The Almighty Ring
686 Confused!
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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686 Confused!

not long after the announcer was done with his opening speech, a timer appeared in both jiang fei and freewill's feed. 

even though jiang fei had faced people not people prior to this, he was not as relaxed as before. freewill was on another level compared to people not people. he could not afford to lower his guard for even a split second when he was facing freewill. the man could kill him! 

right now, the only advantage that jiang fei had against freewill was the level suppression system. currently, jiang fei was level 88 while freewill was only level 71. it was a difference of more than 15 levels. 

however, just when jiang fei thought he could relax a little, he flinched when he noticed that freewill was not afraid. on the contrary, he was extremely confident! that made jiang fei extremely uneasy. even though he feared that he might be killed by freewill, jiang fei had no fear of killing him. he had chaos type attacks which would ignore all defense, barrier, not any skills and effects that would negate or reduce damage. 

freewill's magic attack was just too high for him to take head-on. the problem lies if freewill had the same attack or skill that could ignore defense. even though jiang fei had over 200,000 health points, taking a single hit from freewill would be considered as an instant death. 

"let the fight begin!" cried the announcer when timer ticked down to zero. the magical cage that was held both jiang fei and freewill unlocked and the two charged towards each other. 

"i should end this quick," said jiang fei to himself. jiang fei feared that freewill might have something up his sleeves. if he did, it would be best for jiang fei to just charge at freewill to have the preemptive strike. 

battle form!

jiang fei activated the transformation skill he had gained from becoming the covet nephilim. a black cloud emerged from the ground beneath him and engulfed him completely. within half a second, he completely disappeared from the arena. 

half a second later, jiang fei emerged out of the cloud with a whole new look that made the crowd went wild. 

jiang fei was completely clad in black colored battle armor. fluttering behind him was the crimson reaper cape. unlike the previous demon morph skill, jiang fei did not grow horns. this time, the wings behind his back was wider, longer, and more menacing. his eyes did not share the same color this time. one had a deep red hue, while the other was green. tattoos and marks appeared on his face that extended from his forehead down to his neck. 

"oh my god! my ovaries are about to explode! he's so handsome!" 

"he's so cool! please have my babies!" 

this new look of his was greater and more devilish looking. although his previous form was not seen by everyone, they had heard about it from others. today, jiang fei's new look was different from what everyone had seen or heard. 

everyone knew that if a player had a transformation skill in hand, it would be their pièce de résistance. hence, when jiang fei used his trump card before they even clashed, it only meant one thing—the match would be quick and brutal!

shadow clone!

after transforming, jiang fei quickly activated shadow clone to create three doppelgangers. that way, if he was about to get hit by an attack from freewill, he could instantly switch places with one of his clones. 

freewill smirked and stopped running.  find authorized novels in webnovel,faster updates, better experience,please click for visiting.

mirror image!

seeing that jiang fei made clones of himself, he decided to do the same. instead of three, freewill made six clones! 

"oh! what a fight! instead of a one-on-one fight, the two contestants have decided to turn it into a group fight!" cried the announcer. 

while the audience continued to cheer deafeningly, jiang fei prepared himself to strike. 

unholy desire! triple form!

with a flick of his finger, all three of his clones, and jiang fei himself, was covered with a reddish flame, granting them a 300% attack power boost. although the skill would burn away 10% of his mana points every second, jiang fei's 100,000 spirit points would instantly refresh jiang fei's mana pool back to 100%. 

"it's killing time!" jiang fei roared as he got into range with freewill. he and all of his clones lifted the heaven's breaker twilight bows in their hands and began to unleash a volley of arrows. 

freewill's clones had reduced attack power and health points. they were not specifically meant for attack but as a means to cause confusion to the enemy. they were just a bunch of strawmen compared to jiang fei's shadow clones. 

jiang fei's attack power was over 80,000 and with unholy desire, it was reaching past 250,000. that was even before we accounted for ruthless barrage! 

all of freewill's mirror images instantly turned into dust as soon as an arrow went through them.

jiang fei's attack speed was so fast that he could fire 8 arrows per seconds. with three clones attacking together, a total of 32 arrows were released per second! it was literally a rain of arrows! 


when the first mirror image was destroyed with a single arrow, freewill immediately flashed away to get out of jiang fei's attack range. 

ice spear!

while flashing away, freewill casted an instant-cast skill to attack. from the start, he was watching jiang fei's every move. even though jiang fei had used shadow clones, he knew which was the real one. 

"hmph," jiang fei scoffed as he instantly traded places with another shadow clone without freewill noticing. 


jiang fei cringed a little when he saw the damage that freewill had dealt. as expected, freewill's magic attack power was too high that not even level suppression could reduce the damage done. his clones had three times the defense that jiang fei had! not even that was enough to reduce the damage done. jiang fei's shadow clone was instantly reduced to nothing. 

"heh, you think you're the only one that could teleport?" 

jiang fei noticed that freewill was trying to increase the distance between them. it was the most cliche strategy to fight a melee fighter yet it was also the most effective. not unless the melee fighter did not have a teleportation skill as well!

sudden charge!

jiang fei's skill applied not only to himself but to one of his clones! together, they disappeared with a puff of smoke and reappeared again in the same manner right beside freewill!

"what the hell-" 

freewill was thrown off guard. he had never thought that jiang fei could have a teleportation skill as well! in fact, his skill could move him for an even further distance than his! unfortunately for freewill, he had only just used his teleportation skill and had to rely on his two feet to outrun jiang fei and his shadow clone 

mana shield!

freewill instantly activated mana shield, just in case if jiang fei was able to attack him. with a damage absorption capacity of over 10 million, freewill thought that it would take a while for jiang fei to kill him. it would provide him a window of opportunity to retaliate!


the shadow clone that jiang fei had with him exploded next to freewill. 

the was the skill of sudden charge. the user would bring along one shadow clone and teleport next to a target and explode it next to the target, dealing damage three times the amount of health points on the shadow clone as chaos damage! 

even though the total damage dealt by jiang fei's exploding shadow clone was no more than 600,000 damage, freewill was killed instantly. 


a crisp clear sound of metal dropping to the floor was heard and jiang fei picked up the fallen cauldron of intelligence from the ground. 

"what happened?!" freewill roared as he revived back in the participant's lounge. he could not believe that jiang fei could have dealt more than 10 million damage in that instant. it had to be a mistake… or so he thought, as well as all other audience in the arena. 

jiang fei's attack was of chaos attribute, a type of element that ignored barrier and defense to directly attack a player's health points. it was also jiang fei's secret weapon to fight against a boss, alone!

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