract the order.

"Mission? Does it have something to do with the Moonlight Church?" asked Jiang Fei.

"That's right. We have a piece of insider information. The Saint of the Luminous Church is supposedly meditating in that building!" said Heinz as he pointed toward the Moonlight Church.

"Are you going to kidnap her?" asked Jiang Fei. If they wanted to kill the Saint, Heinz would not waste much time killing innocent civilians. He would have just destroyed the entire building instead.

"That's where you're wrong. We are not kidnapping her. We are enslaving her! There are too many barriers and traps in that church. If we tried to destroy it, we would lose many of our soldiers. The reason why I had laid down the order to attack the town was to coax the Saint to come out on her accord. She is a naive little girl. Even if it was to protect the image of the Luminous Church, she would come out to secure the lives of these people," said Heinz.


Jiang Fei did not say much after. He did not approve of Heinz's method but it was out of his hands. He could understand that he was trying to protect his own troops. Even though it was a game to Jiang Fei, Heinz was living in it. He was a man of war and he understood the consequences of letting civilians go.


At that moment, the doors of the Moonlight Church flung open. A group of nuns came out and the one that was standing in front was the supposed Saint. She looked like she was only around 15 years old, yet there was some kind of holy aura surrounding her. No matter the angle, there was nothing but holiness and divinity.

"Well well well... If it isn't her highness the Saint. All soldiers, cease attack!" cried Heinz after the Saint had came out of the church.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"How could you... Despicable Demons!" cried the Divine Saint.

"Madam. I am but a war commander. I only have two things to worry about. To obtain victory in war, and to protect all of my soldiers. There is nothing else that matter besides that!" said Heinz as he smiled. He did not mind the insult that the Saint had thrown at him.

"If I obey you, would you let the town go?" said the Saint as she understood that reasoning with Heinz would only end in an impasse.

"That is correct, my lady. If the Moonlight Church had not been too dangerous for me, I would not have killed the civilians! Rest assured, if you follow me, you have my word that there would be no more killings in this town," said Heinz.

"Your Highness! You cannot go with them! Please retreat to the church! We can rely on the protection of the Church until reinforcements arrive!" cried an older nun that was beside the Saint.

"I mustn't. What about the civilians?" said the Saint as she shook her head.

"Your Highness. I do not have time to waste watching the two of you chatting away. We are in your territory, and your reinforcements will arrive at any moment. I do not wish to have any more casualties. So, here is what I propose. Follow me now or I'll have the entire town killed. Choose your next words carefully," said Heinz as he crossed his arms.

"I will follow you," said the Saint without a shred of hesitation. To be honest, she did not have much choice. If she chose to retreat into her church, she would survive but the faith of the people would be severely shaken.

"Your Highness! You mustn't do this!" cried the older nun again as she got in the way to prevent the Saint from walking down the stairs.

"I see that the older lady there wishes for the demise of the town. Or perhaps does she intend to follow you?" said Heinz as he glared at the old nun.

"Eeek!" the old nun shrieked in terror when her eyes met Heinz's. She immediately let the Saint go and ran back to the Church.


Jiang Fei sighed heavily. Even though he belonged to the Dark Faction, he acknowledged how remarkable the manner of conduct of the Light Faction's Saint was. Not only did she ignore her own wellbeing for the safety of the people, she also did it to protect the faint of her religion. It was a rare sight indeed. As for the other nuns behind her... they did not have her strength.

"Lady Saint." Heinz greeted the Saint with politeness as if she were an honored guest. He did not lay his hands on her and his soldier even moved a good distance away to allow the Saint to walk freely on her own. Heinz also did not restrain her nor did he seal her magic powers. She was treated like a guest on her way to the Demon Flame Fortress.

"I hope you stay true to your words," said the Saint as she stopped and turned around.

Heinz merely nodded. The Saint flinched a little but chose to trust him. After a short distance, she walked past the soldiers that were gathered around the church and entered the mini Teleportation Circle.

"Soldiers, retreat to our base!" cried Heinz immediately after the Saint had disappeared.

"Wretched scum! Return our Saint at once!" cried a loud voice from the skies.

"Damn! Retreat! Retreat now!" cried Heinz as his voice shook with fear. He felt sudden overwhelming power that could only originate from an Overlord-tier boss.

"My princess, please retreat along with the soldiers, I will buy us some time!" said Heinz immediately to Isabella. They had painstakingly secured a high profile enemy and could not afford to lose one of their own!
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