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In all honesty, Jiang Fei was facing a great dilemma. Very few players could resist the instant hike to Level 105 and become a Celestial right away. However, Jiang Fei did not dare to accept such a deal.

Jiang Fei had only just received the Cauldron of Creation from Ou Yezi and had become one of the Four Sages of the Heavens' successor. If he betrayed the Human race to join the Ancient Gods, Ou Yezi might not only take away his Divine Blacksmith's rights if he found out. Ou Yezi might be so infuriated that he would personally murder Jiang Fei.

Becoming a Level 105 Lower Celestial was equivalent to the Nephilim King and Emperor Poseidon's rank. Although Jiang Fei was not sure about Ou Yezi's Level, Jiang Fei had a good guess based on the Dragon God's level of respect toward Ou Yezi. If Jiang Fei became Ou Yezi's target, he would have nowhere to run or hide.

Therefore, although the opportunity to become an Ancient God was alluring, Jiang Fei only dared to imagine it but not become it. Jiang Fei may be able to ignore the Quest Against the Heavens, but he could not bear being hunted down by Ou Yezi.

"I refuse to join the Ancient God race. I wish to continue the Quest Against the Heavens!" Jiang Fei said loudly.

"Ding! You have rejected to join the Ancient Gods! Your behaviour has earned you the respect of all High Humans. Obtained 2,000 Reputation points from all High Human factions.

"Ding! You have killed a member of the Ancient Gods. You are now a criminal of the Ancient Gods!"

"Ding! You have obtained Mark of the Godslayer!"

After Jiang Fei rejected the offer to join the Ancient God race, he received a few other system notifications. However, before Jiang Fei even had the chance to look at these notifications, he heard a familiar voice behind him.

"Good fellow. I knew I chose the right person!"

"Damn!" Jiang Fei immediately turned around and suddenly felt sweat trickling down his back. The person standing behind him was none other than his Instructor, Ou Yezi.

"Sh*t! If I had chosen to join the Ancient God, I might probably be dead by now!" Jiang Fei shuddered at the thought.

"Verdure Glider, you are a good man! You have completed my test for you. From today onward, you have my full approval to become a successor of the Divine Blacksmith!" Ou Yezi said and laughed.

"Ding! Your Profession has been changed!"

After Ou Yezi's words, Jiang Fei received another system notification.

"Teacher, why are you here?" Jiang Fei asked curiously.

"Hehe, I have been following you from the moment you have obtained the Cauldron of Creation. If you have not met Solan, I would have arranged for you to meet another sealed Ancient God!" Ou Yezi laughed. Although Jiang Fei's encounter with Evil God Solan was a coincidence, Ou Yezi already had plans for Jiang Fei to be tempted by the offer to become a Celestial. Otherwise, he would not have asked Jiang Fei to prepare the Heavenly Thunder. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"What would happen if I had not resisted the temptation earlier?" Jiang Fei asked carefully.

"I prepared ninety-five Heavenly Thunders just for you!" The corners of Ou Yezi's mouth lifted. Jiang Fei felt goosebumps all over his body when he saw the smile on Ou Yezi's face.

"Holy sh*t… ninety-five Heavenly Thunders? Do you want to blast me all the way back to the beginner stage?" Jiang Fei gulped. Fortunately, Jiang Fei had not been blinded by the temptation to become a Celestial. Otherwise, his Instructor would have personally ended Jiang Fei's life.

"Very well! Now that you have passed my test, you may look for me at the Altar of the Gods!" Ou Yezi said as he disappeared into thin air.

"Haih…" Jiang Fei was about to say something when Ou Yezi disappeared. However, Jiang Fei had already gotten used to the way his Instructor came and go as he wished.

After recollecting himself, Jiang Fei started to check out the system notifications and the rewards which he had received after killing Evil God Solan.

Jiang Fei had already seen the change in Level previously. He was more concerned with his Profession and Race changes.

Name: Verdure Glider

Race: Covet Nephilim (High Human Race)

Level: 88

Profession: Beginner God of Crafts

Health Points: 119,840

Mana Points: 1,230

Attack Power: 30,992

Physical Defense: 13,103

Magic Defense: 6,425

From the looks of the Attributes on the interface, Jiang Fei's Health Points and Attack Attributes had not changed due to his change in Profession and Race. It seemed that the changes in Profession and Race did not affect the existing growth rate of his Attributes.

However, Jiang Fei's Natural Skill Demon Morph had disappeared. It was replaced by another skill named Battle State

Battle State: You instantly transform into a Covet Nephilim. You obtain special skills for one hour. Cooldown time is twenty-four hours.

Remark: Under the Covet Nephilim state, you will deal Chaotic Damage and have Divine Defense. You have also obtained skills: Shadow Clone, Sudden Charge, Unholy Desire, and Conscience Control.

Shadow Clone: You can summon three clones with the same abilities as your true form. However, clones cannot use skills. You and your clones can interchange locations at any time. (The Shadow Clone can only be used once during each activated Battle State. The clones will last until they are killed or when the Battle State ends.)

Sudden Charge: Instantly blink to a location in a short distance in front of you. The furthest distance is 200 meters. You can choose to blink on your own or with one of your clones. If you bring a clone with you, the clone will self-detonate after the blink and deal 3x of the clone's remaining Health Points as damage in a 10-meter radius. (The damage dealt is Chaotic Damage and can ignore all Defense methods!) (This skill can only be used five times in each activated Battle State!)

Unholy Desire: Instantly increases your Attack Power and Defense Power. The level of increment can be chosen, the lowest being 1x and the highest being 3x. You will lose Mana Points based on the level chosen. For 1x increment, you will lose 5% of your Mana Points every second, while 2x costs 10% and 3x costs 15% respectively.

Conscience Control: Instantly gains control of an NPC or a player less than five Levels above you. You can manipulate the target to behave in any way you like until your true body is attacked or when the controlled target dies. After the Unholy Desire is interrupted, you may not control the same target a second time within an hour.

"Damn!" Jiang Fei nearly jumped when he saw his new abilities after his race was changed. The new abilities were much stronger than his Demon Morph abilities.

Although Battle State did not inherently increase his Attack or Defense, it provided Jiang Fei with Chaotic Damage. Moreover, Jiang Fei could also possess Divine Defense. As such, he would become resistant to nearly all Disabling skills. Only very few high-tier Disabling skills acquired through Skill Books would work on him.

Furthermore, the four special skills were all incredible. When used together, they would nearly make Jiang Fei invincible. That was especially the case for Conscience Control and Shadow Clone. When used together, Jiang Fei would no longer have to fear Lower-Tier Overlords. He could use Conscience Control on the Lower-Tier Overlord and let his clones beat the target to death. With the Chaotic Damage, any Overlord that could be controlled by Jiang Fei would not last for more than an hour.
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