The Almighty Ring
518 Mission Accomplished
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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518 Mission Accomplished

"Bernard, I think you need to be taught a lesson. How dare you accuse me?" Hua Mulan could see clearly that Bernard was trying to frame her. She raised her brows and without skipping a beat, started stabbing at him with her long spear.

"Ah!" Bernard was taken by surprise by Hua Mulan's sudden attack. Most people would try to explain when they were being accused as traitors. After all, colluding with the Nephilims was not a petty crime.

However, Bernard did not expect the lady before him to be completely irrational. Hua Mulan's logic was that she was not in the wrong and would, therefore, attack anyone who tried to accuse her.

Although they were both High-tier Lords, Bernard did not stand a chance against Hua Mulan. When they started fighting, Hua Mulan immediately overpowered him. Not only did Bernard not have any chance of counter-attacking, but he was also severely beaten up by Hua Mulan.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Fortunately, Hua Mulan did not have the intention of killing him. If she did, Bernard would not stand a chance of surviving.

"Stop it!" Right then, a beam of golden light descended from the sky.

Sylphy actually wanted to show herself when she heard about the collusion between the peasants and the Nephilims. After all, she was a special agent from the Religious Judicatory. Hunting after Nephilims was her rightful responsibility.

However, Hua Mulan was too hot-tempered. She attacked without even trying to reason things out. That took Sylphy by surprise and therefore she could not respond in time before Bernard got beaten up.

Based on Sylphy's position as a special agent in the Religious Judicatory and the fact that she was the Moon God's disciple, Hua Mulan and Bernard should immediately stop fighting when she appeared. However, Hua Mulan who was enraged did not care about Sylphy's appearance at all as she continued to attack Bernard.

Although Hua Mulan did not stop attacking, Bernard knew he was safe now. With Sylphy's presence, how could Hua Mulan continue attacking him? Bernard predicted that Hua Mulan would be suppressed by Sylphy while the Nephilim would be captured as well. As such, not only could he accomplish the task of capturing the peasants, he would even be rewarded for capturing a Nephilim.

It sounded like a very good plan in Bernard's mind. However, after Sylphy appeared, she did not even glance at him. Instead, she looked admiringly at Jiang Fei.

"Have you really come?" If not for the crowd around her, Sylphy would have thrown herself into Jiang Fei's arms.

"Yes! I have been tasked by the Saint to bring these peasants to safety and away from the battlefield. This is to prevent them from being affected by the approaching war," Jiang Fei said.

"I know!" Sylphy did not speak loudly. However, the way she spoke sounded as if she trusted Jiang Fei completely. Moreover, even if Jiang Fei wanted to kill someone, Sylphy would not try to stop him due to her infatuation toward Jiang Fei.

After becoming infatuated with Jiang Fei, Sylphy was no longer the cold-blooded assassin from the Church of Saints.

Right then, she was just a young lady who had met the love of her life.

"D*mn! What is going on?" While Jiang Fei and Sylphy were engaged in a cheerful conversation, Bernard was starting to feel annoyed. He was already a weaker opponent to Hua Mulan. If Sylphy immediately intervened, he might even have been able to withstand a few more attacks. However, Sylphy was now paying full attention to Jiang Fei. Bernard was already long forgotten in Sylphy's mind.

Therefore, after the enraged Hua Mulan feigned a single attack followed by a kick, Bernard instantly fell to the ground. Swiftly thereafter, Hua Mulan used her long spear to poke at Bernard's body. With him locked to the ground, Hua Mulan started punching his face with her fist. Bernard's lips were becoming increasingly swollen by the second.

After Hua Mulan was done letting off steam, Bernard's face had become as swollen as a pig's head despite not losing a lot of Health Points.

"Master Inquisitor, do you know each other?" Hua Mulan walked over to Jiang Fei as she spoke. When she was kicking Bernard's ass, she had noticed Jiang Fei flirting around with the assassin from the Church of Saints of the Religious Judicatory.

"Eh…" Jiang Fei was flabbergasted and suddenly did not know how to explain himself. In all honesty, he did not think he would bump into Sylphy here. After all, Sylphy was his spy in the Light Faction. If he were to be exposed right then, it would be a shame.

"He saved my life before. He was the one who helped me complete my quest to become a deacon!" Sylphy said proactively.

"Ah?" Hua Mulan stared at Jiang Fei in surprise.

Outsiders did not know the exact situation. However, anyone with authoritative power knew clearly that Sylphy had been able to become a deacon in the Religious Judicatory at such a young age because of her accomplishment in killing the Nephilim race's Fourth Prince.

If Jiang Fei was able to help assassinate the Nephilim race's Fourth Prince, that meant he was even more loyal to the Luminous Vatican than normal Luminous disciples.

"Ding! Your Reputation from Hua Mulan has increased by 1,000 points!"

"D*mn it!" Jiang Fei had earned more Reputation points for no apparent reason. He did a quick check and realized that Hua Mulan was 100 Reputation points away from entering the Worship state toward himself. If that were to happen, Jiang Fei dared not imagine how Isabella would react.

Although Jiang Fei felt very troubled by the issue of Reputation, he was at least able to explain the relationship between himself and Sylphy. Moreover, after what Sylphy said, even Bernard's status toward Jiang Fei had changed from the Hostile State to the Indifferent State.

According to what Sylphy had originally said, Jiang Fei should have been able to achieve the Friendly State with Bernard. However, as a front-line commander, Bernard had experienced too many a loss of his brethren in the hands of Nephilims. Therefore, Jiang Fei's Nephilim status made him feel intrinsically annoyed at Jiang Fei.

"Master Inquisitor, what should we do next?" Since Jiang Fei's status was no longer an issue, Hua Mulan decided to let Jiang Fei call the shots. After all, now that Sylphy had shown up, Hua Mulan would be powerless if they insisted on bringing the peasants back to the front-line despite her success in beating Bernard up.

"We are merely following the Saint's orders, hence…" Before Jiang Fei could finish his sentence, Sylphy cut him off.

"Don't worry about it. We were just passing through. Carry on!" Sylphy smiled sweetly at Jiang Fei.

"Eh… This…" Bernard's jaw dropped. However, he did not dare to speak despite his unease. The way things were unfolding was not what he and Sylphy had agreed on before.

Since Sylphy had already decided to let them go, what more could he say? If he insisted on standing in their way, he might take another beating from Hua Mulan.

"I have something else to sort out and need to leave now. Don't forget about the jade plate…" Sylphy looked longingly at Jiang Fei as she spoke. Jiang Fei was the only person who heard her final sentence.

"Eh…" Before Jiang Fei could reply, Sylphy turned into a pillar of light and disappeared into the sky.

"Let's go!" Sylphy had already left. There was nothing left for Bernard to say. After half a day's of toiling, all Bernard had accomplished was getting beaten up by Hua Mulan. One could only imagine the state of grievance Bernard must have felt in his heart.

"Let us leave as well!" Jiang Fei said to Hua Mulan. He too wished to complete his quest as soon as possible.

"Alright!" Hua Mulan nodded as she reorganized her subordinates to bring the refugees toward the inlands.

Thereafter, Jiang Fei and the rest did not encounter any obstacle in their journey. They were able to make it through all blockades without any resistance. After all, the Saint's decree was still very effective before the lower-ranked military commanders.

"Alright, this is far enough away from the borders. The refugees should be safe here!" Hua Mulan said to Jiang Fei after seven more hours of traveling.

"Ding! Quest completed!"

Right then, Jiang Fei also received a quest notification. All he needed to do now was to return to the Saint to complete his quest.
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