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"Kill them!" cried one of the leading Fishmen and the two tribes started to wave their swords to attack each other.

"Hmph! Now that's sports!" said Jiang Fei to himself. Compared to the little Gulu, the scene of two tribes fighting each other was a scene of strength and bravery! It was nothing as Gulu said!

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"I'm hurt! Waaaaa!"

"Ouchies in my hands!


"I don't wanna fight anymoreeeee!"

Jiang Fei almost lost his balance.

That was not fighting! Upon closer observation, Jiang Fei noticed that their blades were not even sharp! They were so dull that they could not even cut paper. At most, they could be used as hammers to crack skulls. But those Fishmen were simply waving it around like a child waving a stick! The most serious damage that the Fishmen had sustained was a chipped scale which caused tiny bleeding. Even so, that grown Fishmen was crying like a baby! He had even rolled on the beach like a kid!

"Is that how you lot fight?" asked Jiang Fei as he sulked.

"That's right! Look at those brave men! We are winning! Look! Almost all of the Tideseeker Tribesmen are falling!" cried the Cowardly Gulu.

"F*cking hell… if this is a fight, the kid squabbles in middle school would be considered a massacre…" said Jiang Fei to himself. He could not comprehend just how this species survived…

The Tideseeker Tribesmen that were considered to have "fallen" were crying their eyes out. Those that did not cry or whine were considered as still in the game. As such, all of the Trideseeker Tribesmen had "fallen" while only seven to eight Fishmen of the Tidehunter Tribe were still standing "strong". They had won the… battle? Jiang Fei would not even call it a quarrel since it had only taken less than a minute for the entire "battle" to end. Both sides had "lost" many men and over a hundred of them were "seriously injured".

"Argh! How could anyone call this a fight?!" cried Jiang Fei angrily.

"Hahaha! The Tideseeker Tribe are all crybabies! You are to go back to the swamp from where you came! Get out of here! You are not to fish for food here any longer!" said the Cowardly Guly as he ran after the retreating Tideseeker Tribe. He did not even forget to kick the crying men that were running away.

The hype came and went in a snap of a finger and the losers went off to lick their "wounds". The Tidehunter Tribe continued to cheer for their victory. Those that were crying and whining quickly recovered as they realized that they had won and no one would beat them anymore.

"My lord, you are the witness to our victory! We would like to invite you to join us as our guest!" said the Cowardly Gulu after he had his fun amongst his own brethren.

"Pfft. Victory huh…" Jiang Fei scoffed as he could not really admit that it was a victory.

"Let's get along with them," said Isabella as she was interested.

"OK then. As long as you're happy," said Jiang Fei. The main purpose of tonight's gaming session was to relax and unwind. Going anywhere would be good.

Jiang Fei summoned his dragon and flew from the sky while the Fishmen swam in the sea, guiding him. No sooner, everyone reached an island that was shaped like a snake.

"Wow! What is that! It's huge!"

"Yea! Yea! It can even fly!"

"I wonder, would it be stronger than a shark?"

As Jiang Fei descended, the Fishmen started to gather closer to see the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon. Since Jiang Fei was a guest, none of them were afraid of him.

The problem was the fact that the Fishmen had probably never seen a dragon in their lives. They did not know the devastating power of one. For all they know, sharks were their biggest threat and the strongest thing that they had ever known.

Jiang Fei got down from the dragon and started to walk around the island. Not far from where he landed, there were little huts that were made of seaweed and wooden sticks. That should be the habitat of the Fishmen.

There were not many of them around then. At most, there were a few hundred but not by the thousands. Almost half of them were young kids as they were playing in the sea, minding nothing about the world.

Along the way, Isabella fed Jiang Fei information about the Fishmen. Even though they look happy-go-lucky, their lives were harsh. Due to their weak attributes, all they could eat were small fishes while the bigger ones were their predators. They were rather low in the food chain. Most of the hunters or gatherers would go out to the sea to catch their meals but almost every time, there would be huge casualties. That was why almost half of the entire tribe consisted of young children.


Jiang Fei was strolling around aimlessly in the village and found that there were various NPC merchants. Unlike Gulu and the other "brave" fighters, the NPC merchants were completely unintelligent. All they did was sit around. Thankfully, the NPCs were of neutral stance which allowed Jiang Fei to conduct transactions with them.

There were a total of four merchants in the village. Two of them were selling fishes of all sorts, both raw and cooked. Jiang Fei had no interest in those as they posted no benefits at all. The other two sold equipment as potions.

The equipment merchant sold Blue grade equipment of Level 40 to Level 60. Besides magic equipment, there were all sorts of equipment available and their stats were rather good.

"Hah! This is a good find!" said Jiang Fei. Any other NPC merchant would only sell the lowest grade; White grade equipment. Faction Maps would give out a Green grade equipment every single day but those were really bad. Jiang Fei thought that if he could get this NPC for himself, he would be able to garner a source of equipment! For players, it would be a good find, as for a guild, it would be a treasure trove.

"WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK!" cried Jiang Fei when he realized something was wrong. It was too good to be true. Jiang Fei wanted to buy all of the equipment for sale since there were many mouths to feed in his guild. Level 40 Blue grade equipment was good enough for his guild members. However, when Jiang Fei wanted to pay for the equipment, the merchant would not accept his gold coins. Instead, he wanted shells!

"Ah! It's not just any shells. It's Rainbow Shells!" said Gulu as he came closer to Jiang Fei.

"Screw this!" Jiang Fei roared angrily. He hated it. He hated the kind of merchants that do not accept cold hard cash but some other form of currency that was harder to obtain!

"Looks like I would have to wait for the patch to release like other players…" said Jiang Fei as he sighed heavily. He would not mind having to use his gold coins for the benefit of his guild but asking him to invest his time and effort to farm Rainbow Shells was too much to ask.

He turned toward the potion seller and scrolled through its sales list. There, at the bottom of the list, Jiang Fei saw something interesting.

Underwater Breathing Potion!

That was the potion that could help Jiang Fei kill the underwater Mutated Sea Serpents! That was what he needed to save time!
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