The Almighty Ring
597 How Familiar
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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597 How Familiar

Usually, no one could just simply enter the surgery room, but Jiang Fei did not care about that now. If the doctors and surgeons were not careful, Si Tuying's father would have died. Jiang Fei did not have anything that could revive the dead! 

After listening to Si Tuying's brother, he barged into the surgery room while the operation was still ongoing and chased all the doctors and surgeons who were operating on the father out. 

The surgeons had thought that Jiang Fei and Han Tianyu were the perpetrators that had stabbed Si Tujianxin and were there to properly finish the job. To protect the patients, the surgeons turned on them but were easily beaten to a pulp by Han Tianyu alone. It took almost no effort at all since Han Tianyu was still a Level 2 fighter. 

While Han Tianyu was busy kicking out the doctors, Jiang Fei took his time to check on Si Tujianxin. Ignoring the wounds and cuts on his limbs, Jiang Fei paid attention to his chest, especially the area close to the heart and lungs. The wounds were deep and almost missed the heart, his aorta and pulmonary veins were damaged severely. He had lost too much blood and was already knocking on death's door. 

"How is he?" said Han Tianyu as he locked the doors to the surgery room. 

"I can still save him. The man is dying fast," said Jiang Fei as he took out a few bottles of health potion. First, he removed the breathing tube that was plunged in his mouth and emptied a bottle of health potion into his mouth. After that, he uncorked two more bottles and poured the contents into the opened chest. As soon as the liquid touched the internal organs of Si Tujianxin, the man stopped breathing rapidly. All the cuts and damaged veins started to heal. 

To hasten the process, Jiang Fei removed all the tools and calipers that were holding the chest open. The opened cuts were immediately healed as if the man was never cut opened by the surgeons. A few more bottles were forcefully fed to Si Tujianxin and after 20 minutes, the man was fully healed. All he needed now as a good rest to restore his vitality since he had lost too much blood. 

"It'll take him a few minutes to regain consciousness."

"Not bad. In the eyes of the common folk, the potion of yours is a miracle potion!" 

It was not the first time Han Tianyu saw the potion in action as he was the first person Jiang Fei saved using the same potion. 

"Too bad these don't interest the martial artists," said Jiang Fei as he kept and disposed of all the empty bottles. Martial artists could not make full use of the health potion since most of their fights would not result in physical harm. It was the enemies' power that was buried deep inside their body, causing them to sustain near-permanent damage. 

After a few minutes, Si Tujianxin opened his eyes, only to see Jiang Fei and Han Tianyu chatting nonchalantly at the side. 

"Fei?! What are you doing here?! You cannot be here! It's dangerous!" cried Si Tujianxian as he tried to get up from the operation bed. The man was still under the impression that he was being chased after. 

"Ah! You're awake! Don't worry, uncle. It is safe here," said Jiang Fei as he tended to him. 

"Wha-- Where am I?" said Si Tujianxin as he realized that he was no longer in the meeting room. After he took his time to gather his thoughts, he realized that he was no longer in pain. He frantically checked his own body only to find all the stab wounds gone! His hands, chest, and legs were all fine as if nothing had ever happened. Was it all a bad dream?

"Nothing to worry about here. You are safe with me," said Jiang Fei. 

"B-But… I was stabbed…" 

"Uncle, let us forget those painful memories and focus on the fact that you are now safe and sound," said Jiang Fei as he tried to distract the man. 

"I see… I see…" said Si Tujianxin as he accepted what Jiang Fei said. Some things are better left unknown. 

"Now that you're all and well, how did you get yourself hurt?" 

"About that…" 

Si Tujianxin sighed heavily and explained what had happened. 

It was a common dispute between two gangs about their territory. The discussion was fruitful until one side started a rampage. Si Tujianxin was unfortunately caught in the crossfire and got stabbed. 

"Brother Yu, do you want to handle this? Or shall I?" said Jiang Fei as he turned to Han Tianyu. 

"No need for you to get your hands dirty with pig's blood. I shall do it for you," said Han Tianyu casually. To be honest, Han Tianyu did not want Jiang Fei to settle the gang dispute. Knowing him, he might end up killing everyone mercilessly. 

Jiang Fei was both feared and revered by almost all the alliance members. He was a Level 4 fighter with a Level 5 master. However, even though he was famous amongst the alliance, what about the people of the streets? How would they know that Jiang Fei was someone to fear? The only way around it was to demonstrate just how ferocious Jiang Fei could be if he was wronged. 

Han Tianyu knew Jiang Fei well enough to know that he would not spare anyone who harmed Si Tuying's father. It was a game of politics and hierarchy. Eventually, Jiang Fei might end up angering someone from the nation's higher ranks. To prevent such complications, Han Tianyu chose to act on Jiang Fei's behalf. 

With a simple call, Han Tianyu summoned his trusted man by the name of Ah Long. He had only needed to mention Si Tujianxin's name and the incident that happened to get Ah Long to work. There was no need for Han Tianyu himself to fight. It was, after all, a simple manhunt for gang members. 

"Ah Fei. Who is this gentleman here?" said Si Tujianxin as he had finally noticed Han Tianyu. He had seen Han Tianyu's face before but could not put a finger on it. 

"Ah? This guy? He's my friend. Han Tianyu," said Jiang Fei. Han Tianyu nodded and smiled at Si Tujianxin. 

"Hah? The man in charge of the Octopus group?" cried Si Tujianxin. 

"Oh. It's been awhile since I heard that nickname," said Jiang Fei. 

"Ah. Mr. Han. I…" 

Si Tujianxin wanted to sit upright to pay his respects to Han Tianyu. The man was too great for someone like Si Tujianxin. 

"Please. Don't force yourself," said Han Tianyu. He did not truly care about Si Tujianxin as he was only there because Jiang Fei had asked him so. To be honest, Si Tujianxin would never have been able to see him in person if it was not for Jiang Fei. 

Seeing that nothing was going on with the man, Han Tianyu backed away to a corner and started fiddling with his phone, sending instructions to Ah Long. Jiang Fei and Si Tujianxin then talked a little, understanding his position and situation. He had thought that Jiang Fei's parents were only blue collar workers for the Manda Group. Never in a million years that he would think Jiang Fei was close to Han Tianyu. Judging from how Han Tianyu and Jiang Fei talked to each other, the two must have been extremely close. 

'Just what kind of person is he? How did someone that close to Han Tianyu get to know my little Ying,' thought Si Tujianxin. 

At that moment, a loud banging was heard on the doors of the surgery theater. 

"We are the police! You have been surrounded! Surrender now and release the hostage!"  Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Hahaha! Looks like someone had been busy. Brother Yu, could you…?" said Jiang Fei as he gestured to the door. It seems that the doctors and surgeons that were chased out by Han Tianyu immediately contacted the police. It was inevitable. Their sudden entrance to the surgery theater and the rough treatment by Han Tianyu was uncalled for. 

"Sure thing," said Han Tianyu as he opened the door and handled the situation. 

In no time at all, the police and even SWAT members backed away whilst apologizing for the commotion. 

Han Tianyu came back into the surgery theater and said, "Ah Long called. He captured those men. What do you want me to do with them? Death by fire or by water?" 


Jiang Fei was thrown. It had been a while since he heard such familiar claims. Back then, it was when the lackeys that bothered Jiang Fei in the arcade center of Manda Square. He had forgotten that Han Tianyu was used to handling the situation "that way".
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