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After an hour, the rest of the girls, excluding Shang Guanqi woke up. They had taken one hour longer than the usual time to rest. Jiang Fei did not say anything since they had fought twice in just one night. They had it rough and deserved to rest longer. 

"Let's move," said Jiang Fei. Even though 0541 did not detect any danger, it was about time to leave since they had been idle for 3 hours. It was not safe anymore. 

The other girls nodded their head and Jiang Fei could sense no hostility from them. It seems that all the girls had acknowledged Jiang Fei as their leader after seeing how he had defeated a powerful Level 4 Bio-Human and could still provide aid to the severely injured Yang Qing. Even Ding Menghan, who was behaving like a little prick at the start of the mission had no resentment towards him. 

As soon as Jiang Fei took a step forward, Shang Guanqi got to her feet and jumped down from one of the tall trees. All of them proceeded deeper into Japanese land. 

Not long after, a device that was attached to Jiang Fei's waist beeped. It was a small two-way communicator that was given to him by Han Tianyu. It was a communication device used by the military. This device was not advanced enough to send and receive a complicated signal. Due to the high encryption mechanism of the device, it could not transmit high data bandwidth. At most, it could only send a very short text message. When Jiang Fei picked it up to read the message, he was at a loss and quickly ordered the team to stop. It was a call for help. 

"Listen, there's an emergency. What I'll do next depends on your decision," said Jiang Fei as he was about to call for a vote. 

The distress call came from another team not from Old Hai nor Zhao Ganming. Hence, it was optional for him to answer the call. 

"I have just received a distress call from one of the European Vatican's teams. I'm calling for a vote," said Jiang Fei. 

"They are still our ally. I think we should help them," said Ding Menghan. 

"I concur," said Lian Feiyi. 

"Anything she says," said Yun Yu. 

"I'm against it. Although we are allies, saving them has nothing to do with our current mission. We need to survive to finish the mission. Heading into the unknown to save them might not be favorable to our mission objective," said Yang Po. 

Jiang Fei had to agree with Yang Po even though she was being cold and ruthless.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I agree with sister. We know very little of the European Vatican. What if it's a trap?" said Yang Qing loudly after fully recovering from the injury in her arm. 

"What say you?" said Jiang Fei as he turned to Xue Aohan. If she supports the Yang sisters, Jiang Fei would act as the deciding vote. 

"I say we go. If their position is close, we should lend a hand. If the enemy is too strong for us, we could remain in the shadow and wait for the other reinforcements," said Xue Aohan. 

"Very well. Just so you know, I am keen to help them. However, since this is not part of the mission plan, it is my responsibility to ask for your opinion," said Jiang Fei. 

Before leaving, Jiang Fei threw a glance at Shang Guanqi who was standing behind the entire team. She remained cold and emotionless as she did not respond to Jiang Fei's call for a vote. However, even though she had expressed verbatim that she would not be involved in any rescue or assisting activities, she adamantly followed the team.

The communicator device that was on Jiang Fei's waist was prepared by the Mutant Brotherhood and only given to team leaders. There was no telling what had happened to the other team. The only way to know was to head over there to investigate. 

Jiang Fei followed the signal location and arrived at the source of the signal. 

"0541, do me a favor and scan the area," said Jiang Fei. 

"Please hold…" 

"Report, target requesting assistant had been surrounded by 4,000 Bio-Human army. There are more than 500 Bio-Human Level 3 and under and over 50 Level 4 Bio-Humans. My advice is not to participate in this fight." 

"Sh*t," Jiang Fei exclaimed. 

"How about the team? Are there any survivors?" Jiang Fei asked. 

"There is only one survivor from the European Vatican team. Life force abnormally low," said 0541. 


Without further explanation, Jiang Fei had roughly guessed that the team was ambushed by the enemy and got slaughtered. That last survivor must have got himself captured. 

"Leader? What's going on?" said Ding Menghan. 

Jiang Fei gathered everyone together, except Shang Guanqi and explained the entire situation to the team. 

"A trap!?" Yun Yu got jumpy. 

"I knew it! It is a trap! I'd told you so, but you didn't listen!" Yang Po exclaimed. Yang Qing smirked as she wanted to smugly look down on the other girls that did not agree with Yang Po. 

"Brother Jiang Fei, you… you're not a Beginner stage of Level 4, aren't you," said Xue Aohan as she scoffed out of the sudden. 

She was not the only one that had that thought. When he had killed the two Level 4 Bio-Human, he did it easily. If the girls were not there, he could have killed them with his hands tied behind his back. It was known that the Bio-Human had a remote pilot hiding somewhere far away. Because of that, the controls would be slightly slower albeit almost undetectable by normal eyes. Even so, Jiang Fei could still kill the powerful Level 4 with ease. No matter how one looks, he was not just a Level 4 fighter anymore. The fact that not even the Pinnacle stage of Level 4 could detect someone as far away as 50 kilometers! 

"Well…" Jiang Fei awkwardly laughed. As a matter of fact, that he was supposed to be in between the Pinnacle stage and Intermediate stage. 

"So, what are we going to do now?" Lian Feiyi asked. 

"We are going to the most sensible thing. To get the hell out of this place. Isn't that right? Big Brother Jiang Fei," said Yang Qing as she jumps to his side and hugged his arms. 

When Jiang Fei wanted to nod his head to agree with Yang Qing, 0541 chimed in with a message. 

"Captain, I have detected a team of Chinese Martial Artist had rushed into the enemy's ambush." 

"Oh no…" 

"Who is it?" Jiang Fei asked. Even if it was Old Hai or even Zhao Ganming, he would be worried! 

"It is Zhao Ganming's team," said 0541. 

"F*CK!" Jiang Fei shouted as he punched a tree next to him, immediately obliterating it. 

"What's going on?" said Yang Qing as she was surprised at Jiang Fei sudden burst of rage. 

"Zhao Ganming and his team have entered the enemy's ambush!" said Jiang Fei. According to 0541's report, those that had entered and those were about to enter the enemy's ambush were four teams in total. Beside Zhao Ganming's team, there were two other teams that were from the European Vatican and one more from the Mutant's Brotherhood. 

He could not care less for the other teams, but he could not let Zhao Ganming die!

"Elder Hai?" cried the girls. 

"I have someone I know in that team!" cried Xue Aohan worriedly. 

"Me too!" said Lian Feiyu. 

Those who were chosen to participate in this operation were elite students from various sects. Even though they were not as strong as the girls in Jiang Fei's team, they were still young lads that showed potential with their mastery in the arts. The only person that remained calm and quiet was none other than Shan Guanqi. Even though there were disciples of Soaring Cloud Sect in Zhao Ganming's team, the girl showed no emotion towards the news.
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