The Almighty Ring
721 The Reinforcement has Arrived
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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721 The Reinforcement has Arrived

the pressure was real. seven star warrior, who was now fighting in the front line against the players, was at the verge of falling. however, in that moment of desperation, the chants of little rain's forbidden spell had instantly boosted their morale. all that was weak and weary had summoned their last strength to defend through the last fight before the forbidden spell striked. 

"change of plans. it's full-on defensive now! prioritize using disabling skills over damaging! lower the enemies' combat efficiency! reduce the death rate of our own! it's all about survival now! leave the killing to little rain!" said billy boy in the party chat channel. 

"sir, yes sir!" cried everyone in unison. 

spells turned around. instead of exploding shrapnel and piercing icicles, instant debuff spells were used over and over. the magicians and rangers were typically excelled in this field. poison, slow, silent, freeze, and many other types of debuffs were cast out to significantly lower the opponent's attack. even though by doing it, they had reduced their kill rate down to almost zero, the death rate of empyreal dragon had dropped from more than ten players per second to one player or even less per second. 

the death rate dropped by such a large margin because of the weakened enemies. tanks were able to hold on for much longer since most of the opponent attacks could not even penetrate their defense. when little to no damage was taken, the healers were having a better time coordinating their healing, spending less mana allowed them to last longer before needing to be replaced. 

"where is that magician?!" 

"we can't even reach behind the tanks! there's no way we can find the caster!" 

"trash! you lots are nothing but trash! must i do everything myself?"

one by one, guild masters of the light faction side grew frustrated at their slow rate of progression. even so, there was nothing that they could do. no one in their small guild had the capabilities to stop little rain! unlike empyreal dragon, they do not have anyone with super long sniping skills or forbidden spells of their own. if they could not break past the first obstacle that was the tanks in the front, only death awaited them. 

five minutes later, little rain's chants stopped. everyone in the empyreal dragon had goosebumps when he stopped chanting as they know what came next. 

forbidden spell: apocalyptic scorch! a professional guild master would have known the capability of their own guild. they should have already started evacuating the front lines the moment they were unable to find the forbidden spell caster. inversely, these light faction guilds and pug players had formed an extremely tight formation in order to form a spear formation to take down the tanks of empyreal dragon. although it was a good formation it was also the cause of their downfall. 


the prowess of a forbidden spell was only intensified at this very moment. one spell was all it took to change the tide of war. that one spell had taken out 90% of all light faction players. a few of those who still survived were only able to do so because of their cowardly intuition. what was left in front of the tanks were those that were not within the attack range of the forbidden spell. even so, seeing that almost all of their comrades perished, they turned around and started to flee. it was futile to continue pressing on as they would not make any progress. 

"alright boys and girls, it's time to return the favor," said billy boy as he gave the green light to start attacking. 

"heh," seven star warrior scoffed. he and the others that were fighting the players had started to recover hastily. in less than several seconds, everyone was restored to full health. with a huge number of enemies reduced to ashes, there was nothing to fear. it was high time to strike. 

the other survivors of the forbidden spell ran. they did not know what to think after seeing a spell that had such a high area of effect and kill rate. no everything in the game was as diligent as jiang fei, who studied the game inside out and knew how to play it better. most of the small guilds had members that played the game just for the fun of it. how could they have seen a forbidden spell at that magnitude in their entire career? at most, they had only heard or read about in passing. 

the spell was able to take out more than 200,000 players. just that fact alone had made empyreal dragon a dangerous entity; like a country with immeasurable nuclear strike force. 

the truth was little rain's forbidden spell was not all that powerful. it was only the nature of a forbidden spell and it was not all that powerful to begin with. all the small guilds had just been living under a rock. it was only natural for someone who had never seen the prowess of a forbidden spell to not know how it worked. that was why everyone had packed like sardines in a can! even when little rain had started chanting the spell, they did not even think of dispersing the players to reduce the death count. 

when it was time to attack, billy boy had turned from a defensive turtle to a lion. all the escapees that were still alive were hunted down one by one. those that were killed by the forbidden spell had no idea what had hit them. they revived in their origin city and was still spellbound by what had happened to them. 

"is that all of them? alright, back to formation guys! remember our objective. protect the convoy! supporters and dps must help pick up the equipment of our fallen brothers," said billy boy in the party chat channel. 

"hehe, good one guys. i'm so very proud of everyone. when this is over, talk to miss rosette rose and claim your rewards!" said jiang fei. his speech had instantly sent a wave of cheer to all empyreal dragon members that were present in the quest. 

"oooh! yeah! praise the greatest guild master!" 

"we're so lucky to have someone like him as our guild master!" 

"this is awesome! hard work comes with a good reward! i like it!" 

the fact that they had defeated an enemy with an army six times their size had made everyone proud and happy, jiang fei's giving out rewards had made the members of empyreal dragon grew even more happier. 

"darling, i'm summoning you," said billy boy as he used the skill that came with the wedding ring to summon lady casanova to his side. 

a wedding ring was an in-game item that came without attribute but only one skill. under certain conditions, any partner would be able to activate the ring to summon their partner to their side. much like jiang fei and ariel's contract of devotion skill. 

when lady casanova came, she had brought over many players replacement equipment that was lost during the fight. even though most of them were collected, there were still a few of them that were robbed by the light faction players. 

when a player died, all equipment that was being equipped will drop at a 100% rate. however, equipment in the item bag will only drop at a random rate. hence, when the players were killed, their equipment that had been picked up by the opponents would be stored in the item bag. killing them would not guarantee a drop hence, reclaiming their "stolen" equipment was improbable. fortunately, empyreal dragon was rich and wealthy. the guild storage had so many backup equipment that it could replenish the entire guild if needed. 

once everyone had restocked their equipment and potions, empyreal dragon regained their combat power albeit not 100%. 

during the fight with the players, two waves of npc soldiers had spawned and came to attack. luckily for empyreal dragon, they had not even noticed their presence as the players of the light faction were more troubling compared to npcs. 

"gear up and get going! we are making slow progress!" said jiang fei. 

"lady casanova have you gathered the players i have asked for?" said jiang fei. 

"yes. they will be arriving soon." 

"that's great." 

at this moment, he noticed a small yellow blimp in his mini-map. that yellow blimp was jiang fei's own personal soldiers. based on their position in the map, hua mulan and the rest were about to arrive soon. 

"proceed on without me. i need eyes in the skies," said jiang fei as he took off with the skygliding dragon.

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