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Once Jiang Fei became enraged with murderous intent, the Mutants before him were in deep trouble. The two Lower-Tier Level Four Mutants were still able to forcefully stay alive. However, the Level Three Mutants were easily killed by Jiang Fei.

"Ahh!" After the first cry of pain was heard, the Mutants were shell-shocked. Even Zhao Ganming and Han Tianyu were stunned speechless.

Although Jiang Fei said to kill the opponents, nobody thought he would actually kill them.

The Mutants also thought the same thing. Although they were the ones who struck Jiang Fei first, they only had the intention of teaching the Chinese martial artists a lesson and were not planning to kill any of them. That was because it was not a strategic time to openly declare war against one another.


As everyone stood still, Jiang Fei struck again and another dismembered head fell to the ground.

"How dare you?" Jiang Fei had killed two people in a row. Everyone was dumbfounded, especially the five Level Four Mutants. They immediately abandoned the fight with Zhao Ganming and old man Hai as they charged toward Jiang Fei.

"It's great that you came!" Jiang Fei laughed without showing a hint of fear. Not only did he not back down, he even moved directly toward the five Level Four Mutants with his sword in hand.

"What do we do?" Old man Hai looked at Zhao Ganming.

"What else can we do? Kill them!" Zhao Ganming rolled his eyes. It was too late to say anything else. Regardless of what had happened, they could not allow Jiang Fei to fend these people off on his own. Therefore, they had no choice but to join the fight to kill their opponents.

Jiang Fei fought the five Level Four Mutants simultaneously. All of a sudden, he could not overpower them as he was able to before. Not only could he not kill them, he was slightly overwhelmed by their continuous attacks.

However, right then, Zhao Ganming and old man Hai had already made it over to his side. This time, the two did not hold back. Since Jiang Fei had already started the killings, the Mutants already had enough reason to declare war on them. Therefore, it made no difference to kill two of them or all of them.

As the two old men started attacking the Mutants, Jiang Fei felt the pressure on him lessened. After half of the Level Four Mutants were distracted, Jiang Fei started to kill his opponents once again.

"Bastard! I'll kill you!" When Gid saw his subordinates being killed one after another, he became furious.

"Master Gid, don't be rash! Do you want to die?" Liona held Gid back. It was too dangerous for him to get involved right then. He would not be able to salvage the situation regardless.

"What do we do then?" Although Gid was rash, he was born with a silver spoon and therefore was still afraid of death. Therefore, Liona's words immediately calmed him down.

"Let's get out of here. We can no longer keep things under control. We must inform the President and allow him to decide!" Liona sighed as she spoke. Things had escalated this far because of Gid's rashness. It was too late to do anything else.

"Haih! Let's go!" Gid sighed. He did not actually feel compassion for his subordinates. Instead, he was worried about explaining himself to the Mutants Brotherhood once he returned.

Liona's special ability was to control the wind. Therefore, although they were still hundreds of meters away from the battleship, getting there quickly was not a difficult feat for her to accomplish. She grabbed onto Gid's shoulder as a pair of wings of wind appeared behind her back. Although the pair of wings did not allow her to fly long-distance, a few hundred meters would not be an issue.

As Liona and Gid ran off, the Mutants who remained on Jiang Fei's ship looked surprised. They realized that their boss had abandoned them.

"Retreat!" The remaining Mutants looked at each other and decided to retreat to their small vessel.

"Leaving now? It won't be that easy!" Jiang Fei raised his brows as the Chengying Sword glowed in his hands. The metallic Origin Force from the sword started chasing after the Mutants.



As painful cries could be heard, the only Mutants who managed to escape back to their battleship were the Middle-Tier Level Four Mutant and a Lower-Tier Level Four Mutant. Every other Mutant who had came aboard Jiang Fei's ship had died in his hands.

"Brother Jiang, don't you think you have gone too far?" Zhao Ganming asked with a frown. He could not voice out his thoughts during the battle earlier. However, he felt that he had to speak his mind now because Jiang Fei's act of killing the Mutants could result in the break of the working relationship between the Mutants Brotherhood and the Martial Art Alliance.

"Hmph! Even if I did not kill them, do you think this battle could be avoidable?" Jiang Fei laughed coldly.

Ever since 0541 reminded Jiang Fei that the Mutants could mass-produce Level Five Bio-Humans, Jiang Fei knew that there were only two options left. The China Martial Art Alliance could either become the Mutants' slave or become their opponent in battle.

Although it was very difficult for the Mutants to create Level Five Bio-Humans, there was still a higher chance of that happening than naturally developed Level Five Mutants. Once the Mutants thoroughly mastered the Bio-Technology and started modifying themselves, their capabilities would expand significantly. Their dominance over the other forces would ensure their greed took over the world. As such, the Martial Art Alliance's wish of creating peace would be futile.

"Alert! Alert!" As Jiang Fei and Zhao Ganming were talking to the rest, the sound of an alarming notification rang through the loudspeakers.

"What's going on?" Han Tianyu immediately asked.

"The opponent's battleships have their missile radars locked onto us. They have entered the offensive state!" The defense captain immediately responded.

As the ship that came to pick Jiang Fei and the others up was only a defensive ship, it definitely would not be able to fight against the two battleships. Moreover, they have already been locked onto as targets by their opponents. The ship's fate had basically been decided. They were bound to sink.

"I have been far too lenient on these people!" Jiang Fei looked upset all of a sudden.

"Prepare to block the opponent's guided missiles!" Han Tianyu did not look too happy either. If their defensive ship sank, they would be in an even more dangerous situation.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

While everyone was in a state of panic, Jiang Fei retrieved the Light Cannon from his Personal Armory in the spatial ring when nobody paid any attention.

Although most of them did not notice what Jiang Fei did, a pair of beautiful eyes glowed brightly as they looked at Jiang Fei, but only for an instant.

"Zoom!" Before their opponents were even able to fire their missiles, Jiang Fei started his attack.

A beam of blue light with the diameter of a water bucket was emitted at one of the battleships.


A huge hole was instantly blasted through the battleship alongside a loud collision. After being magnified, the light beam already had a diameter of over five meters by the time it hit the battleship. The strong energy did not only create a gaping hole in the battleship, it even pierced through to the bottom of the ship.

As water started flowing in from the sides and the bottom of the ship, the battleship started to sink almost instantly. Jiang Fei's attack had directly struck the missile that was almost fired. When the guided missile exploded, it even caused the other dormant missiles in the battleship to explode.

"Boom!" As bright flames lit the area, the insides of the battleship was destroyed by the explosions. The battleship split into two and sank to the bottom of the ocean within three minutes.
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