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After King Elric went off, Jiang Fei took his time to check on the Legendary Hidden Quest Reward. When the quest was completed and Jiang Fei had received one billion experience points, Jiang Fei had only paid attention to Sylphy as she was busy killing a lot of Nagas.

In summary, Jiang Fei had leveled up from Level 62 to Level 68 with 40% experience points in his experience gauge.

5,000 Reputation Points had increased the Reputation Level of all Merfolk race to Respect. Ariel was already in Infatuated state hence, the reward had not affected her.

He had also obtained a ring.

Merfolk's Vengeance (Ring, Holy Item)

Physical Attack +10,000

Strength: +200

Vitality: +200

Equip: Permanently increases 1 point of Attack for every Naga race killed.

Equip: Permanently increases 2 points of Strength for every Naga race Leader tier boss killed.

Equip: Permanently increases 3 points of Vitality for every Nage race Lord tier boss killed.

Equip: Obtained the skill, Angel of Revenge. Morph into the Angel of Revenge, increasing 100% Attack and Attack Speed and gains immunity to all Crowd Control status effect! (Cannot be used in conjunction with other Morphing skill)

Equip: Permanently increases the active duration of Angel of Revenge with every Overlord tier Naga race boss.

Equip Requirement: Admire Reputation Level of Merfolk Race.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Note: Vengeance is the the child of the Original Sin Wrath, which is also the main driving force.

"Woah! A Holy Item!" cried Jiang Fei.

Merfolk's Vengeance was not the first Holy Item that Jiang Fei had seen. Jiang Fei had already collected three in total. Sylphy had one with her. Hence, Jiang Fei was not really surprised to see a Holy Item. However, the Merfolk's Vengeance was the first Holy Item that was true to its tier!

The Holy Items that Jiang Fei had in possession was the Nephilim's Two-Handed Sword, the Shadow Armor from the Fourth Princes Curtis, and a map that led to the Tomb of the Pope that he had extorted. Even though he had it in his possession, he had dared not use them in public as he feared the Shadow Faction and the Light Faction would hunt him down.

That left Jiang Fei with only one Holy Item that he could use publically. The best thing about the ring was that it was an Evolving Item. As long as Jiang Fei continued to wreak havoc to the Naga race, he would only get stronger with each kill. Someday, it might even become stronger than other Holy Items!

Currently, the only problem that Jiang Fei had was that the Reputation Level of the Merfolk race was only at Respect. He needed to farm more Reputation Points, which was not something too hard to do. Ariel was completely smittened by Jiang Fei. Isabella was too but in Isabella's case, she was Jiang Fei's pet. As a result, she had lost the ability to issue quests to Jiang Fei. Ariel was still an NPC and could continuously issue quests to Jiang Fei. With the title Romeo in effect, Jaign Fei could farm Reputation Points quickly.

In the end, besides having Isabella mad at Sylphy, he had gained the approval of the Merfolk race, a mega-sized bowl of experience points, and a super-powerful ring!

Now that King Elric was gone, Ariel bade Jiang Fei farewell to sort the mess out with her father. Now that almost all of the Naga soldiers that were dispatched to surround King Elric were killed, it was high time to start a war with them as their military strength was severely weakened. Ariel had to do what she had to do as a princess and assist him.

With one less female in the group, it was supposed to be less stressful for Jiang Fei. The problem was that the two girls were starting to compete with each other to win Jiang Fei's attention.



While Jiang Fei was sorting out his inventory, the two girls moved to beside him and each of them held one of his arms closer to their chests. Both sides were not surrendering to the other! Even Isabella, the little spicy chili, had changed the way she addressed Jiang Fei!

"F*ck my life… What had I done to deserve this…" cursed Jiang Fei silently. He was so stressed out from the situation that he was tempted to log out of the game at that very second.

Dealing with girls was not one of Jiang Fei's fortes. Back then, when he was younger, he had read many young adult comics and novels. That time, he was just a shut-in young boy who liked to play games that featured sexy girls. He had always thought that being embraced by girls from both sides would be the best feeling in the world. However, as of now, Jiang Fei was hit hard by reality and could not fathom the thought of Ariel coming to join the fray.

In terms of dealing with emotion, Jiang Fei would be the noobiest noob in the entire world. Jiang Fei was completely out of ideas on how to deal with the two jealous girls who were desperate to gain his affection! Thank god Isabella and Sylphy were not as cunning as they were cute like the Yang sisters. If they were, Jiang Fei would not hesitate to sell the two chicks away for some cold hard cash!

While Jiang Fei was completely worn out while dealing with the girls, something else was happening in the real world. Somewhere in the North West of China, in an underground facility, a researcher was running across a long corridor whilst shouting at someone in the front.

"Leader! Leader! No. 15 and No. 19 experimental program have shown new progress!:"

"Ah?" The man that was the leader came to him.

"Look! These reports that have came in show yet another drastic improvement of the Human Personality! There's one more! No. 35 had also shown a drastic improvement in terms of the emotional program!" said the researcher as he showed the leader a clipboard with stacks of papers.

"Hmph! These three and one more program… No. 23 has all showed improvement in their programming because they had made contact with the player named Verdure Glider. Something is not right. Why is it that the name Verdure Glider keeps showing up on these reports!" wondered the leader.

"Should we do something to intervene?" asked the researcher.

"No. Not yet. We need to continue the observation first. If my theory is right… In the meantime, send a few other programs to Verdure Glider to interact with. Report to me if those programs show anything similar to the previous programs!"

"Yes, sir! Right away, sir!" said the researcher.

"Darling! Do you see what she's doing?!"


Jiang Fei was frowning harder and harder. Isabella was clinging onto Jiang Fei's arm like a baby monkey. Sylphy, on the other hand, was behaving normally. She did not force herself onto Jiang Fei but stood there, looking at Jiang Fei, with her puppy eyes.

The entire scene lasted for at long as thirty minutes before Jiang Fei had enough.

"Both of you! Sit down and be quiet! I'll get a negotiator!" said Jiang Fei angrily as he summoned Ariel with the Contract of Devotion.


Ariel was surprised at first but once she realized it was Jiang Fei who had summoned her, she calmed down and smiled at him.

"It's been a while since the battle ended. While are you still here?" asked Ariel.

"It's because of those two! I need your help, Ariel. Could you do something about them? Get them to stop fighting?" said Jiang Fei. The reason Jiang Fei had asked for Ariel's help was simple. When Ariel had suddenly used the Contract of Devotion on Jiang Fei, Isabella was fuming with rage but after thirty minutes of them being alone with each other, Isabella had completely treated Ariel as her younger sister. Hence, she must have some sort of skill, like Power of Friendship to calm the raging little princess!
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