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"We are not asking for it for free. You can make an offer!" Fan Yao smiled at Jiang Fei.

"About that… The alien factory is with my master. I am afraid I cannot make a decision on his behalf." Jiang Fei had no choice but to shift the responsibility to Zhuge Shanzhen who did not even exist.

Jiang Fei felt very conflicted at the moment. Jiang Fei was able to predict that, with the advent of these Supreme Androids, a final war between the government and the metahumans was unavoidable. However, Jiang Fei was in a tricky situation right now. At the moment, the country currently could not withstand the mutants and the major rice-exporting country's fleet attacking them at the same time. Therefore, they needed Jiang Fei and the Martial Art Alliance's support. Moreover, the country also did not have the capability to fight against the Martial Art Alliance.

At the same time, Jiang Fei felt that the Martial Art Alliance alone would not be able to withstand the combined powers of the mutants and the major rice-exporting country's fleet. They would need to work together with the government to fight against outsiders. It was not a great time to have an internal conflict.

If Jiang Fei exposed the government's plan to eliminate all metahumans, even if the Martial Art Alliance did not immediately break ties with the government, they would still not work together. By then, if the mutants and the major rice-exporting country's fleet worked together to attack China, China would definitely lose.

 If China was defeated, Jiang Fei and his family would be in danger as well. Based on Jiang Fei's current capabilities, he could not fight against the mutant army on his own.

At the end of the day, Jiang Fei was still not strong enough. Therefore, he had no choice but to cooperate with the government for now.

The problem was that the government needed more time to grow their Supreme Androids in number. Moreover, they still had to research on how to develop Level 5 Supreme Androids. Otherwise, they would still lose against Level 5 metahumans.

Jiang Fei also needed more time. If he could find the rest of Braveheart's Fragments, especially the engine room, he would be able to expand his powers greatly. If that were the case, he would not fear any form of threat.

Therefore, since Jiang Fei and the government both needed time to get stronger, the two parties still had to work together for now to fend off the mutants and the major rice-exporting country's fleet.

In order to maintain a good relationship with the government, Jiang Fei had to come up with a reasonable excuse to decline their request instead of rejecting them directly.

"Your master…" As soon as Jiang Fei mentioned Zhuge Shanzhen, Fan Yao became quiet. However, the alien factory was too tempting for him to give up. "Mr. Jiang, do you think it's possible to arrange for us to meet you master?"

"I'm afraid not. My master rarely meets outsiders!" Jiang Fei shook his head. Jiang Fei might be able to fool the caucasian mutants with his pretense as Zhuge Shanzhen. Moreover, Jiang Fei would usually speak as little as possible when dealing with the caucasians.

However, if Zhuge Shanzhen met with these experienced politicians, Jiang Fei was worried that they would see through him if he spoke too much.

Jiang Fei was merely a young boy of seventeen years old. These politicians were at least fifty to sixty years old. Experience aside, they were at least three times Jiang Fei's age. Moreover, each of these politicians was vigilant. Jiang Fei knew very well that he would not be able to fool them with his disguise.

"In that case… Mr. Jiang, please relay our message. If there is anything that you master would like in return, please let us know!" When Fan Yao heard that Zhuge Shanzhen would be unwilling to meet him, he was very disappointed. However, Fan Yao did not push any further.

The Chinese government was still considered weak at this point. Not only did they have very few Supreme Androids, they had also not yet developed a Level 5 Android. Therefore, they did not wish to challenge Jiang Fei yet.

"Although I cannot give you the alien factory, I can make some weapons for you to fight against the major rice-exporting country once the Energy Crystals arrive!" Jiang Fei said so that the situation would not be too awkward from their disagreement.

"I have heard about this from Han Tianyu. How long would it take to create these weapons?" Fan Yao asked.

"0541, how long does it take to create those weapons?" Jiang Fei asked in his heart.

"Approximately ten days!" 0541 answered quickly.

"It would take between ten to fifteen days to create these weapons. On top of the time needed to transfer the Energy Crystal, I would say it should take about twenty days in total!" Jiang Fei answered by doubling the time of delivery.

"Twenty days?" Fan Yao's eyes lit up. Jiang Fei was not creating some simple weapons for them. The items he created would include battle aircrafts, battleships, and even aircraft carriers. These large ships would normally take more than a year to complete. The fact that Jiang Fei was able to create such a large amount of weaponry in less than a month made Fan Yao even more interested in acquiring the alien factory.

"I must acquire this factory!" Fan Yao thought to himself. However, his facial expression remained calm and friendly when he spoke to Jiang Fei.

Then, Jiang Fei and Fan Yao discussed further about how they would work together to defend against the mutants and the major rice-exporting country's fleet. The meeting only ended in the evening.

After leaving the meeting room, Fan Yao turned to his aide and asked, "What do you think about Jiang Fei?"

"He is still very young. The way he deals with things is very gentle. However, he seems to be very guarded. Did he discover something?" The aide said as he frowned.

"What about the four of you? What do you think of Jiang Fei?" Fan Yao turned to the four android bodyguards and asked.

"Our Lifeform Radar showed that Jiang Fei had reached Pinnacle Level 4. He is very close to the threshold!" The android at the very front answered.

"Oh?! That is much higher than what we had been told! Has he been hiding his capabilities all this while? Or has he improved far too quickly?" Fan Yao frowned.

"Apart from that, the energy field of the lady next to Jiang Fei has already exceeded the detection range of our Lifeform Radar!" The android bodyguard continued to speak.

"What?!" Fan Yao's body shook. The fact that her energy field exceeded the Lifeform Radar's detection range meant that the lady who stood next to Jiang Fei but never once spoke was already a Level 5 expert.

According to intel gathered by Fan Yao, the known Level 5 experts around Jiang Fei included his master, the mysterious Zhuge Shanzhen and his weaker senior Phoenix. However, the lady which Jiang Fei brought today was clearly neither his master nor his senior. However, she had also reached Level 5. Fan Yao was truly confused by Jiang Fei's identity. He wondered how many Level 5 experts surrounded Jiang Fei.

"This can't be right! We must re-establish Jiang Fei's profile! Ask Han Tianyu if he has gathered any other intel. I think this young fellow is hiding something from us!" Fan Yao frowned as he said.
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