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"Brother Jiang Fei!"


Everyone was waiting for Jiang Fei's decision. Even though they wanted to help their fellow students, it would undeniably dangerous for them without the help of Jiang Fei. 

"Please… Let me think…" said Jiang Fei as he turned away from them and faced towards the general direction where Zhao Ganming was. 

If he could, he would already be on his way to save Zhao Ganming. However, there were so many things that he needed to think through. Firstly, he needed to make sure that there was a way to enter and escape without being surrounded by 4,000 Bio-Humans. If he charged in without a plan, he would be digging his own grave! 

Even though he was strong, it would be impossible to face 50 Level 4 Bio-Humans at the same time! Moreover, his own team would not be able to handle more than 10 Level 3 Bio-Humans! 

"0541, what's the situation over there?" said Jiang Fei. 

"The team of Mutants had already started to fight with the Bio-Humans. However, it seems that only a small portion of Bio-Humans had come out of hiding. It seems like they are waiting for other teams to arrive and attack them in one go." 

"I see."

Jiang Fei had the same thought. The Japanese wanted to use the four teams that were already in their trap as bait to lure in other teams. Currently, they were merely toying with them to buy more time for reinforcement to arrive. It was good since Jiang Fei himself had time to come up with a plan to counter their tactics. 

At the same time, located somewhere in the hills 50 kilometers away from Jiang Fei, Zhao Ganming's team were in a battle with a group of Bio-Humans. 

"Master! There are too many of them! What should we do?" cried one of the young fighters that was struggling to fend off attacks. They were facing more than 50 Bio-Human soldiers with more than half of them were higher than Level 3. 

"This is bad. Regroup and retreat!" Zhao Ganming bellowed. He was an Intermediate stage of Level 4 fighter and he already had his hands full with two Bio-Humans at the same level as he. If he was in a one-on-one fight, Zhao Ganming would not even break a sweat to defeat the enemy. But when the enemies outnumber him… 

"URGH! "

"Master! We have a man down!" 


"Brother Wang, are you alright?" 

"Call it! Use the distress call!" 

As more and more young fighters fell, the other surviving ones pleaded Zhao Ganming to call for reinforcement. Right now, they could only defend against the attacks of the Bio-Human and if they want to survive, they would need help. It was too much for them to face of the Bio-Humans. 

"Trash! Aren't you the one that wanted to attack? Well, looks like you're running away now! Haha! Serves you right for looking down on our Bio-Tech! Come at us! We will bury you alive!" cried one of the Japanese officers as he monitored the battle through the screens, far away from the battlefield. 

"General, we detected four enemy teams entering our ambush! We have also detected one small team that is still hiding in the forest!" said another officer. 

"Is that right? Show me," said the general. 

"Loading the image…" 

The soldier tapped a few buttons on the keyboard and displayed the surveillance video depicting Jiang Fei and his team hiding in the forest. Jiang Fei was seen thinking about something while the other girls were whispering to one another. 

While Jiang Fei had 0541 as his multipurpose assistant, the Japanese had technology on their side. With the help of satellite in space, they had eyes on everything in the world. It was an easy task for them to detect a human presence as long as they were actively searching for it. 

"Martial Artists? Hah! They don't look anything impressive! Not bad though. He had even brought me a team of beautiful girls for me to enjoy!" said the general as he smirked. 

"No matter. Now that you're already here, I shall accept the girls as gifts of surrender!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"General? Are you planning to go into the battlefield?" said the officer. 

"It is vital to show my presence to boost our soldier's morale. By the time the Chinese bastards lose the war, they would know that it is I who had defeated them with the technology of our great land! Not to mention, I still have a bone to pick with them after they had killed the guardian beast…" 

"As expected of the great general! Your presence in the battlefield would be a beacon of hope to us sir!" cried the officer. 

The officer then turned away from the computer and headed towards the other officers.

"Make preparation for Specimen 0!" 

"Yes, sir!" replied the staffs that were in the same room as the general. 

"0541, have you detected the operators of the Bio-Humans yet?" said Jiang Fei. It only looked like he was thinking but he was talking with 0541. 

"I need more time. There is a strange interference in the air around." 

"Please hurry," said Jiang Fei. Even though time was of the essence then, Jiang Fei could do nothing but wait for 0541's report. 

"Captain, I have located the operators," said 0541 five minutes later. 

"Where are they?" said Jiang Fei. There was a saying, to defeat an army, aim for the commander. In this case, Jiang Fei and his team was not a match for over 4,000 Bio-Humans. However, that did not mean that he could not strike them at their core. If he could find and kill the operators of the Bio-Humans, he could save Zhao Ganming and everyone else!

"Captain. You would be pleased to know that I have also detected a part of Braveheart in the facility close to the operators!" said 0541 happily. 

"What!? This is great news! Tell me the location!" cried Jiang Fei, mentally. Forget two birds, it was a one stone three birds situation! Not only he could save his comrades, but he could also defeat the entirety of the Bio-Human army, and collect a ship fragment! 

"Captain. I will now identify the ship part!" said 0541 after he had provided Jiang Fei with the location of the operator's facility. 

"Please do."

Jiang Fei stood up and everyone glanced his way, anticipating an order that would either please them or anger them to their very soul. 

"I've decided to save Zhao Ganming and his team. However, I must declare that this detour would be extremely dangerous. Not all us all might walk away unscathed. If you wish to stay behind, I would not hold it against you," said Jiang Fei. 

Everyone, including Shang Guanqi who was not paying attention, did not make a sound. They wanted to save their friends and fellow students. 

Jiang Fei's plan was to attack the operators of the Bio-Humans.However, it would mean to directly launch an attack to one of the secret bases where the operators were hiding. It is most likely that the facility would be highly guarded. 

According to 0541's analysis of the situation. The European Vatican's team had incidentally stumble across that place and got themselves overwhelmed. After the team was defeated, the Japanese had taken the communicator device and trigger a distress call for help to lure other teams. 

One reason why the facility was guarded with over 4,000 Bio-Human was due to the presence of an alien ship fragment. 

The general that was stationed in that facility was ambitions. Even though he wanted revenge for the death of the guardian beast, he could not simply launch an attack. However, now that the Chinese, as well as the other Metahumans, had come to his turf, it was an opportunity that he would not miss to have his revenge. 

If Jiang Fei did not have such a powerful scanner in his finger, he would have surely ventured into the enemy's trap. Now that he understood the situation as clear as daylight, it was time to spring the trap!
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