The Almighty Ring
644 Phoenix, Reunited Again
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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644 Phoenix, Reunited Again

"No time to check, let's just get down to it!" cried Jiang Fei. At this point, Jiang Fei would be satisfied with any part of the ship. It has been too long since he obtained a new ship part. It would be nice to have the Main Engine room now… 

0541 materialized the Earth Mover that he had used once before and started to dig into the ice. Digging through solid ice was much slower than digging through dirt. The extreme temperature of the environment only slowed down the machine. Even so, Jiang Fei was excited. As he dug, 0541 would report the depth of their position and the distance between the ship part to avoid crashing into it. 

"200 meters…"

"150… 100… 10… 5 meters." 

Jiang Fei stopped operating the machine as soon as he was 5 meters away from the fragment. 0541 then materialized a hand shovel which Jiang Fei then used to crack and chip the ice away. 

One meter in, Jiang Fei suddenly changed his mind. Instead of using the shovel to slowly chip away the ice, he used the Chengying Sword instead! With Origin Force imbued into the sword, Jiang Fei sliced and diced his way through the ice. 0541 helped to remove the smaller ice cubes that Jiang Fei cut to allow more space for Jiang Fei to work with. 

"Captain, you are getting close. We are currently adjacent to the ship. It would be best for you to start making your way towards the side instead of downwards." 

"Alright," said Jiang Fei as he changed the direction of which he was clearing a path. 0541 projected a mental image into Jiang Fei's mind to inform him of the rough estimation of his current position. 

Like a mini-map in his mind, Jiang Fei carefully carved his way across the ice and made his way towards the entrance of the ship. In no time at all, Jiang Fei was able to see a silvery metal plating behind a thin layer of ice in front of him. He then infused very little Origin Force on the blade and carefully carved the ice and not the ship. 

"Huh?! What is this? This does not look like an engine!" cried Jiang Fei when he was done excavating the ship. It was smaller than he had imagined as it was only half the size of a shop lot.

"0541, is this the Main Engine Room?" Jiang Fei asked. "If the ship's laboratory was already a few hundred meters long, shouldn't the engine be much larger than that?"

"Captain, I'm afraid this is not the engine room. This is only a storage unit that was attached to the Main Engine room…" said 0541. Even 0541 sounded frustrated. The storage unit was part of the Main Engine room which explained why it had a similar signal. It was not discovered until Jiang Fei had physically made contact with it. 

"Oh well. Although I did lower my expectations… this is still too much!" cried Jiang Fei in disappointment. 

"Open it, it better has something useful!" 

"Yes, Captain!" 

Beep beep… Chack shhhh…

The metallic door slid open and boxes of storage containers were inside. 

"What are these?" said Jiang Fei. As far as he could tell, it looked like regular boxes that were used to store small objects, like cardboard boxes. 

"Rejoice Captain! Although this is not the Main Engine room, we have found the fuel cells!" cried 0541. 

"Fuel cells!?" 

Jiang Fei went inside the storage unit and found many boxes that were thrown around the storage. They were supposed to be arranged neatly in the racks on the side. It was thrown out of the racks during entry of the Earth. Jiang Fei took one of the boxes and with 0541's instructions, he opened it. Inside the boxes were at least 10 one-inch sized crystals. The crystals felt solid and were colorless. Even though they were the Energy Crystals that 0541 had mentioned before, he could not feel anything from it. 

"Are you sure these are Energy Crystals?" 

"Affirmative. It is only normal for you to not feel anything from it. These Energy Crystals are stable in this condition but can emit powerful energy in certain conditions. If you could feel the energy leaking out of the Crystals, it only means that it is defective and would be very dangerous. In the worst-case scenario, a faulty Energy Crystal would get unstable and explode with the force of a nuclear bomb. 

"I see," said Jiang Fei. 

"Captain, let's take all the Energy Crystals here. With the amount of energy here, we could last for a long time before we find the Main Engine room," said 0541. 

"Oh? But this is only a small storage unit? How much power are we talking about?" 

"The total energy here in this storage unit is at least 10 times more than the total amount of energy you had gathered since the start." 

"F*cking hell!? These could power the entire Earth for several lifetimes!" cried Jiang Fei. Compared to this room of Energy Crystals, the large warehouse filled with thousands and thousands of Uranium was nothing but a small AAA battery! 

After Jiang Fei stored all the Energy Crystals into the ring, he asked 0541 with great excitement, "So, do we have enough power to revive Isabella?" 

"I'm sorry, Captain. We have far too little power if you want to create a Level 5 Bio-Human." 

"What… How…" 

Jiang Fei was stunned. Just when he thought that he had found a solution, he was dropped with a bucket of cold water. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Captain, it is a Level 5 Bio-Human. Level 5! The current power reserves are only at 35%. On the other hand, if you wish to make Level 4 Bio-Humans, we can start straight away! In fact, we can even make large quantities!" 

"No… That's not what I want…" said Jiang Fei. He knew that a Level 5 Bio-Human would require so much power that he could not possibly gather it in such a short amount of time. The Japanese had imported so much Uranium that it caused a mild global panic. However, after visiting Japan for so many times, he had failed to find or detect any high radiation hotspots. Now that he thought of it, it seems that the Japanese had used up almost all the imported nuclear material to make Phoenix!

"I'm good now. Let us keep up the search. If there's one here, there could be more storage units hidden elsewhere. Perhaps we could even find the Main Engine room!" said Jiang Fei as an attempt to self-console. No matter how long it would take, he will gather enough energy to make Isabella a Level 5 Bio-Human body! 

Having to find something that was useful even though it was not the Main Engine, Jiang Fei left the place with a better mood. However, it seemed that the discovery of the Energy Crystals had exhausted Jiang Fei's luck as he failed to find anything else for after 3 hours. 

"I'm going to rest a bit," said Jiang Fei as he found himself a flat area to set up shop. Instead of the open field, he found himself a small ice mountain that could block the freezing winds and rest against the mountain. He took out several energy bars that he stocked up and ate them. It was the best sort of food with the highest nutrition content. 

Just as he was eating through his third energy bar, 0541's proximity alarm blared at the highest volume. 

"Warning! Omega level being detected! Captain! Evasion measures recommended!" 

"Ack!" Jiang Fei swallowed what was in his mouth and prepared to fight. The only people that 0541 would dub as an Omega-level being would be Level 5 Metahuman!

In a blink of an eye, a white silvery light flashed in front of him and Phoenix appeared. 

"Oh… It's you. You gave me a terrible scare there," said Jiang Fei as he relaxed.


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