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After receiving Jiang Fei's orders, 0541 began detecting energy in the area within a fifty-kilometer radius. Energy waves emitted from Jiang Fei one after another and the results of detection would be transmitted back.

"Captain, move around!" 0541 said to Jiang Fei.

"Okay!" Jiang Fei flew around Apple Hill slowly with the Gigantic Sword so that 0541 could search for information on the flesh residues of the Level 5 Alien Beast more easily.

About twenty minutes later, 0541 finally had some good news!

"Captain, there are abnormal energy fluctuations ten kilometers to the left!"

"Alright!" Jiang Fei nodded and immediately flew over there with the Gigantic Sword.

It was a mountain forest area and it seemed perfectly normal. However, under 0541's precise instructions, Jiang Fei slowly descended in the forest.

"Twelve meters ahead!" 0541 shared the precise location with Jiang Fei.

Soon, Jiang Fei arrived at the place 0541 mentioned.

"Nothing?" Jiang Fei asked, confused.

"Please point the ring downward," 0541 said.

"Oh." Jiang Fei immediately followed.


A silver light flashed and Jiang Fei saw a ray of light coming out of the mysterious ring. The light was shining at the fallen leaves under his feet. This light was no normal light. It was a tractor beam.

Soon, a fine lump of minced meat about the size of a nail was pulled out and kept into the Spatial Ring by 0541.

"Damn! So small? Are you kidding me?" Jiang Fei was dumbstruck. He thought that the fragments of flesh would at least weigh around 500 grams each, if not more. He did not expect them to be so small.

"Captain, you should be content. We were not the ones who hunted this Level 5 Alien Beast down. Why would those people leave the loot here and not take them after the battle? It was originally our plan to come here and pick up the leftovers anyway," 0541 complained.

"Although we're here for the leftovers, I didn't expect the flesh to be broken into such small pieces!" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes.

"The flesh of this Level 5 Alien Beast contains an amazing amount of energy. If the debris is big, how would it be able to escape the eyes of the Level 5 powerhouses? Then what business would we still have here?" 0541 laughed.

"Forget it, let's just keep looking. I wonder when we'll be able to collect enough for one person!" Jiang Fei shook his head helplessly. According to 0541, in order to produce a Level 5 Bio-Human, he would need an amount of flesh at least the size of an arm combined. This meant that they had to find hundreds of pieces of nail-sized fragments!

Although they did not gather much this time, it was still better than nothing. Moreover, after they obtained the first piece of meat, it seemed like Jiang Fei's good luck had come. Every ten minutes, 0541 would find something. Some were meat residues and some were small pools of blood. After spending the whole afternoon, Jiang Fei managed to collect quite a bit!

In the evening, Jiang Fei casually ate a little from his field ration, then continued to collect the flesh residues. Although each piece was very small, it was a continuous accumulation process. So, Jiang Fei did not feel tired or bored at all.

"Captain, a collection task like this one cannot be completed in a short time, so I suggest you take a break for now," 0541 said.

"Mmm! Sounds good!" After a day of collection, the flesh residues in Jiang Fei's hands amounted to the size of two or three fists combined. These flesh residues were already enough for 0451 to make two pinnacle Level 4 Bio-Humans. However, in order to produce a Level 5 Bio-Human, they still needed more time to accumulate more flesh.

"Captain, now you have a choice to make. One is to accumulate the flesh residue until you have enough to produce a Level 5 Bio-Human. The other is to follow our previous plan and make these Bio-Samples into Bio-Potions to enhance your own energy level," 0541 said.

"I…" Jiang Fei hesitated after hearing 0541's words. Increasing his own strength was quite tempting. After all, his current enemies were getting stronger and stronger, but his own energy level was still stuck at the beginning stage of Level 4. If the flesh of Level 5 Alien Beast were made into Bio-Potions, his strength would increase significantly!

"Sigh! Forget it, I'll hold onto them for now!" After hesitating for a long time, Jiang Fei decided to give up on his plan to instantly become stronger. If it was to resurrect Ariel, he would definitely choose to give priority to increasing his own strength. Now, however, his goal was to resurrect Isabella. So, he was not willing to wait even a minute. This was because Isabella's current state was the same as before, it was equivalent to her being locked in a small black house. Jiang Fei could not bear to let this girl suffer anymore!

"Your wish is my command, captain!" 0541 did not object to Jiang Fei's decision. Considering the amount of flesh they had currently, even if they were made into Potions, it was not enough to raise Jiang Fei's energy level to the pinnacle stage of Level 4, let alone Level 5. After all, this was not the same as the production of Bio-Humans. Bio-Humans could be filled with energy directly when using the genetic sample during production. However, Jiang Fei was a living person. If that kind of energy filling was used on his body, his body would instantly explode!

"Let's take a short break, then continue to search later," Jiang Fei said while he leaned against a big tree.

"Captain, it's already pretty late now. I suggest you go back into the game," 0541 said.

"I will never play that game ever again!" Jiang Fei shook his head. "Dawn Break" was now nothing but a sad place for him.

"Captain, don't forget, the Mutants that you have to fight will soon have a lot of high-leveled Bio-Humans, so you must gain more power in order to fight them. Also, even if we have enough energy and Bio-Samples in the future, the Bio-Humans we produce will all just be zombies without intelligence. So, you have to go back into the game to cultivate artificial souls!" 0541 persuaded him.

"I…" Jiang Fei hesitated after listening to 0541.

"Captain, you don't want the Mutants to invade China and kill all your fellow citizens in the future, right? You also don't want to let your game friends down, right? If you no longer enter the game, how would the NPC girls who still love you feel?" 0541 continued to persuade him.

"Sigh! Fine…" Since 0541 had already put things that way, Jiang Fei did not insist on his original decision. So, after sighing again, he logged into the game.

Jiang Fei, who was leaning against the big tree, entered the game. 0541 was in charge of keeping watch of his surroundings. Once there was danger, 0541 would immediately wake Jiang Fei up.

When he returned to the game, Jiang Fei was still in the Dragon God's main hall. A lifeless Isabella stood beside him.

"Forget it…" Jiang Fei waved his hand and Isabella was kept in the Pet Space. Isabella was now just an ordinary pet without intelligence. Although she was still strong, it was not the same old Bella anymore.

Fortunately, Jiang Fei already knew that Isabella was not dead. As long as his preparations were complete, Isabella could be resurrected in the real world. So, Jiang Fei was no longer sad.

Similarly, although Ariel had completely disappeared from the game, Jiang Fei could resurrect her in the real world as soon as everything was ready. So, the guilt in Jiang Fei's heart faded.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.
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