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Heaven-Piercing Twilight Bow (Two-Handed Weapon, Ancient)

Physical Attack +9,500

Strength: +150

Agility: +220

Attack Speed: +55%

Critical Hit: +30%

Equipped: Every successful hit on the enemy will leave a Sunburnt mark. A maximum of three layers can be stacked. The effect lasts for ten seconds.

Equipped: Grants skill-Dusk! Fires a guided arrow. A target marked with Sunburnt will receive damage 5x your Attack Power with certainty. Every stack of Sunburnt will increase this skill's damage by 20%. Cooldown time is three minutes.

Equipped: Grants skill-Lockdown! Your arrow has a 60-degree auto-correction effect against a target marked with Sunburnt.

Level Requirement: 60

Remark: When you use the Heaven-Piercing Twilight Bow to attack, every arrow shot will cost 50 Mana Points.

After looking at the Heaven-Piercing Twilight Bow's Attributes, Jiang Fei nodded. As an Ancient weapon, the Heaven-Piercing Twilight Bow's Attack and Additional Attributes were much stronger than the Legendary Twilight Bow. Moreover, it provided an additional Lockdown skill.

With the additional skill, an Archer's Accuracy would no longer be an issue. As long as the Archer shot in the approximate direction of his target, he would not miss with the 60-degree auto-correction effect.

However, as it was an Ancient weapon, the Heaven-Piercing Twilight Bow still had its drawbacks. Every attack would cost additional Mana Points. Although 50 Mana Points barely affected Magician Class players, it was a significant amount to Archer Class players who never increased their Intelligence Points.

The Archer Class players had Attack Speed second only to the Bandit Class players. If each arrow shot cost 50 Mana Points, their existing pool of Mana would not last them very long.

However, this disadvantage would only be apparent during normal fights. In a PvP battle, the drawback would not be very obvious. This was because normal fights would last very long, while PvP battles between players would usually end very quickly. Therefore, the cost of Mana could be ignored in PvP battles.

Based on the current level of the weapon, it was definitely the most godly weapon the Archer Class players could obtain. Even the Rainbow Equipment of the Hidden Class players could not compare with it.

"Not bad! Not bad!" Jiang Fei nodded.

Jiang Fei could now equip the expert Archers in the guild with the Legendary Twilight Bows as well as the Ancient grade Twilight Bow. After all, Jiang Fei no longer cared about money. Therefore, he had no reason to sell these amazing equipment to outsiders.

With the success of creating the Ancient grade weapon, Jiang Fei felt hyped and very soon became immersed in the smithing process yet again.

"Ding ding…"

The sound of smithing continued to ring through the blacksmith's shop as Jiang Fei worked hard at crafting new equipment. However, regardless of how hard Jiang Fei tried, he was no longer able to create an Ancient grade equipment even if he captured Quintuple Radiant or Sextuple Radiant.

"Haih! It looks like these High-Tier equipment have limited quantities." Jiang Fei had no choice but to accept the fact.

Although the equipment with Quintuple Radiant or Sextuple Radiant still remained at the Legendary grade, their Attributes had become much stronger. The only thing these equipment lacked was the strong Lockdown skill.

Four hours passed by in the blink of an eye. Jiang Fei managed to create eighteen more bows. There were five Legendary Twilight Bows and one Ancient Heaven-Piercing Twilight Bow in front of him.

"This is the final one! I'm going all out!" Jiang Fei inhaled deeply. This was the last smithing opportunity from the Twilight Bow's recipe.

"Ding ding…" Jiang Fei hit the metal as if he was drumming to a beat in his head. It sounded almost like a beautiful rhythm.

"It's time!" Jiang Fei squinted as he focused his gaze.

Instant Ice Burst!

Jiang Fei had mastered some of the techniques of smithing after several dozen times of creating the weapon. He had already managed to capture Octuple Radiant previously. This time, Jiang Fei's target was to achieve Nonuple Radiant.

If Jiang Fei succeeded, he would have succeeded at crafting a supreme item two tiers above the recipe's grade.

"Come on! It all depends on this!" Jiang Fei focused his gaze on the Radiant rays flowing on the bow as he suddenly gripped it tightly.

"Buzz!" A reddish golden light suddenly appeared.

"Did it work?!" Jiang Fei felt a spark of joy in his heart.

"Bang!" A lightning suddenly struck the brightly glowing bow from above.

"D*mn!" When Jiang Fei looked at the bow on the anvil, the bow had already turned black from being struck by lightning. It did not look like the smithing had succeeded.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Sh*t! Did I fail?" Jiang Fei was stunned. Although he did not really count on succeeding with the supreme item two tiers above the recipe's grade, he did not expect to fail completely.

"Crack… Crack…"

After the soft sounds were heard, cracks began to form on the bow's surface. Thereafter, black chunks of the scourged metal began to fall off the bow's surface.

"Shuffle!" An even brighter light appeared. This time, the light was so bright that Jiang Fei could barely keep his eyes open.

"Ding! You have successfully crafted Holy Twilight Bow! Smithing Experience +15,000!"

"Ding! As you have crafted a Holy equipment, your Profession Level has increased automatically! Your current Profession Level is High-Tier Divine Blacksmith!"

"D*mn! I've succeeded!" Jiang Fei jumped excitedly.

This time, Jiang Fei did not just succeed at creating a normal equipment. If it was a Superior recipe, crafting an equipment two tiers higher would only give the Legendary grade. However, Jiang Fei had succeeded at crafting a Holy equipment.

Moreover, Jiang Fei's Profession Level had instantly increased to the High-Tier after his successful crafting this time. Unlike before, Jiang Fei did not have to go through Promotion quests. Jiang Fei's Profession was different from the normal players. It was very difficult for him to get promoted as a Divine Blacksmith. For normal Professions, the players would be able to achieve the Master or even Sect Master grade after successfully crafting a Holy equipment.

"Buzz!" Just as Jiang Fei was planning to check out his own wonderful creation, a golden light flashed as Ou Yezi appeared next to Jiang Fei.

"Well done, young man! You are even more excellent than I had imagined!" The Holy Twilight Bow had somehow ended up in Ou Yezi's hands.

"Teacher!" Jiang Fei bowed respectfully.

"Yeah! Very good! Very good!" Ou Yezi laughed as he examined the Holy equipment in his hands.

"Teacher, I have achieved the High-Tier Divine Blacksmith level!" Jiang Fei said.

"Yeah! That's why I came!" Ou Yezi nodded. He then kept the Holy Twilight Bow away. Jiang Fei did not even get the chance to look at the Attributes of the weapon he created.

"What's going on?" Jiang Fei was stunned. Ou Yezi had never snatched anything from him. What was the meaning of this?
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