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"In that case, make me one of those Chinese style long swords," said Jiang Fei. 

"Very well. Please choose the design," said 0541 as it projected several designs of swords. 

"Could you also make a sword with special effects like the armor you made for me?" asked Jiang Fei as he slowly made up his mind. 

"It is impossible."

"Why is that?"

How was it possible to give special effects to the armor but not on weapons? It should not be difficult for 0541. 

"Captain, armors and weapons are different. During close quarter combat, a weapon's main function is to deal damage whilst maintaining its structural integrity. Besides armor, is it impossible to introduce mechanical parts in a weapon."

All armors with special effects had microscopic level of electronics embedded in it. Although it could provide various effects to protect the wearer, its structural integrity was weak. To be fair, it could withstand a point-blank range of a gun but not an attack from a Metahuman. 

In a fight, swords clashing would be inevitable. Having a sword with effects would be the same as the hoverboard made into a giant sword. In the best case scenario, the internal parts of the sword would be damaged. All melee weapons made in planet Namek were made close to unbreakable. In all honesty, just by applying Valium, it was already considered to be the extra special effect. 

"Alright. I trust your judgment. Make the swords like this one," said Jiang Fei as he selected one of the designs. 

"Order received. The manufacturing process will take place as soon as I have retrieved the weapon's production factory. ETA: 24 hours." 

"Time to leave then," said Jiang Fei as he stepped out of the fragment to let 0541 to absorb the fragment into the ring. 

By the time Jiang Fei had returned to the surface, the sun was already starting to set. Jiang Fei practiced his kick art for a little while before calling it a day and continuing his search for ship fragments on the next day. 

As it seemed that lady luck had not decided to pay Jiang Fei a visit, there were no signs of any signal from any ship fragments even after Jiang Fei had scoured the Amazon rainforest. 

Thankfully, 0541 had finished making the sword. 

The sword was a long two-sided blade that measured at three feet, three inches, and one-third of an inch. The sword weighed exactly thirty-two kilograms and was heavier on the hilt. The entire sword was made from a special amalgamated metal called Timur. Like Chrome, the entire sword reflected light like a piece of mirror. Not only was it nice to see and nice to hold, the blade of the sword was so sharp that it could cut steel like a hot knife through butter. If Jiang Fei infused a little bit of energy into the sword, it would strengthen the sword to a state of almost being unbreakable. 

Coated on the sharp edges of the blade was Valium. If the blood of a Metahuman made contact with the blade, the blade would consume the victim's blood, resulting in an epic explosion of power which would kill said victim. 

"This is a good sword!" Jiang Fei exclaimed. 

"Captain. This sword is both powerful and lethal. Please use it with the utmost caution as it could also cause lethal damage to you," 0541 reminded Jiang Fei that he too was also vulnerable to the sword. 

"I understand. I will be careful." 

Jiang Fei swung the sword around for a little while before storing it in the ring. After he had given some thought, he decided to name the sword Zhanlu Sword. 

Zhanlu was one of the five Ancient Swords of China. Sadly, all five of the Ancient Swords of China was lost in history. Jiang Fei had decided to name the sword after the Five Ancient Swords of China due to its prowess against powerful foes. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After Zhanlu Sword, Jiang Fei had asked 0541 to make one more sword that looked exactly like the previous one. There would only be one difference between the two swords and that was the Valium coat. Jiang Fei's objective was straightforward. He wanted an exact same sword without the Valium coat for common practice as well as battles that did not involve overwhelmingly powerful foes. The one that was coated in Valium would only be used if his life was on the line. 

After three days of roaming around the Amazon rainforest, 0541 finished making the second sword, which Jiang Fei immediately named as the Chengying Sword, another Ancient Sword of China. 

By then, Jiang Fei had almost mastered the Thunder Gale Kick Technique but due to lack of actual battle experience, it was hard to fully master the art. Hence, he decided to cross that bridge when he got to it and moved on to the sword technique. 

The sword technique that was crafted by 0541 was made by combining the higher tier sword art from the Hengshan Sect and the Green Willow Heights Sect. Although the resulting sword art was not the best, it was one of the more powerful sword arts in the alliance. 

There was a huge problem to learn the skill since Jiang Fei had never held a sword in his life. Even though he had the knowledge of the art imprinted on his mind, his body was not used to holding a sword as how he had learned the Thunder Gale Kick Technique. As a result, Jiang Fei cut himself a few times during practice. 

"Phew! Thank god I have this sword made for practice or I would have died!" Jiang Fei commented after the eighth times he had cut himself. 

With the miracle potion, flesh wounds were nothing but a mild hindrance that were immediately erased. 

After one last night in the Amazon rainforest, Jiang Fei decided to call it quits and headed off to South America for sightseeing. At the same time, he had put in some effort to practice the sword art whenever possible. 

In a blink of an eye, a month had passed since he had left China. He had basically covered the entire South America and came up with nothing. Even so, he did manage to master the basic movements of the sword art. 

Due to its powerful swing and thrust techniques that could conjure a storm, Jiang Fei had decided to name the sword art as Dominating Blade Technique. 

According to 0541 latest assessment of Jiang Fei's combat power, Jiang Fei had reached the level where he could fight on even grounds with a fighter at the Pinnacle Stage of Level 4. With the Zhanlu Sword in hand, the chances of him killing a Metahuman of Pinnacle Stage of Level 4 was extremely high. 

With the two new techniques learned and mastered, Jiang Fei had decided to go home. For the past month, Han Tianyu had been constantly trying to contact Jiang Fei because of the storm that was coming. The Mutant Brotherhood and the European Vatican were on their way to fight the Japanese!
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