The Almighty Ring
534 Resurfacing
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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534 Resurfacing

Jiang Fei had named the martial skill as Origin Force because of the nature of the energy that he drew from.

From his understanding, there were two different kinds of energy used by Martial Artists and Metahumans. Martial Artists used inner Qi whereas Metahumans or more commonly known as Mutants used natural energy such as Fire, Water, Wind, Psychic, Telekinesis, and other types of energy that had certain attributes. 

Jiang Fei's source of energy originated from his own. A type of energy that was pure. He understood that his power did not have any type of attribute and may be imbued with attributes with certain methods.

0541's martial skill had many different styles. Each of the styles drew a different kind of energy circulation to invoke different types of outputs. With different activations and movements, Jiang Fei's energy could be morphed into an attack or defense.

To put it mildly, other Metahumans, which including Martial Artists, were magicians with one type of attribute. Jiang Fei, on the other hand, was the master of all elements. Naturally, he was current only at the initial stage of Level 4. With training, Jiang Fei would be able to perform much better. He could face different kinds of enemy or even enemies. He could freely adjust his own attributes to counter a specific type of foe, bringing his combat prowess to another level.

Now that he had the moves and styles imprinted inside his mind, Jiang Fei was excited to practice and experiment on his moves. He was still inside the Bridge at the moment. As it was filled with many delicate pieces of machinery, he would have to wait until he was back on land.

"Is it time to leave?" Asked Jiang Fei.

"At your beck and call," replied 0541.

"Alright then, time to put away the Bridge and head back to the motherland," said Jiang Fei as he prepared himself to leave.

"Understood, Captain!"

Jiang Fei made his way to the sealed door and put on the wetsuit that 0541 had redesigned and materialized. Before he entered the air compression chamber, 0541 put up the barrier once more and off they went into the waters. Once he was out, Jiang Fei placed his hands on the wall of the ship. 0541 had gained authority of the ship and there would not be any problem in keeping it inside the ring.

With a flash of white silvery light, the ship was gone and Jiang Fei got on the sword to resurface to the top.

When he first dove down to the bottom of the sea, he felt an uncertain fear of the deep. Now, even though he was going upward, he was still scared. Although he had killed a giant monster with his fists, it was merely a downgraded version of the real monster. God knows where the real monster was.

Based on what 0541 had informed him yesterday, a large alien beast would not have any problem living pass a few thousand years. At his current strength, even though he could defeat the Void Manta, he was not sure if he could defeat the real alien monster as its power level was at the peak of Level 4.

Half an hour later, Jiang Fei got back to the surface and was welcomed by the warm of the sun. Jiang Fei scoffed for worrying about nothing. There was no way the alien beast would know that Jiang Fei had killed its offspring. All in all, Jiang Fei was incredibly relieved for reaching to the surface of the ocean in one piece.

Jiang Fei had invested a lot of 0541's power reserves and managed to gain a good haul for it. Not only had he acquired the Bridge of Braveheart, but he had also gained the power of a Level 4 initial stage. According to 0541 thorough scans, Jiang Fei's true combat power was that of an intermediate Level 4. His current level was only temporary since he had not perfected Origin Force. Once he had perfected the art, he might even be able to fight with a Level 4 peak stage. He might not be able to but at the very least, he would not be troubled by anyone lower than an intermediate Level 4 fighter.

"0541, what's the current level of the power reserve?" Asked Jiang Fei as he rode the sword, gliding through the air.

"Power reserve is current at 14%. If I do not activate any Defensive System, the power reserve should be able to keep me functioning for a long time," said 0541.

"Alright, do warn me if something is up," said Jiang Fei. He could roughly estimate that 0541 current power level might help him to block one single attack from a Level 4 peak stage.

"Hmm. I'm a little tired. 0541, please find me an island to rest. We need to start planning about gaining power," said Jiang Fei.

"Alright, setting coordinates on the hoverboard," 0541 replied and took control of the sword. Soon, Jiang Fei arrived on an uninhabited island. It was almost 5 pm by the time Jiang Fei had settled down on the island. According to 0541, it was only around 3 pm in China.

Currently, Jiang Fei had two things that he needed to prioritize. The first being mastering the Origin Force and second, to find an immediate power source for 0541. He was out now and did not want to end his journey so soon.

"Hmm… There's no way I can fully master Origin Force overnight… Hmm? Correct me if I'm wrong but, are we really close to Australia?" Asked Jiang Fei.

"That is correct, Captain."

Australia had an abundance of uranium deposit and most of them were claimed by large corporations. Even though he had stolen from them before, he would not want to do it again. The reason was fairly simple. The people that he had stolen from did not take any action against him. If he dared steal from them again, they might take action against him.

Jiang Fei did not want to wrong the Australians since they had not wronged him. Feeling guilty, Jiang Fei decided to find another place.

"0541, as I recalled. The Japanese that we met back in the Uranium mines still had plenty of Enriched Uranium stock," said Jiang Fei. 

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"According to world trade records, the Japanese has indeed significantly large quantities of fuel that surpasses the amount required to supply the nation's power usage," said 0541 after it was silence for a brief moment.

"Oh no… That could only mean the Japanese are using the Enriched Uranium for something else!" cried Jiang Fei. He had made up his mind. If the Japanese were up to no good, he would take away their toys instead! However, he needed to know where they were!

Jiang Fei's connections with people around the world were close to zero. The only people he knew that had connections to the Japanese were Han Tianyu and Phoenix. Han Tianyu had connections to them due to his tradings with weapons. Phoenix, on the other hand, was going her way to destroy the Japanese that had tortured her. Since she was almost all-powerful, she might know something about what the Japanese were hiding from the world.

"Might as well ask Han Tianyu first."

It was only a phone call away. If Jiang Fei wanted to talk to Phoenix, he would need to summon her with the scar in his shoulder. It would be a great waste of a deus ex-machina.

"Hey, Brother Yu. I need you to help me dig up some dirty stuff for me," said Jiang Fei.

"Wait, what sort of dirty stuff are you talking about?"

"The kind that involves the Japanese and Nuclear power," said Jiang Fei.


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