The Almighty Ring
535 Great Increase in Strength
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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535 Great Increase in Strength

"There's no news about this for now. Is something up?" Han Tianyu asked curiously.

"I have received some news. It seems like the Japanese have made new progress in their research and development of nuclear weapons!" Jiang Fei's words were half-true.

"Really? I'll ask someone to check it out immediately! The Japanese have been hiding their actions very well this time. My spies have not been able to send back any useful news." Han Tianyu was obviously shocked by Jiang Fei's news.

"Okay, you guys be more careful!" Jiang Fei shook his head and hung up.

As Han Tianyu did not provide any useful news, Jiang Fei was slightly disappointed.

"Forget it, captain. Don't bite off more than you can chew. It would be better for you if you hurry up and master "Origin Force" now!" 0541 advised.

"Mmm! I'll just have to settle with that." Jiang Fei nodded. Han Tianyu had no news and he did not know where Phoenix was. So, he could only stop thinking about looting nuclear fuels for now.

Although energy was very important to Jiang Fei, 0541 still had enough for now. So, it was not as urgent as the last time. There was no need to take risks and anger the Europe Vatican.

Since this energy thing could be put aside for the time being, Jiang Fei focused his attention on the set of exercises tailored for him.

Different ways of energy movement represented different attributes. Even though each way of movement was already engraved on Jiang Fei's mind, Jiang Fei still had to practice more if he wanted to use them skillfully.

The small island where Jiang Fei was, at this time, an uninhabited islet. Although it was not large, there was a relatively flat area which was a perfect place for Jiang Fei to practice.

Since he had decided to practice, Jiang Fei did not even think of being lazy. After all, the Metahuman community was so dangerous. Strength meant not only identity and status, but also life. Moreover, it was not only Jiang Fei's own life, but also the life of his parents. Thus, Jiang Fei could not slack while practicing!

As Jiang Fei continued to punch or kick, the energy within his body was stimulated again and again. Sometimes as a roaring flame, sometimes as a wave of icy coldness. The energy of different attributes flew out from Jiang Fei's hands or feet, smashing the rocks into pieces!

This "Origin Force" set was different from the four sets of low-level martial arts techniques that Jiang Fei learned previously. Although that four sets of techniques were handed down by notable martial arts sects, they were only basic skills for lower-leveled martial artists. Even after Jiang Fei mastered them, he could not emit his energy outward. However, this time, even though Jiang Fei had barely grasped the "Origin Force", he could already hurt others from afar!

Jiang Fei was no longer a beginner. Previously, he chose four martial arts techniques that did not allow him to emit energy because his own energy level was only at lower Level 2. With that little energy, he would not be able to learn difficult martial arts techniques even if he wanted to! However, in less than a month, Jiang Fei's energy had reached lower Level 4. It was a world apart from before!

The four sets of martial arts techniques that he learned previously were not totally useless. With the four sets of techniques as a foundation, it became easier for Jiang Fei to master this "Origin Force" set. The knowledge and skill that he acquired from practicing the previous sets of techniques made it easier for him to absorb the "Origin Force" sets.

As Jiang Fei continued to practice, he became more and more motivated. As he punched and kick, growls accompanied his attacks. He looked cool and impressively powerful.

"Bam!" Following a punch out from Jiang Fei, a wave of ice cold energy froze a piece of rock seven or eight meters away, turning it into a huge chunk of ice!

"Ha!" Jiang Fei swiped his foot and a wave of fiery energy flew out, blowing the frozen rock into pieces!

"Hey!" Jiang Fei slammed the ground with both fists and a shock wave visible to the naked eye radiated outward. A huge boulder just seven or eight meters away suddenly flew up into the sky from the impact. It shattered in the sky like fireworks, but the other rocks and trees surrounding it were not damaged.


The new abilities made Jiang Fei very surprised. With this "Origin Force" set, Jiang Fei's combat power had at least doubled. Once he thoroughly familiarized himself with this set of techniques and developed accompanying tactics, he would be able to defeat intermediate or even advanced Level 4 opponents with great ease!

The sky had suddenly turned dark. Jiang Fei had forgotten the time!

"Growl…" In the end, the sound of his stomach protesting snapped Jiang Fei out of his tough practice.

"Sigh! No wonder the high-leveled Metahumans look down on those low-leveled ones. One is really nothing but a cannon fodder before reaching Level 4!" Jiang Fei sighed.

Although he currently only had the energy of a lower Level 4, Jiang Fei was confident that he could easily defeat hundreds of peak Level 3 martial artists without the powers from his equipment. He could defeat them just with his own energy and this "Origin Force" set!

It could not be helped. Even though it was a small difference of one level, the power gap between Level 3 and Level 4 was too big. Level 3 Metahumans still engaged in close combat. Although they had begun to use energy to enhance their attacks, this was nothing against the terrifying power of a Level 4 Metahuman!

Wiping off the sweat on his forehead, Jiang Fei found a random rock and sat down on it. Then, he took some food and water out to fill his stomach up.

When Jiang Fei was done eating, the sky was already completely dark. The entire place was dark, so Jiang Fei could not practice anymore. He continued to sit on the rock and chatted with 0541.

When he felt like it was almost time, Jiang Fei entered the game. After all, while he played the game, Jiang Fei could release some stress and let his body enter a deep sleep state. His body could rest better this way.

Moreover, Jiang Fei always remembered that 0541 once told him that he would receive an unexpected benefit if he played this game until the end!

Upon entering the game, Jiang Fei realized that he was still among the huge army. This was because everything in the game would freeze as soon as players left. So, Isabella and Sylphy did not even notice that Jiang Fei had left.

"Come on! Let's go back!" Jiang Fei said to the two girls. After all, he had completed his quest. The base camp of the Naga Sirens had been completely destroyed. All the Naga Sirens inside would not be able to escape from the poisonous hands of the whale warriors!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It could not be helped. Race wars were just that cruel. Everyone else other than the senior officials that needed to be interrogated had no chance to live!

Even though the Dark Faction led by the Nephilims and the Light Faction led by the Celestials had been fighting each other for thousands of years, they were fighting a war of religion. If the losers surrendered, they would be allowed to live if they joined the winner. This was why both sides had not been deliberately killing civilians during the war.

The Sea races were different. The Merfolks and the Naga Sirens were fighting a Race war. The two sides would temporarily keep high-ranked enemy officials alive to exchange hostages when their own important figures had been captured. Other than that, ordinary soldiers and civilians would not be held captive at all and would be killed instantly! The extent of cruelty was not something that the Races on land could imagine!


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