The Almighty Ring
627 Bella“s Death
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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627 Bella“s Death

"no!" jiang fei panicked when he saw the overlord turning to attack ariel suddenly.

although ariel had a magic shield protecting her, she was only at around level 80. moreover, she was merely a high-tier lord. she was doomed against the strong overlord.


as the holy sword landed on ariel's magic shield, her shield was instantly destroyed. ariel was severely struck and flung several feet away from impact.find authorized novels in webnovel,faster updates, better experience,please click for visiting.

"jerk!" when jiang fei saw the overlord was still going for ariel, he immediately went in front of ariel to block any further attacks.


the second attack was about to land on them.

"divine shield!"

this time, as jiang fei was prepared, he directly activated his invincible state. he then frantically used his galestorm's hammer attack on the overlord.

"hmph! let's see how long you can remain invincible!" as jiang fei's attacks were able to disregard his opponent's defense, the overlord had no choice but to take the damage. although he did not lose a lot of his health points, the overlord became even angrier as he was blatantly being attacked.


jiang fei's attacks followed one after another. although jiang fei was invincible, it was for a limited duration. once the invincible state ended, he would not be able to withstand the overlord's attacks.

"husband, don't worry about me anymore. leave now…" ariel was heavily injured by then. she could no longer move. if jiang fei left, she would be killed by the oncoming damage instantly.

"don't worry. nothing will happen to you before i die!" jiang fei could not bear to leave her now.

"my love…" ariel's tears would not stop rolling down her cheeks.

"arghh!" on the other side, when isabella saw jiang fei and ariel in trouble, she could no longer care about anything else. she immediately started chanting a spell above the overlord.

"hmph! do you really think i wouldn't dare to kill you because you have naga blood?" a draconian forbidden spell's power was quite formidable. even an overlord did not dare to underestimate it. therefore, when the overlord saw isabella casting the draconian forbidden spell above his head, he immediately attacked her with his holy light attack.


isabella was struck in the midst of her chanting the spell.


after a loud sound of collision, isabella, who was in her naga state, fell to the ground.

"bella!" jiang fei cried out with a look of pain in his eyes. among all the ladies, isabella was the closest to him. his feelings for her even exceeded the feelings he had for si tuying.

splurt… as blood gushed out from her mouth, isabella changed from her naga state back into her human form. her chest appeared to have been severely damaged as she continued to cough blood out of her mouth. the blood seemed to even contain some pieces of flesh.


as a golden light flashed, the divine shield effect began to wear off.

"husband, get out of the way…" ariel used all her might to push jiang fei away. however, jiang fei would not budge as he stood before her.

"all of you, die!" the overlord shouted loudly as he used his holy light yet again.


jiang fei's body glowed brightly. his shadow barrier was activated yet again. however, this was the last time he could activate it for the day as it could only be used three times a day.

"leader! quickly, come over! the third plan is working!" somewhere far away in china, in an underground base, someone sounded very excited.

"is that so?!" the leader walked over to the surveillance footage. a group of disordered statistics appeared on the screen. to other people, this was merely some messed up data. however, that was not the case to the people in the underground base. instead, it was the gateway to another world.

"hmm, leader, look. number 15 and number 35 are both showing rapid fluctuations. the two groups of data are about to hit the target!" the researcher in charge of executing the third plan spoke excitedly.

"alright! increase the level of experiment!" a bright light flashed in the leader's eyes. right then, he was only one step away from achieving his dreams. once he succeeded, his name would go down in history.

"jerk!" jiang fei had already used up his third and final shadow barrier.


mysterious person 2's body started glowing with a golden light.

"could the storyline be activated?" jiang fei's face lit up. he had already used up everything he could think of. if there were no other arrangement from the storyline, he and his two ladies would die for sure.


an even brighter light flashed. the golden light on the mysterious person 2's body was suddenly suppressed. swiftly thereafter, mysterious person 2 remained silent as he observed jiang fei and the rest fighting without reacting any further.

"d*mn! what does that mean?" jiang fei was going mad. however, he had no idea that the storyline that was supposed to be activated had been forcefully stopped.

"die!" the overlord from the light faction continued to attack.


as the attack landed on jiang fei, his health points were instantly reduced to zero.


jiang fei's trump card was activated as he recovered 50% of his health points. this was his last life-protecting skill.

"young fellow, you have quite a lot of tricks up your sleeve. let's see how many times you can block my attacks!" after laughing coldly, the overlord started attacking again.

"no!" right then, jiang fei had already closed his eyes as he awaited death. he had no more skills to use. however, isabella, who had been heavily injured, somehow managed to climb out of the crate and made her way over to jiang fei.


isabella leaped into the air to block the attack aimed for jiang fei…

"bella!" jiang fei suddenly felt a pang of intense pain in his heart. although he tried to tell himself that isabella was only a series of programmed code, and also that he did not really have feelings for her, jiang fei knew deep down that his feelings for isabella had surpassed what he felt for anyone else. he even liked isabella more than si tuying who had become his girlfriend much later.

"ding! your pet isabella has died!"

"ahh!" jiang fei shouted out loudly. although he knew a pet could be revived, he was not certain that the revived isabella would be the same one. similar to dungeons, the monsters inside would renew every day. however, the monsters were always new individuals.

"ha! it's successful! leader! we've done it!" in the underground base north of china, the researcher in charge of surveillance jumped out of his seat. the data points before him had already surpassed the red line which was something he had been longing for.

"success! success! we have really done it!" although the data points had hit their target, the leader was still stunned by the sudden news of their success.

"leader, we've done it! we have completed god's work!"

"yeah! this is god's territory, but we were able to overcome it!"

"it's amazing! we have finally succeeded. we have done something even the aliens were unable to achieve!"

the entire underground base went crazy. nearly everyone was tearing up from the excitement.

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