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After Jiang Fei and Fan Yao greeted each other, they both sat down. Han Tianyu sat next to Jiang Fei on the opposite side of the secretarial officer. It looked as if Han Tianyu was Jiang Fei's subordinate.

Meanwhile, 0541 briefed Jiang Fei on the results of the scan.

"Captain, these four individuals are not humans!" 0541 said.

"Not humans? Are they monsters?" Jiang Fei was stunned.

"Captain, you shouldn't read so much fiction…" 0541 said. "The four of them are androids. They simply look like humans on the outside!"

"D*mn! Androids?" Jiang Fei was shocked. From the way the four androids behaved, although they moved in unison, they did not show any sign of stiffness at all. In fact, they moved with even more agility than the Bio-Humans controlled by the Japanese. Normal androids could not possibly achieve such standards.

"Captain, have you forgotten about the intel we have acquired in the underground base?" 0541 hinted.

"Oh! I see now!" Jiang Fei quickly got what 0541 was trying to say.

Jiang Fei had not thought about it before. However, once 0541 gave him a hint, Jiang Fei immediately recalled the information they had acquired in the underground base. The Dawnlight game was created to develop man-made souls. The purpose of these man-made souls was to be incorporated in the military androids.

Although Jiang Fei and 0541 had destroyed one of the bases and had also gotten hold of Isabella and Ariel's souls, the military had more than one such base. They also focused on other man-made souls apart from Ariel and Isabella.

From the looks of things, the military had already achieved quite a success in creating man-made souls. Although these man-made souls were not perfect, they were sufficient enough to be used in making android soldiers.

However, even a high-ranked leader like Fan Yao only had four android bodyguards. This meant that the military had not yet developed the ability to mass-produce these man-made souls. Therefore, these Supreme Android soldiers were only produced in small numbers to be used as bodyguards for important figures.

"Can you identify their level of capabilities?" Jiang Fei asked 0541. These androids were perfect imposters. As they did not emit any aura, even a Level 5 metahuman would only be able to detect them through sight and hearing.

"These four androids are made from alloy. The alloy technology originates from Planet Namek's smelting technique which. They are very tough and can withstand Beginner Level 4 attacks. They each have two Plasma Wave Cannons which give them Intermediate Level 4 attack power. The cannons can be fired once every half second. Their combined capabilities are estimated to be between Beginner and Intermediate Level 4!" 0541 explained in detail after thoroughly scanning these four android bodyguards.

"Beginner or Intermediate Level 4…" Jiang Fei mumbled to himself. Although these androids at the Beginner Level 4 were of no threat to Jiang Fei, he was aware that these androids could be mass-produced.

Unlike the Bio-Humans, these Supreme Androids could be easily replaced as long as their cores were not destroyed. Therefore, these were beings did not have to fear death. As man-made souls are gradually mass-produced, these Supreme Androids would grow in number. In due time, not only would the mutants who acquired the Bio-Technology not be a threat, the originally powerful metahumans would also all be in jeopardy.

If the Chinese government owned such a powerful battalion, the proud Martial Art Alliance would be the government's primary target.

By then, the martial artists would either have to succumb to the government's control or be eliminated. For the safety and stability of the country, any government would do the same to ensure that a bunch of potential eye-sores could not retaliate against the government.

"What should I do?" Jiang Fei asked in his heart. As the country still owned very few Supreme Androids, they would not engage the Martial Art Alliance immediately. The government also treated Jiang Fei very respectfully. However, Jiang Fei knew that sooner or later, the martial artists who had metahuman abilities would become the country's primary target.

Although Jiang Fei never thought of himself as part of the Martial Art Alliance, he would definitely not be exempted when the government decided to annihilate the Martial Art Alliance.

In all honesty, Jiang Fei had not given it much of a thought when he first discovered the Supreme Android Soldier Project. He had not expected these Supreme Androids to be so strong. His earlier prediction was that these Supreme Androids would at most reach Level 3. However, they had clearly exceeded his earlier expectations.

"Mr. Jiang? Mr. Jiang?" Fan Yao suddenly became aware of Jiang Fei's zoning out.

"Ah Fei!" Han Tianyu pushed Jiang Fei. He did not know why Jiang Fei decided to zone out during such a moment.

"Ahh? Ohh!" When Jiang Fei recollected himself, he looked at Han Tianyu thoughtfully.

Although the souls of these androids might have nothing to do with Han Tianyu, the metal frame and weapons they used all came from Han Tianyu's Manda Group. Therefore, Jiang Fei would not believe it if someone told him that Han Tianyu knew nothing about the Supreme Android Soldier Project. The only explanation Jiang Fei could think of was that Han Tianyu knew about the Supreme Android Soldier Project all along but had never told Jiang Fei about it.

"What did you say?" Jiang Fei did not hear Fan Yao's earlier words as he had zoned out.

"Hehe, I was saying, the government wishes to acquire the factory of yours which produces alien weapons. We are willing to pay any price for it!" Fan Yao laughed. As an experienced political figure with over ten years of experience, Fan Yao was very good at disguising his emotions. Although he was unhappy with Jiang Fei's disrespectful behaviour, he still maintained a smile on his face.

Although Fan Yao looked as cheerful as ever, he had become much more certain about the decision the government had to make. Once the time was right, they would have to eliminate these martial artists who thought too highly of themselves. From the way Jiang Fei had zoned out earlier, it was proof to Fan Yao that Jiang Fei undermined normal humans. Therefore, all of the government officials including Fan Yao had nothing good to say about the snobbish metahumans.

However, the country still needed Jiang Fei and the martial artists for now. As the man-made souls only existed in small numbers and were not even sufficient as bodyguards, the country still needed to make use of Jiang Fei and the Martial Art Alliance.

Once they had acquired the alien factory from Jiang Fei, they would be able to mass-produce Supreme Androids. By then, they would be able to eradicate the major rice-exporting country and their alliance members. When that happened, the government would be able to get rid of those law-breaking metahumans.
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