The Almighty Ring
548 An Unexpected Ending
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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548 An Unexpected Ending

After they were transported out of the cave, Jiang Fei and Isabella instantly returned to the entrance. He wanted to convince the dragon to remove the ridiculous blessing and quest bestowed upon himself. After all, those things were completely unrelated to Jiang Fei.

However, when Jiang Fei returned to the entrance to the cave, he realized that there was no cave in sight. Regardless of how hard he searched, he could not find any sign of a cave. If not for the quest and the blessing from the Dragon God which were still with him, he might have even thought it was all part of his imagination.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

At the same time, in the real world, a few scientists were having a conversation in an underground base somewhere in the north-western region of China.

"How is it going?"

"We have begun carrying out the plan!"

"Alright! If this player can truly enhance the development of our Artificial Intelligence, it would be a great help to us!"

"Yeah! We have already provided him with all the necessary tools. The only thing left is to see if our prediction is correct!"

"If this young fellow is truly that strong, our accomplishments will go down in history!"

"Hehe, this might be a bit too much for this young fellow. He would have to woo 10,000 chicks at one go. Haha. I can't help but laugh at the thought of this."

Jiang Fei did not know that whatever he just experienced was all controlled by a group of humans. He was troubled by the thought that he would be stuck with having to deal with a bunch of chicks.

"I can't believe it. He actually became the Dragon God…" Although Isabella did not know what had happened to Jiang Fei, she still felt uneasy.

Right then, Isabella was troubled by the thought of the Dragon Soul Sacrifice. As she had become a member of the Naga race, the Dragon God was naturally her race's leader. However, she had been raised to be wary of the Dragon God. Therefore, she felt an internal dilemma on how she should feel about the whole thing.

"Forget it… Let's not think about this. We should focus on what we came for!" Jiang Fei shook his head forcefully. They were here to rescue Hua Mulan. Although they were derailed by the Dragon God, their quest objective still had not changed.

As there was no shortcut in the Dragon God's cave for Jiang Fei and Isabella to pass through, they would have to go with their former plan. They would first intercept their enemies en route to the execution spot. Thereafter, they would escape through the small pathway by passing through the small castle before the guards in the castle could react in time.

Once they had decided on their plan, Jiang Fei and Isabella found a spot to hide themselves as they waited quietly for the cargo with the hostages.

Time went by gradually. As the time of execution approached, Jiang Fei began to feel nervous. This was their only chance. If they failed, there would be no other opportunity to salvage the situation and they would fail the quest altogether. Jiang Fei did not care much about losing the bit of Experience points. However, he and Hua Mulan had fought alongside each other in the past. If Hua Mulan were to die here, Jiang Fei would feel very guilty.

The sun was starting to set. There was still half an hour before the time of execution. Right then, the small castle's main gate opened as troops slowly exited the castle.

200 soldiers on horses led the way in the front. There were another hundred soldiers on horses at the very end. In the middle, 500 foot soldiers stood guard. They were all heavily armed. At the center of the formation, there was a carriage in which Hua Mulan was held captive.

Around Hua Mulan's carriage, 500 of the Saint's Guard's members walked alongside toward the execution spot. Their lowly status meant they were not allowed to sit in the carriage.

These Saint's Guard's members had their hands tied up and looped together. They were like a group of tied up ants. It was impossible for them to escape even if they tried.

The troops accompanying the hostages walked slowly forward. As this was the central location of the Light Faction, the guards were not particularly alert. This greatly benefited Jiang Fei.

As the troops moved forward, they gradually created a distance between themselves and the small castle. The small castle's main gate was shut once again.

After about ten minutes, the troops arrived at where Jiang Fei and Isabella were hiding.

"Bella, get ready! Let's go!" Jiang Fei said and whistled as he summoned the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon.


As the dragon cried out, Jiang Fei and Isabella hopped on to the dragon's back and charged toward the carriage.

Roar! The dragon cried out yet again as it spit flames at the guards on both sides.

"Enemies are attacking!" Although the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon's flames could not threaten the Level 70 Elite guards, they were enough to cause a major disruption to the opponents' formation.

"Bella! Move!" Jiang Fei charged forward and gave Isabella an opportunity to jump off the dragon's back.

Jiang Fei had already discussed the plan thoroughly with Isabella. While he would be in charge of attacking the guards and attracting their attention, Isabella would be responsible for rescuing the hostages.

However, just as Jiang Fei was prepared to attack the guards, a series of system notifications was heard.

Ding! Guard Sarah has reached the Respect level of Reputation toward you!

Ding! Guard Kelly has reached the Respect level of Reputation toward you!

As Jiang Fei was prepared to attack, the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon was flying at a very low altitude. As Jiang Fei got close to these guards by flying just above their heads, 75% of the 800 guards all had their names changed from red to green.

Originally, Jiang Fei's title of Romeo would already allow him to start with a Friendly Reputation with females. On top of the Blessing of the Dragon God, there was an additional 5,000 Reputation points which meant Jiang Fei would instantly have the Respect level of Reputation with all the females present.

"Attack! Kill this d*mned Nephilim!" Although the females had stopped attacking Jiang Fei, there were still male guards around. The men would not fall for Jiang Fei's tricks.

"Don't you dare touch him!" When the female guards saw the male guards wanted to attack Jiang Fei, they immediately reacted.

As normal soldiers, these soldiers treated their own race with the Approved level of Reputation. However, their Reputation toward Jiang Fei was at the Respect level. When conflict occurred, under rules of the Reputation system, these female soldiers naturally sided with Jiang Fei who had a higher Reputation level than the male soldiers.

"D*mn it! Are you dumb women betraying us too?" When the male soldiers saw the female soldiers pointing weapons at them, they nearly went mad.

"Hmph! Although we do not wish to betray anyone, we would never allow you to hurt him!" The female soldiers seemed extremely determined.

"What the hell?! Could this actually work?" Jiang Fei was dumbfounded as he observed from the air. This was truly an unexpected ending.

As the Saint's Guard's members were mostly females, most of the guards watching over them were also females. Now that the female soldiers had sided with Jiang Fei, the remaining 200 male soldiers were instantly outnumbered.

"Let go of the Saint's Guard's members first," Jiang Fei called out from above.

"Yes! Master!" Although these female soldiers did not admire Jiang Fei romantically, the Respect level of Reputation they had for him meant he was now akin to their leader.

Soon enough, all 500 Saint's Guard's members were released. Hua Mulan was also released from the carriage.

"Tie these male soldiers up after removing their weapons!" Jiang Fei waved his hands as he spoke. The tables had turned and Jiang Fei was now in charge.
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