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"Ah yes, I can vouch for those Vampires. I have indeed told them to go to China to ask for help from the alliance. More importantly, I need you to send someone to get me. I have a present here that I'm sure that you would like." 

"Sure thing. I'll fly over myself. Which do you prefer? Helicopter or a Fighter Jet?" asked Han Tianyu. 

"Neither. I have too many things here for you. Get something big. Like, an aircraft carrier. Make sure that the ship has nothing on it! You're gonna have to load up a lot of stuff!" said Jiang Fei. 

"Slow down there. What did you get me?" said Han Tianyu, surprised. Judging from his tone, Han Tianyu knew that Jiang Fei was not kidding when he said "a lot of stuff". 

"Just get a large ship! You would need to be here as well." 

"O-Okay…" said Han Tianyu before hanging up the phone. 

"While waiting, I could train my body to get use to the new power," said Jiang Fei to himself. Having to sortie an aircraft carrier would take much longer than flying a helicopter. It would take hours before Han Tianyu could reach Jiang Fei. 

Now that he had the time, Jiang Fei started to train by himself. In that unpopulated beach, Jiang Fei made sure to have 0541 warn him about incoming enemies from at least 50 kilometers away while Ariel would try her best to detect incoming enemies from at least 100 kilometers. 

As he had reached the power level of the Pinnacle stage of Level 4, Jiang Fei's ability to control Origin Power got easier and faster. His martial skills had also increase in potency as well as its destructive power. As he trained more, Jiang Fei's body reached the point where it could continuously recover energy, even while using it. Jiang Fei trained more and more to deplete his energy in order to allow for more energy to recover. Before he knew it, his body had gotten used to the influx of energy flowing and coursing all around it and got stronger. Although getting used to the new energy in his body was important, it was more vital to have his body ready for the next level of an upgrade! 

While Jiang Fei was busy training on the remote beach, Han Tianyu got himself busy preparing an aircraft carrier. First, there was the registering of crew members to operate the ship. Once that was secured, he had to make sure he had clearance from the government to cruise in China's water. After that was settled, he had to move all the fighter jets that were on the aircraft carrier to make space for whatever Jiang Fei had gotten him. All of that took time. Even starting the ship was long, lest mention the cruising speed. 

It was almost sunset when Jiang Fei finally saw the silhouette of Han Tianyu's ship coming from the corner of the sea. However, since the aircraft carrier could not sail in shallow waters, Han Tianyu arrived at the island with a helicopter. 

"Fei!" Han Tianyu waved his hands to announce his arrival. 

As soon as Han Tianyu got down the helicopter, Jiang Fei dragged him off excitingly. 

"Come, let's see the presents I got you!"

"Where's the fire? Why the rush? It's not like I'm rushing for something else," said Han Tianyu. 

"Hello!" said Ariel with a polite bow. 

"Hi. Who is this lady?" said Han Tianyu. 

"Ah! This is Ariel. She and I share the same master," said Jiang Fei before he turned to Ariel and said, "Ariel, this is my brother, Han Tianyu!" 

"It is a pleasure to finally meet you! My darling spoke of you!" said Ariel. Even though Ariel was a Level 5 Metahuman, she was still polite and friendly, unlike the late Phoenix who was always cold and unfriendly to anyone besides Jiang Fei. 

"Nice one brother. I'd never known you had it in you," Han Tianyu whispered to Jiang Fei and gave him a hard pat on the back. It was his genuine thought. Since the day Han Tianyu had met Jiang Fei, Han Tianyu had always thought that Jiang Fei was a shut-in that would never get along with girls. When Ariel had addressed Jiang Fei as "darling", Han Tianyu was both shocked and happy for Jiang Fei. 

Jiang Fei cringed hard when Ariel had called him "darling". He had completely forgotten to tell her to change her demeanor.

"Is she a martial artist?" Han Tianyu asked as he nodded in a way that said: "I won't tell anyone. Now, spill the beans!" 

"Hm… If I were to put a finger on it, she is a Metahuman but not a martial artist," said Jiang Fei. At that moment, he had a sudden realization. Si Tuying! It would be troubling if he brought Ariel back to his house in Manda Square. He had yet to figure out how would he live with Isabella after he had revived her! 

"Oh I see…" said Han Tianyu with a simple nod. He stopped asking anymore questions then. The thought in his mind right then was the presents that Jiang Fei had told him about. He did not want to bother Jiang Fei too much. If Jiang Fei wanted to share that information, it would be entirely up to him to do so. Han Tianyu respected Jiang Fei's privacy. 

Although Han Tianyu was the weakest one on that beach, he was still a Level 2 Martial Artist. Running at wind speed was nothing but child's play for him. All three of them proceeded to the place where Jiang Fei had kept the boxes. 

"Aren't these alien artifacts?!" Han Tianyu cried loudly as he saw the alien design of the boxes that were keeping the Interceptors. 

"Oh! You do know about them!" said Jiang Fei. 


Vapors split out of the box like those Hollywood effects whenever a spaceship door opened. 

To call it a box would be a severe understatement. Jiang Fei had only called it a box as it was a square shaped container that stored items… Like the ones he used at home to store his novels and sh*ts. The actual box was actually a metal container that was at least as big as a house, probably larger than a house. 

"Are these fighter jets? Are these weapons as well? What are those! Oh my god. How on earth did you get these?" Han Tianyu blabbered on as he could not calm down. 

The Manda Group had one part of Braveheart in their possession but it was only an Entertainment Lounge. That was why Jiang Fei had let Han Tianyu keep it. Even so, the Entertainment Lounge had information about Planet Namek's weaponry and their technology. That was why Han Tianyu could recognize the weapons that were displayed to him. 

Han Tianyu knew the nature of the weapons in the container. It was only unfortunate that the engineers deciphering alien technology in Manda Group were still underperforming. Reverse engineering something from another planet was not an easy task, yet the engineers were still able to make do with a few parts of the fighter jet, which was replicated and applied to Earth's technology. That allowed Han Tianyu's company to manufacture weapons that were a few decades ahead of the world but not America. 

And yet today, on that beach, Jiang Fei showed up with containers filled with fighter jets that were what Han Tianyu had strived to manufacture. If he were able to bring these back to the lab, his engineers would be able to study it further!

"C-Can I go inside and have a look?" said Han Tianyu, excited like a kid asking permission from his dad to play in the amusement park. 

"Sure! You can do more than that. These are the presents that I mentioned about giving to you!" 

"F*ck yeah! Don't mind if I help myself!" Han Tianyu entered one of the Interceptors with the cockpit hatch opened. 

"Hmm?" Han Tianyu gasped as he felt odd as he entered the cockpit. Unlike the ones he had seen from the information he obtained from the alien Entertainment Lounge, the cockpit that he was in was made exactly to look like an Earth's fighter jet. At this point, it was obvious that the alien craft was modified. The original control panel was not human-friendly. It had many buttons and controlling mechanisms that required multiple simultaneous inputs as if the original pilot needed to have multiple hands. Based on that information, they knew that the alien had multiple limbs to be able to control the craft efficiently. 

"Who on Earth is capable of understanding such complex alien technology? Who could reverse-engineer this aircraft and even made modifications to combine it with Earth's technology?" said Han Tianyu to himself. 

After a while, Han Tianyu came out of the craft and walked towards Jiang Fei with haste. 

He then held Jiang Fei tightly and said, "Brother Jiang Fei, do you still see me as your brother!?" 

"Sheesh, what's with you?" 

"Answer me!" 

"Yeah! You're my brother. Now and always," Jiang Fei started to panic. 

"Alright. Now. As your brother, I'm going to ask you a question. You must answer my question honestly!" 


"Alright… here goes… Are… Are you even from Earth?!" 

Han Tianyu was scared to the bottom of his heart. He was scared to hear the answer that he had wished to never hear! 

Like other sensible humans, Han Tianyu was afraid of death. In fact, he would do anything to stay alive. However, at this point, he needed to know the truth. If Jiang Fei was indeed an alien, he would have to be afraid, afraid of the fact that Jiang Fei was not human and did not share the same values of humanity. He was afraid that Jiang Fei might even kill him for knowing the truth!
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