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"Sh*t! An ambush!"

"What's going on?"


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In an instant, the Light Faction pub players were surprised by the ambush from Billy Boy and the rest. These players did not participate in PvP fights frequently. If they were PvP players who participated in battles often, they would have definitely not chase after Leisure Monkey if they saw him on the battlefield.

Due to their lack of PvP experience, these Light Faction pub players did not know how to react to being ambushed at all. As they frantically ran in all directions, Billy Boy and the rest attacked these players to their hearts' content. The Magicians' magic spells ceaselessly struck them on their heads. Very soon, these pub players were all eliminated.

Jiang Fei did not even attack once. If he attacked, those players would not even stand a chance. Jiang Fei's Heaven-Piercing Twilight Bow was more like a machine gun.

"Now that we have killed these disturbing players, let's clear those monsters!" Billy Boy said.

"Alright, I'll leave the Normal and Elite monsters to you. I'll handle the rest!" Jiang Fei nodded. As Billy Boy had brought only PvP players, none of them were tankers. They would not be able to handle the tougher monsters.

"Okay!" Billy Boy nodded as he arranged for the players to advance into the drilling site.

"D*mn! Invaders!"

As soon as Jiang Fei and the rest stepped into the drilling site, a Leader monster noticed them.

As the monster shouted, the entire Light Faction in the drilling site turned their attention toward Jiang Fei and the rest. A large number of workers and soldiers started charging over. There was a total of no less than two thousand Normal and Elite monsters.

"Warriors and Knights to the front! Clerics, focus on healing!" Billy Boy immediately changed the group's formation.

"Come on! Your opponent is me!" Right then, Jiang Fei began to attack. He shot one arrow after another with his Heaven's Breaker Twilight Bow. The arrows came down on the charging monsters like heavy rain.

The Level 70 Leader monsters had less than 1,000,000 Health Points. Jiang Fei's Attack Power was as high as 250,000 after the stacks from Ruthless Barrage. At a rate of eight arrows each second, Jiang Fei would be able to kill these monsters within a second even if his Attack Speed was decreased by half.

Moreover, Jiang Fei was Level 88. Against these Level 70 monsters, he regularly landed Critical Hits and dominant damage. Therefore, these monsters could not withstand his attacks at all.

"Holy sh*t… Guild master, are you even human…" Little Rain asked as he stared at Jiang Fei.

The players here already had pretty high levels. As they were mostly Level 67 or Level 68, their attacks were not limited by the difference in level. Therefore, they were all able to deal damage to the monsters. However, in the time they took to kill one Normal monster, Jiang Fei could already kill six or seven.

"Take your time. I will look for others!" Very soon, Jiang Fei had killed all the stronger monsters at the entrance of the drilling site. However, Billy Boy and the rest were still struggling to kill what was left of the weaker monsters. Therefore, Jiang Fei decided to enter directly into the deeper end of the drilling site.


As the arrows continued to rain down on the monsters, Jiang Fei progressed forward as if it was an empty area. Although the surrounding Light Faction monsters continuously charged at Jiang Fei, none of them could get close before he killed them.

Very soon, Jiang Fei saw the first Master level monster. The fellow was Level 75, which was a tough challenge for most players at this stage. Even a group of two-hundred would find it difficult to defeat it.

However, it was very easy for Jiang Fei. Based on level alone, Jiang Fei was thirteen levels higher than the monster. Moreover, Jiang Fei did not even fear a Beginner Overlord, let alone this Master level fellow.

"You darned intruder…" The Master level monster seemed to want to give an opening speech when he discovered Jiang Fei.

"Intruder my *ss!" Jiang Fei looked around to check that nobody else was there. He then immediately retrieved his Dragon's Bane.

"Zoom!" As the Dragon's Bane howled, a gust of wind charged at the Master level monster.


A number showing nearly 25,000,000 damage appeared. The Master level monster with only 10,000,000 Health Points was instantly killed.

As the Dragon's Bane dealt Chaotic Damage, it fully ignored all Damage Reduction and Defense effects. Most importantly, the item even locked onto its target such that there was a 100% Accuracy. Therefore, it directly dealt 100x Jiang Fei's Attack Power as damage.

"Ding! You have killed God's Apostle Claud! Obtained 15,000,000 Experience points, obtained 20 gold coins! Obtained 100 Reputation points from the Dark Faction!"

As it was in a group mode, the rewards were split amongst the entire group.

However, Jiang Fei was more concerned with putting the Dragon's Bane away. The reason he did not really use the item much was because it posed too great a risk. If someone else were to snatch it from him and used it against him, he would not be able to take a single hit.

If Jiang Fei had not made sure nobody else was around, he would not have used the ultimate weapon. The weapon was truly incredible. Although Jiang Fei could single-handedly kill the Master level monster, it would take him quite some time to fight the monster as it had 10,000,000 Health Points. He would not have been able to kill it within a second as he just did.

After putting the Dragon's Bane away, Jiang Fei picked up the equipment which were dropped. Three of them were all Level 70 Epic equipment. Two of the equipment were Leather Armor while one of them was a Cloth Armor. They were not very valuable to Jiang Fei. So, he decided that he would pass them to Billy Boy for him to distribute to the rest.

"Why would a Master level monster drop such rubbish equipment…" Jiang Fei uttered disapprovingly. Clearly, he was not very satisfied with the loot.

Since the monster did not drop items which satisfied Jiang Fei, he would seek the next Master level monster for better items. Right then, Billy Boy and the rest had finally broken through the Defense of the small monsters. They had managed to break into the drilling site. However, there, they were faced with even more small monsters.

After clearing the small monsters around him, Jiang Fei retrieved his Dragon's Bane once again to kill a second Master level monster within one second. However, something even more odd happened. After killing the monster, Jiang Fei discovered that not only did the monster not drop a single item, it did not even reward Jiang Fei with Experience points.

"What the heck?" After picking up the Dragon's Bane, Jiang Fei nearly went mad. How could a Master level monster not drop a single item?

After searching around, Jiang Fei was ascertained that there was no treasure or anything around. He concluded that this monster did not drop anything at all.

"Forget about it! Let's clear the small monsters first!" Jiang Fei turned around to help Billy Boy and the rest. Otherwise, he would have to wait another half an hour for them to kill all the small monsters.
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