The Almighty Ring
523 An Outworldly Battle
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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523 An Outworldly Battle

"F*ck it! Guess there's nothing left to do but fight!"

Jiang Fei could not run away. If he let this go on, 0541's barrier would break and the result would be utmost unpleasant.

"Come on then! Want to eat me? Over my dead body!" roared Jiang Fei. He armed the hoverboard and started to charge the High Energy Laser.


A flash of red-purplish laser beam blasted out of the tip of the sword and straight at the Manta. That attack was currently Jiang Fei's strongest attack. Its firepower was the same as a peak of Level 4 Metahuman's full force attack. Theoretically, it should be able to cause some serious damage.


A direct hit. However, the outcome was not what Jiang Fei had expected. Instead of carving a hole in the Manta, the laser blast had only knocked the Void Manta aside. As the bubbles cleared, Jiang Fei could see a faint blue light glowing all around the Void Manata!

"The hell? A beast that can use barrier?"

"That is an intermediate Level 4 Alien beast. In underwater terrain, its fighting capability increases to Level 4 peak. Using barriers is only but natural to it!" said 0541.

The laser attack hit continuously as the highly compressed particle was not yet fully released. The laser had landed a direct hit on the barrier but as it was not fully destroyed, Jiang Fei dragged the sword to hit it again but the attacks ended. Alas, after chasing after the Void Manta, the laser had broken the barrier's protective layer and landed a direct hit on the Void Manta, creating a meter-wide hole in its chest cavity.

As expected of an Alien beast, the Void Manta was strong underwater but it was only at best an intermediate Level 4. It was powerful enough to erect a barrier but it was not able to withstand the direct attack of the laser.

A meter-wide hole in the chest of the Void Manta should have been lethal enough to kill 10-meter tall giant. However, being an alien species, the Void Manta had much stronger vitality. Even with such a lethal wound in its chest, it was still able to continue fighting.


"What is that sound? I can't tell it's either loud or soft!" cried Jiang Fei as he could hear the Void Manta making some sort of noise underwater.

"It's echolocation. A low-frequency sound wave that bounces off objects and back to it."

"Urgh… I can literally feel my eardrums vibrating like crazy!"

The Void Manta was crying in pain as it received the fatal wound. Its green eyes glared at Jiang Fei before it burst into a sudden speed toward Jiang Fei. Its eyes glowed green and shot a light beam that hit Jiang Fei.


"What was that?" asked Jiang Fei. The Void Manta did not attack physically yet he could see his barrier pulsating violently as if it had just received an attack.

"An energy attack has been received. Barrier integrity: 75%! Recovery: thirty seconds!" 0541 immediately relayed a damage report to Jiang Fei.

"Sh*t! I can't even dodge that attack! It's too fast! Doesn't matter! Let's see how kills the other first!"

Jiang Fei started to panic as his strongest attack was in cooldown. It will need another five minutes of charging time before Jiang Fei could use it again. In the meantime, Jiang Fei could still use the Armor Piercing Cannon to fight.

"Target locked!" cried 0541 as Jiang Fei aimed the sword at the Void Manta.


The sword shot another beam of light and landed a direct hit on the Void Manta. The Void Manta's barrier had sustained too heavy damage and was disabled for a moment, allowing the Armor Piercing Cannon attack to land a direct hit on its body. When the attack hit, the barrier on the Void Manta that was still recovering completely failed at once.

"F*ck you! Come on!" roared Jiang Fei as he charged toward the Void Manta whilst attacking with the Energy Cannon continuously.

Although the weakest attack of the sword was not as strong as Zhang's family's Railgun, it had the same firepower as a Level 4 beginner's full force attack. Even though with high vitality and strength, the Void Manta was still vulnerable to such an attack that landed every 5 seconds. Blood and pieces of flesh were continuously stripped from the beast as Jiang Fei attacked. Even though he was making progress, attacks at such magnitude would not be sufficient to kill the Void Manta.


As it felt its life was at stake, the Void Manta chose not to eat Jiang Fei. Instead, it started to want to kill him. Its green eyes started to glow again and this time, without much delay, beams of attacks landed on Jiang Fei.

"Warning! High-intensity wave attacks received. Barrier integrity: 75%. Warning. Estimate subsequence attack: one minute!"

"No time to lose!"

Jiang Fei gritted his teeth hard and moved to the space above of the Void Manta. Using the sword to attack from a distance would leave him exposed to attacks from the Void Manta as well. Trading hits with each other would only result in loss from both sides. Hence, Jiang Fei had decided to not let the Void Manta attack him. Instead, he will rely on his own strength to attack.

Even though approaching the Void Manta was dangerous, not to mention scary, Jiang Fei had no other choice. The sword's High Energy Cannon was lethal to the Void Manta but he could not wait for five minutes!

"Alert! Imminent attack incoming! Evade! Evade!"

When Jiang Fei had gotten closer to the Void Manta, 0541's blared its alarm to warn Jiang Fei.


Jiang Fei was already too slow when he had noticed what the Void Manta was doing. Instead of shooting lasers from its eye, the Void Manta swam toward Jiang Fei and opened its mouth.

The first thought that came to Jiang Fei was the Void Manta wanting to swallow Jiang Fei whole. However, Jiang Fei had made a grave mistaking thinking that. The Void Manta was not swallowing Jiang Fei, it was discharging a power attack in the form of a black ball of light.

Jiang Fei immediately disarmed the hoverboard and let the sword drag him away from the attack.

The black ball was blasted off by the time the sword could even start moving. However, as luck have it, the black ball grazed Jiang Fei's barrier and missed him by only a hair's width. The black ball shot past Jiang Fei and exploded after a certain distance later, creating an intense underwater explosion that sent a shockwave that pushed both the Void Manta and Jiang Fei.

"Guess the monster is getting serious now."

From eyes laser attack and now a mega ball of doom, Jiang Fei had a feeling that the Void Manta was desperate to kill Jiang Fei.

"Hmm? That's my chance!"

After the black ball of doom was fired, the Void Manta had stopped moving for a while. It looked like it was greatly weakened, leaving its guards open wide for Jiang Fei to attack.

As such, Jiang Fei moved to above the Manta and positioned himself right above its eyes.

"Taste my fist!" roared Jiang Fei from the top of his lungs.

Jiang Fei was not the same naive little greenhorn as he was a year ago. After surviving through three dangerous battles, Jiang Fei had gotten used to the sight of blood and death. At this point in his life, when he felt tremendous pressure, a feeling of lethal threat to his life, Jiang Fei would not hesitate to fight will all he had.

Penetrating Qi Strike!

Jiang Fei thrust his fist directly at one of the Manta's eyes.


The Void Manta's left eye imploded. Green blood burst out of the socket and mixed with the seawater around Jiang Fei, blurring his vision.


The weakened Void Manta roared in pain. Immediately after, the Void Manta went amok.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Although it had a sturdy body and powerful attacks, the Void Manta was still a beast in the end. With limited intelligence, the Void Manta would not know what to do when it had just been blinded on one eye. In a fit of anger and rage, the Manta wriggled itself crazily and began to swipe its long tail and fins everywhere to wrestle itself away from Jiang Fei.

Before it was blinded, the Manta had failed to fully take advantage of its underwater traveling speed to attack Jiang Fei. Now that it had severely underestimated this little being, it began to turn its tail and swim away at a speed that not even Jiang Fei could chase.

However, before it could do so, Jiang Fei move toward the lower back of the Manta and attacked the Manta as fast as he could with the sword. Technically, the sword was not built as an actual blade. It was only shaped as such since Jiang Fei had request 0541 to do so. With blood rushing in his veins, Jiang Fei had completely ignored 0541 constant warnings about the damage on both the sword and him. Jiang Fei had only cared about one thing at that moment, to kill the beast. After many crude slashes, Jiang Fei had managed to create an open wound on the Manta's back. He charged the sword with his own energy and pierce the Manta with the sword.


The Manta cried in pain as Jiang Fei had delivered the sword into the Manta's body.

"That's what you get for wanting to eat me!"

Jiang Fei was drunk in his bloodlust. As he gripped the sword with one hand, he punched the Manta with his full force with the other.

"Critical Warning. Barrier integrity: 1%. Please leave combat status promptly!"

0541 alarm blared deafeningly as Jiang Fei was still in trance.


As soon as 0541 raised the alarm louder, Jiang Fei finally snapped back to reality and found himself in absolute danger. He did not even notice the barrier around him was about to break. If the barrier broke, even if the Manta was killed, Jiang Fei himself would be instantly crushed by the immense water pressure!


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