The Almighty Ring
715 High Risk, High Reward
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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715 High Risk, High Reward

"dead… they're all dead..." when countess beatrice was mentioned, it seemed like the vampire's soul had left his body.

"what happened?" jiang fei asked.

"sigh! it's over for us vampires..." the vampire sighed, then cried and told jiang fei everything.

after being attacked by the vatican, countess beatrice and her four great dukes ran with the holy grail in an attempt to escape danger. later, they got lucky and met franco. through franco, they learned that china was willing to protect the vampires.

therefore, countess beatrice and her four great vampire dukes attempted to flee to china with the holy grail. however, nobody knew that a vampire that franco talked to previously had been captured by the mutants on his way to china. eventually, the mutants learned that the vampires planned to take refuge in china.

so, a giant trap was set up by the mutants and the vatican near the border of western china and the uninformed countess beatrice and her dukes fell right into the trap.

one could easily imagine what happened after that. the mutants and the vatican had a total of four level five powerhouses. against them, countess beatrice died under the hands of a godblade user. three other grand dukes also died on the spot. the last one managed to flee from the battlefield and enter the territory of china after being seriously injured.

as they had gotten their hands on the holy grail, the mutants and the masters of the vatican were not willing to create new problems to complicate the issue. they did not enter chinese territory to pursue the last great vampire duke, which was why he could escape here and survive.

"if this is the case, then the holy grail has already fallen into the hands of the mutants?" jiang fei's brow furrowed.

"yes!" the great vampire duke cried. he did not even dare to ask jiang fei to help him get the holy grail back. now, the vampires existed in name only. only a small number of vampires were fortunate enough to manage to escape into china. it was already a blessing to survive. how could he possibly dare to make a request?

"okay, you have a good rest!" jiang fei waved his hand and left the infirmary with ariel.

since the mutants had already obtained the holy grail, these vampires were now meaningless to jiang fei.

"what do we do with these guys?" han tianyu quickly followed behind him.

"let's just raise them for now. we can afford to anyway." jiang fei waved his hand. although these vampires were useless now, jiang fei was not a killer. these vampires knew their current situation very well anyway. they were all extremely obedient and it did not cost much to keep them alive.

"no problem." han tianyu nodded. his family was rich and powerful. raising a few vampires as pets was no big deal.

"things are way more troublesome now. from this guy's injuries, i can tell that they were attacked at least a week ago. if the mutants act fast enough, the first batch of mutants strengthened by bio-technology should already be ready by now!" jiang fei frowned.

"what do you mean?" han tianyu said.

"i think the mutants and america will attack soon!" jiang fei said.

"no way..." while han tianyu spoke, his phone suddenly rang.

"hello, who's this?" as this was the phone of the worker at the warehouse previously, han tianyu did not know who was calling.

"xiao han, come over now!" the person on the other side of the phone only said one thing, then hung up.

"who's that?" jiang fei asked.

"fan yao!" han tianyu did not hide anything from jiang fei.

"let's go back!" jiang fei nodded, then gave ariel a look.

"mmm!" ariel reached out to grab jiang fei and han tianyu, then teleported.

a second later, the three of them were already at a secluded park in the capital.

soon, han tianyu called two cars. one car took jiang fei and ariel back to the hotel so that they could rest and another car took him to fan yao.

jiang fei expected that fan yao would want to meet han tianyu. after all, in the eyes of these high-ranked officials, han tianyu was sent to jiang fei's side as an observer. so, after meeting jiang fei this time, fan yao would definitely want to get some information about jiang fei from han tianyu.

in the hotel, jiang fei had nothing to do, so he decided to return to the game. as it was already midnight, jiang fei had missed his match.

the game committee originally wanted to give jiang fei a penalty and suspend him for life. however, considering jiang fei's great reputation in the dark faction, if they banned jiang fei, it might cause the vast majority of the audience to be dissatisfied. so, they just fined him for not showing up.

as soon as jiang fei returned to the game, billy boy and the others sent him messages.

"boss, you're finally here. we've been waiting for you the whole time!" mo xiaoyu said. 

"yeah, guild master. we gathered an elite team of 50,000 people as soon as we got online this morning. we've waited for you for so long that it's already noon..." billy boy complained.

although jiang fei had only logged into the game two hours late, half a day had already passed by in the game. as jiang fei brought them to do quests yesterday, everyone leveled three times and gained many other rewards. so, when they heard that their great guild master would bring them around clearing quests again today and that there were 50,000 available slots, all the members of empyreal dragon signed up for it.

however, after a party of 50,000 people was assembled, jiang fei did not show up. without jiang fei, billy boy and seven stars warrior did not dare to accept the quest. yesterday, everyone clearly saw how difficult the bosses were. there were even overlord-ranked bosses. if jiang fei was not here, they would not be able to defeat these bosses at all.

so, when jiang fei came online today, the whole empyreal dragon became excited, especially those lucky ones who managed to get a slot in the party. they were all rubbing their hands with glee, waiting for their guild master to lead them.

"mmm, add me in!" seeing that everyone could not wait any longer, jiang fei did not delay things any further.

after jiang fei joined the party, billy boy passed the party leader to him. then, jiang fei entered the commander's hall on behalf of everyone to accept the quest.

"marshal, i'm here!" after entering the commander's hall, jiang fei came to ivan.

"mmm! are you guys ready?" ivan asked.

"i have assembled a strong 50,000 man army!" jiang fei said.

"good! it's time for you all to show me what you've got!" ivan laughed.

"ding! quest updated!"

quest name: supporting the frontline.

quest goal: ship twenty gnome cannons and ammunition to the frontline and ensure that these war weapons are not damaged.

quest rewards: all members level +2! 1000 gold coins for all members, unknown equipment reward.

quest penalties: every time a gnome cannon is destroyed, the gold coin reward is reduced by 20%. if five gnome cannons are destroyed, there will be no rewards. if the number of destroyed gnome cannons exceeds five, every next destroyed cannon will cause all members to lose 20% of their current level's experience points.

remarks: if less than three cannons are destroyed, the party leader will receive additional rewards.

"damn! this is a quest with high risk and high rewards!" jiang fei's brows lifted up. since it was a story quest, the rewards were naturally extremely good. the reward of 50,000 people collectively leveling up twice was absolutely tempting. however, if all twenty cannons were destroyed, 50,000 people would collectively lose three levels.

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