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Now that Jiang Fei had killed half of the Lords and one of them had been charmed by Akatziris, how the rest of the battle would go was pretty clear.

Firstly, Jiang Fei worked with the charmed God's Apostle to kill the Lord with low Health Points and low Defense. He then moved on to kill the tanky Warrior and finally the charmed God's Apostle himself.

In an instant, all six of them were killed. Jiang Fei finally sighed in relief.

There were ten minutes left of the four-hour defending time. Jiang Fei predicted that there might be one wave of enemies left. Besides, he had saved his Battle Form for this very moment. Even if the Luminous Vatican sent an Overlord, Jiang Fei was confident that he would be able to put up a fight.

Very soon, a white light flashed before the teleportation point. The final wave of enemies had appeared.

"Indeed!" Jiang Fei nodded. As there was only one enemy this time, Jiang Fei figured that it must be the big boss.

Archbishop Athanis (Celestial Race, Intermediate Overlord)

Level: 97

Health Points: 170,000,000

Attack Power: 145,000

Remark: One of the members of the Luminous Vatican's Religious Judicatory.

"This guy is quite tough!" Jiang Fei frowned. If he was a normal Intermediate Overlord, Jiang Fei would not have been concerned as he had the Battle Form. Coupled with the Cauldron of Spirit, Jiang Fei had very high Health Point recovery rate. Jiang Fei would be able to fight against most Intermediate Overlords without an issue.

However, it was unfortunate that the Archbishop Athanis was a member of the Religious Judicatory. These people were specialized in killing Overlords who went against the Luminous Vatican. Therefore, their battle powers far exceeded the common Overlords.

Jiang Fei had met many Intermediate Overlords before. The weakest among them that he had met would be the Naga Queen's two closest subordinates, Clarke and Ralph. These two had less than 100,000,000 Health Points and only 90,000 Attack Power at most. They could barely compare to the Archbishop Athanis.

"Verdure Glider! You are guilty of terrible crimes!" Archbishop Athanis shouted angrily when he saw Jiang Fei.

"Ehh…" Jiang Fei was speechless in the face of Athanis' rage. Although he was a hero amongst the Dark Faction, he was the most hated person in the Light Faction…

Instant teleportation was a common skill of Overlords. Therefore, after shouting angrily, Athanis appeared right before Jiang Fei.

"Zorag wasn't able to kill you the last time. I'll make sure you won't escape this time!" Athanis shouted loudly. At the same time, a beam of Holy Light appeared and was thrust at Jiang Fei.

"Be careful!" Akatziris who was hidden nearby suddenly stood in front of Jiang Fei, taking the damage for him.

"You are asking for it!" Jiang Fei's eyes instantly turned a bloody red shade. The scene that unfolded reminded him of the time when Isabella died.

One of the Luminous Vatican's Overlords had wanted to attack Jiang Fei. However, Isabella had blocked the damage for him, causing her death. Although Akatziris who was also an Intermediate Overlord could not be killed by Athanis, what happened still reminded Jiang Fei of the painful past.

Hatred filled Jiang Fei's heart as he entered his Battle Form in the next instant.

Previously, Jiang Fei was helpless when Isabella and Ariel died. However, today, he was no longer the weakling in front of the Overlord in the past.

After the black mist around him dissipated, Jiang Fei completed his transformation. The pair of intimidating wings flapped behind him, making him look like a demon from hell.

Unholy Desire! 3x boost!

"Fumes!" A black flame engulfed Jiang Fei which seemed to reflect his anger.

Shadow Clone!

Three exact replicas of Jiang Fei appeared next to him. Each of the clones had their bows aimed at Athanis.

"You deserve to die!" As Jiang Fei shouted angrily, the four bows began firing arrows at Athanis with an average of thirty-two arrows each second.

"Hmph! A bunch of insects…" Athanis did not even care about Jiang Fei's attacks. Instead, he continued to exert pressure on Akatziris.

Although they were both Intermediate Overlords, Akatziris was a classic Disabling Support. In terms of a solo fight, Athanis was capable of fighting four of her. Therefore, Athanis overpowered her within a few rounds of attacks.

Although Athanis overpowered Akatziris in the fight, he paid a hefty price for underestimating Jiang Fei.

As Athanis underestimated Jiang Fei as he was not even close to reaching the Overlord rank, Athanis did not care about Jiang Fei's attacks. However, after one second, Jiang Fei's Ruthless Barrage had stacked up to three times. Coupled with the 3x boost from Unholy Desire, Jiang Fei's Attack Power had reached 750,000.

Most importantly, Jiang Fei's attacks dealt Chaotic Damage which harmed his target's Health Points directly. On top of that, Jiang Fei had three other clones. With thirty-two arrows each second, Jiang Fei reached a frightening 24,000,000 damage per second. Even Athanis with 170,000,000 Health Points began to fear such destructive damage.

"Darned! I have underestimated you!" Although Athanis lost around 50,000,000 Health Points in three seconds, he did not panic.

In an instant, Athanis teleported out of Jiang Fei's attack range and healed himself by over 20,000,000 Health Points.

Although Jiang Fei's arrows could autocorrect within a certain range, Jiang Fei would still miss if Athanis was out of Jiang Fei's 60-degree angle of attack.

Most opponents would find it hard to dodge Jiang Fei who had such incredible Attack Speed. However, for an Overlord who could use instant teleportation at will, dodging Jiang Fei's arrows was not a difficult feat.

"Akatziris, work with me!" Jiang Fei shouted as he controlled his three clones to shoot at Athanis from different angles.

At the same time, Akatziris began advancing against Athanis. Against the same rank, Akatziris' charm skills were no longer effective. However, she could still use other limiting skills. Very soon, Athanis' Attack Power and Defense were lowered. His Movement Speed and Attack Speed were also greatly reduced. Most importantly, Akatziris was able to use her ultimate skill which increased her opponent's cooldown time for skills.

As such, Athanis became very passive. With the extended cooldown time of his instant teleportation skill, he could no longer dodge Jiang Fei's arrows at will, which significantly increased Jiang Fei's damage output.

"Darned pagan. I can't believe you have improved so quickly. For the future of the Vatican, I cannot spare you any longer! Even if I die today, I must kill you!" Athanis shouted angrily at Jiang Fei.
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