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"Hmm? Something's not right here," said Jiang Fei when he noticed that the mark on his shoulder was glowing! He had initially thought that Isabella had been too hungry and bit into him since he was the only meat around. Now that the mark on his shoulders was glowing, he had to check his stats.

Player: Verdure Glider

Race: Demon (Dragon's Contractor)

Level: 61

Class: Intermediate Divine Blacksmith

Health Points: 73,240 / 73,240

Mana Points: 960 / 960

Physical Attack: 6,719

Physical Defense: 10,751

Magic Defense: 6,601

Note: Contractor of a Dragon's Love.

Contractor of a Dragon's Love: A Draconian has identified and claimed you as their own, allowing you to use simple Draconian Support Magic. At the same time, all opposite gender beings will be alerted of your lover's contracted female Dragon's position.

"What the hell? When did I sign a contract?!" cried Jiang Fei when he realized what was going on.

Even though he had gained the status of being part of the dragon race and was even able to use a few simple supporting Draconian magic, it was not practical and not powerful. Draconian magic might be rarer than Forbidden Spells but his current Mana Points, as well as the negligible Intelligence stat, would mean that his magic spells would be dealing as much damage as a pea shooter.

The one thing that got Jiang Fei a little annoyed was the contract effect. Other female players would not be affected by his presence but female NPCs were! Right in front of Jiang Fei now was a good example of the impact. Sylphy's expression was pale and scared. She had obviously received the so-called alert. Jiang Fei could imagine how other NPCs would react to him when he talked to them.

"F*cking hell. Thank god this effect is not felt by players or else I would be screwed!" said Jiang Fei as he sulked. He turned around and glared at Isabella. While he was not enjoying this moment, Isabella puffed out her chest as if she was blatantly admitting that she was jealous and had done something about it.

Jiang Fei turned around to face Sylphy and noted that the longing expression on her face was still there. Even though she was threatened by the sudden female dragon aura, she was still clearly infatuated with Jiang Fei. It was obvious that the effect of Heartfelt was not as easy to dispel.

The truth was Sylphy was not intimidated by Isabella. Even though she was a powerful Dragon, she was still no match for her as she was of Overlord-tier. Sylphy was afraid of the existence of the skill. The Contractor of the Dragon's Love was not a skill that just belonged to Isabella alone but it belonged to all female dragons. Anyone that dared to go against anyone with this skill active would be going against not the contractor but the entire female dragon race.

Even though Sylphy might be the beloved apprentice of the Moon God with grace and protection of the Moon God, there was no way a battle between the Moon God and all of the female dragons would go unnoticed.

"Bella... There's nothing between me and her. I don't have... that sort of feelings for her..." Jiang Fei whispered to Isabella.

Not realizing it himself, Jiang Fei subconsciously liked Isabella the most. To be fair, Isabella was not human, to begin with. It was the one thing that he kept on repeating to himself to make himself remain in reality. Now, even when he did not make any move on Isabella, he would never make a move on Sylphy as well.


Isabella remained cool but the expression on her face betrayed her. She could not help smiling. However, when she noticed that she was smiling she quickly turned around and gave Jiang Fei a nod, indicating that he could do whatever he wanted as long as it does not involve getting too intimate with that vixen.

"Sylphy, you said you were checking on the defense post of the Divine Light Fortress. How did it go?" asked Jiang Fei as he returned to Sylphy. His goal was clear. He wanted to know and understand how the enemy would prepare their defenses. If he understood everything, he could lead an army of players from the Dark Faction to decimate the Light Faction.

"The defenses are almost prepared. Here, this is the formation. Please take a look!" cried Sylphy. The madly in love damsel was completely unguarded. She had completely forgotten that she was one of Light Faction and also the disciple of the Moon God. If Jiang Fei was truly able to completely destroy the Light Faction defenses, Sylphy would undoubtedly be the main accomplice. 

"That's great! Thanks, Sylphy!" said Jiang Fei. He then made a copy of the drawing and returned the original to Sylphy.

When Sylphy reached out her hand to take the drawing, she held on to Jiang Fei hands and begged Jiang Fei again.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Would you not take me with you?"

"Uhm... Now's not a good time..." said Jiang Fei. Truthfully speaking, he did not want to cheat this little girl but he could not deny her feelings!

"That's alright. I understand. I can wait. Until the day comes... I shall wait for you to take my hands..."

Sylphy understood Jiang Fei's complicated situation as she glanced at Isabella. All of a sudden, Sylphy reached into the cleavage of her massive jugs and took out a piece of jade.

"Please take this. This jade will allow us to communicate with each other wherever we are! Just think of me and I shall answer your call!" said Sylphy as she placed the piece of jade on Jiang Fei's palm.


That little gesture did not go unnoticed by Isabella. Jiang Fei flinched upon hearing Isabella's pretend cough and immediately withdrew his hand from Sylphy's. Isabella was being nice enough by simply pretending to cough. It was to give face to Jiang Fei.

"I... I need to go now... I have taken too long a time. My people will start to suspect something is wrong. I will inform you if something comes up. Please wait for me..." said Sylphy before she turned away. Jiang Fei would have sworn that he saw a glitter of tears roll down her flawless skin. Right after that, she summoned a beam of light and flew across the skies.

"Hmph! Why are you still looking at her? Do you really want her!?" said Isabella as she clicked her tongue disgruntledly.

"Of course not..." said Jiang Fei as he frowned and sighed heavily. Lately, Isabella's emotions were running rampant.

Unbeknownst to Jiang Fei, it was Isabella's artificial intelligence evolving. Specifically, the human emotion part.

Artificial Intelligence was very... intelligent. However, unlike humans, they could never replicate emotions. They did not possess personality. Just like 0541. It might have the superior calculating ability as well as intelligence but it would immediately break when it came to human emotions. To be frank, it all boiled down to programming.


While Jiang Fei and Isabella were having their lover's spat, something else was happening at the same time. In an underground facility several hundred kilometers away from where Jiang Fei currently was, a few developers and researchers were discussing.

"Hm... Something is going on with No. 15 and No. 19's Human Personality Experimental Program. It's evolving faster. Especially No. 15. It's almost reaching the benchmark."

"Let me see..." said another researcher as he opened up a console in the air.

"You're right. Do you think that it was due to increase interaction with players? Or it is due to that player called Verdure Glider?"

"Verdure Glider is just a single digit in the hundreds of millions of players. I think it's just a coincidence. Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Human Personality require human interaction at an intimate level. We might not properly understand the concept of emotion or even love but there is a chance that the program might have picked up something on its own!" said the first researcher.

"How about we load a few other experimental programs? The ones that allow them to interact with players more intimately?"

"You know...? You might be on to something there!"

"Nice. I'll report this to the higher-ups. If this plan works, we might be famous sooner than we think!"
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