The Almighty Ring
611 Taking Over the Medical Bay
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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611 Taking Over the Medical Bay

as soon as jiang fei left the control room, the anti-mecha landmine was detonated at the end of the timer's countdown.

boom! as a loud noise could be heard, the valley in which the base was located suddenly collapsed. the flat ground suddenly turned into a huge crater with a diameter of a hundred meters. the entire underground base which jiang fei was currently in was shaking all over. the huge explosion had destroyed nearly everything, including all the devices and information in the control room.

jiang fei did not care about the explosion happening behind him. he also ignored the walls which were collapsing all around him. he ran toward the braveheart's fragment as instructed by 0541. whenever he ran into a japanese enemy, he would kill him instantly with a single blast regardless of whether he was a bio-human or a normal human.

a few minutes later, jiang fei arrived at another area that was heavily guarded by the japanese. however, as the main control room was attacked, many of the bio-humans here had already been relocated. therefore, the remaining defense was not very strong at all.

according to 0541's update, there were only two lower-tier level four bio-humans guarding the area. the remaining soldiers were only at level one or level two, which were not threats to jiang fei.

"0541, make me invisible!" when jiang fei approached the entrance, he entered the state of invisibility yet again.

after sneaking closer to the guards, jiang fei suddenly struck them with the sword in his hands as the heads of his enemies fell to the ground.

after killing the bio-human guards, jiang fei successfully entered a big hall. at the center of the hall was a two-storey silvery white building.

jiang fei was familiar with the silvery white material. this was the metallic material commonly seen in braveheart. right then, many of the japanese researchers were packing up as they prepared to evacuate.

"hmph! do you want to leave now? it's too late!" although jiang fei was still not too sure what the medical bay contained, he would not allow the japanese to steal his stuff.

"d*mn! who are you?"

"who let you in here? get out!"

clearly, these researchers did not know that death was upon them. they thought the person who broke in was a lowly ranked soldier.

"hehe…" jiang fei laughed coolly without saying a word. he instantly waved his sword around as he started killing the researchers one by one.

based on jiang fei's speed of a level four martial artist, these normal human beings could not defend themselves at all. many of them died without even understanding what was going on.

in a short few minutes, thirty dead bodies lay on the floor of the big hall. according to 0541's scan, there were no other hidden japanese in the big hall.

"0541, take over the medical bay!" jiang fei ordered 0541.

"yes, captain!" 0541 immediately started establishing a connection with the medical bay.

after two minutes, 0541 had taken over the administrative rights to the medical bay. jiang fei walked over to the medical bay and placed his hand upon it.

buzz! a silver light flashed as the two-storey silvery white structure disappeared into thin air. jiang fei had successfully stored it in his spatial ring.

"let's go!" jiang fei did not even have time to ask about the medical bay and what kind of benefits he would receive from it. he was focused on getting to the ladies he left behind as they were still far too weak to protect themselves. he also still had reservations about shang guanqi.

"japanese fellows, let's see if you can take this!" after getting out of the underground base, jiang fei retrieved a box the size of a backpack from the spatial ring.

high-energy cluster bomb! this was the strongest weapon jiang fei had taken from the zhang family's personal armory.

"set to explode in ten minutes. evacuate!"

after getting out of the underground base, jiang fei ran as if it was the end of the world.

0541 explained the destructive capabilities of this high-energy cluster bomb to jiang fei in a single phrase, 'an absolute hellraiser'.

while frantically running away, jiang fei intentionally circled the place where zhao ganming's team was located.

"brother jiang fei? why are you alone? did your entire team…" when the heavily injured zhao ganming saw jiang fei travelling alone, he thought that the ladies under his leadership had all died.

"there isn't time for chit-chat now. if you don't wish to die, run with me now!" jiang fei did not have time to explain any further. he instantly started carrying one of the injured fellows on his back and started running.

"bring the injured soldiers! let's go!" when zhao ganming saw how jiang fei behaved, he knew there was an impending danger. therefore, he immediately called his subordinates to run in the direction jiang fei was headed.

jiang fei was only able to help the troops from china. he could only watch helplessly as the vatican's and the mutant's teams prepared to meet their fate. it was more important for him to protect his own life. jiang fei could not risk dying to warn these outsiders about the bomb.

before jiang fei and the martial artists had reached the twenty-kilometer mark, 0541's warning message came.

"captain! get down!"

jiang fei did not even have time to warn the others. he immediately dropped to the ground. right then, an impactful force swept across the entire region.

"boom!" nearly all of the martial artists, including zhao ganmin, were swept away by the force. each of them started coughing blood from their mouths. however, fortunately, they were already out of the sure-kill zone of the high-energy cluster bomb. hence, despite the heavy injuries, none of their lives were threatened.

"this…" as zhao ganming's capabilities were stronger than the rest, he was the first to stand up. when he turned around, he saw that the small mountain they stood on had completely disappeared. it had been replaced by a huge crater of a ten-mile radius. on top of that, fountains of water blasted from the bottom of the crater.

"is everyone alive?" jiang fei shook off the dust on his head as he retrieved some grand restore pill and evil purging pill and passed them to zhao ganming. these pills were worthless to jiang fei. besides, he could not afford to carry a bunch of injured soldiers around.

the potions from planet namek were indeed amazing. in just three minutes, most of the young men who survived had fully recovered apart from two unlucky ones who had lost their limbs. even zhao ganming's broken arm was fully recovered. although his inner qi had been severely exhausted, he recovered quite a bit of his battle capabilities.

"thank you, brother jiang fei, for saving us. we will always remember what you have done for us!" zhao ganming knew that they had only survived because of jiang fei. he guessed that it was also probably jiang fei who had caused the explosion. therefore, he could not help but continually thank jiang fei.

"don't worry about it. we're all family. everyone, i need to make a move now. i am concerned about the ladies who had been left on their own. let's meet shortly in the seven o'clock direction fifty kilometers away." jiang fei bid farewell to zhao ganming.find authorized novels in webnovel,faster updates, better experience,please click for visiting.

"oh? are they alright?" zhao ganming had originally thought all the female disciples had died.

"i hope so…" jiang fei mumbled. after all, he had been separated from the ladies for quite some time. he was uncertain as to whether they were truly in danger or not.

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