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"You!" Ma Xuantong was flabbergasted after hearing what Jiang Fei said.

As the Soaring Cloud Sect was China's biggest sect of the martial arts, they were naturally the most arrogant one. They undermined normal humans the most which meant that the Soaring Cloud Sect rarely interacted with normal human's affairs. If they were to fight against the major rice-exporting country's fleet in the ocean, they would probably die from exhaustion before they even found the fleet.

"Yes, me? Isn't the Soaring Cloud Sect all mighty and powerful? What's the matter? Don't you think you can fight against a bunch of normal humans?" Jiang Fei did not spare his words when speaking negatively to members of the Soaring Cloud Sect who tried to kidnap his parents.

"Alright, alright. Everyone, calm down. We are discussing about how to defeat the enemy. Let's not fight among ourselves!" Ding Tianqing tried to mitigate the situation.

"Hmph! I would not hold anything against a young child!" Ma Xuantong immediately said.

"You b*stard! Who are you calling a child?" Jiang Fei slammed the table and stood up.

"Eh? Jiang Fei! Do you think that I won't teach you a lesson?" Ma Xuantong replied. He had no idea that Jiang Fei's capabilities had skyrocketed. He still thought of Jiang Fei as the Beginner Level 4 youth. Ma Xuantong had held back earlier because he did not want to upset Zhuge Shanzhen. However, now that Jiang Fei was scolding him in public, he would take none of that without retaliating.

As the biggest sect leader in China's martial art sphere, Ma Xuantong had never been scolded in public before. Therefore, when Jiang Fei had scolded him today, he was instantly angered and wanted to teach Jiang Fei a lesson.

"Hehe, stop pretending to be much older and wiser. I want to kick your ass today!" Jiang Fei did not show any sign of weakness at all.

Jiang Fei had purposely infuriated Ma Xuantong because he wanted to establish his status. These martial artists had gotten too arrogant. If they did not feel challenged, they would not listen to Jiang Fei's plan to work with the government no matter what he proposed.

Secondly, Jiang Fei secretly held something against Ma Xuantong. As Phoenix could not defeat Feng Tianqi when his parents were kidnapped, Jiang Fei had to let him off the hook. Now that he had Pinnacle Level 4 capabilities and was undefeatable by anyone below Level 5, he wanted to teach Ma Xuantong a lesson as befitting of a hot-blooded seventeen-year-old.

"No… Guys, please calm down…" Bai Wanli tried to stop the whole thing from blowing up. Their enemies were advancing on China. If the Martial Art Alliance fought amongst themselves, they would be in great trouble.

"That's right. Jiang Fei, don't act rashly. Senior Ma, please calm down as well. We are all one big family. Is this really necessary?" Grandmother Yuehua chipped in. He was truly worried for Jiang Fei whom she treated as her own son-in-law.

"Hmph! I will not hold a grudge against this young kid for the sake of you people!" Ma Xuantong kept his cool so as not to upset Jiang Fei's support system. After all, Jiang Fei had only just mentioned fifty Level 4 experts and at least two Level 5 seniors. This was quite worrisome for Ma Xuantong.

"Old man, stop calling me a kid. Did your mother not teach you how to behave after she gave birth to you?" Jiang Fei was determined to teach Ma Xuantong a lesson. Therefore, he spoke bluntly.

"You!" As the master of a sect, Ma Xuantong had never been humiliated this way. Therefore, he could no longer contain his anger.

"Everyone! I'm not bullying a young one for no reason. This kid has reached my limits. I will teach him a lesson on behalf of his master!" Ma Xuantong was beyond angry at this point as he spoke with his brows raised.

"Stop…" Bai Wanli and the others did not want Jiang Fei to fight with Ma Xuantong. Ma Xuantong seemed as if he would kill someone right now. In their minds, Jiang Fei was only a Beginner Level 4 expert. If Ma Xuantong really killed Jiang Fei, Jiang Fei's support system would no doubt destroy the Soaring Cloud Sect to avenge him. By then, the Martial Art Alliance would be doomed.

"Ma Xuantong, get your ass out here!" While Bai Wanli and Grandmother Yuehua tried to hold Ma Xuantong back, Jiang Fei had already walked out of the hall and into the courtyard. Everyone still believed that Ma Xuantong had the right to initiate.

Although Green Willow Heights sounded like a beautiful place, it was still the grounds of a martial arts sect. Therefore, the courtyard was not decorated with pillars and pagodas. Instead, it was a large fighting arena.

"Everyone, let's not talk any further. I will teach this kid a lesson today. If you do not want to challenge the Soaring Cloud Sect, get out of my way!" Ma Xuantong shouted as he walked outside.

"This…" Everyone was dumbfounded. They could no longer hold Ma Xuantong back. If they tried to stop him, it would be an open declaration of war against the Soaring Cloud Sect.

"Young kid, you have gone too far! I will teach you a proper lesson today!" Ma Xuantong's eyes were red with anger. Even members of the Martial Art Alliance treated him with respect. However, today, a young kid had insulted him and his mother in public. This was a huge embarrassment to Ma Xuantong.

"Hehe, we have yet to know who will teach whom a lesson!" Jiang Fei smiled as he looked at Ma Xuantong directly.

"Young kid! You go first!" Ma Xuantong was close to losing his cool completely. However, he still had a rational mind. After all, he was close to fifty years old. Attacking Jiang Fei was already a fault to his name as he would appear as a bully. If he attacked Jiang Fei first, he would be embarrassed regardless of whether he won or not. Therefore, he decided to let Jiang Fei initiate the attack so that he could defeat Jiang Fei thereafter. As such, he would be able to teach Jiang Fei a lesson as well as spare him some embarrassment.

"Oh? Should I go first? I am afraid you might be embarrassed!" Jiang Fei did not hold back. After laughing loudly, he charged toward Ma Xuantong.

"Lie down!" Ma Xuantong shouted when he saw Jiang Fei charging toward him. He immediately waved his sleeves as a gust of wind blew at Jiang Fei's face.

"Ahh!" Yang Qing shouted.

"Don't worry…" Yang Po patted her sister's shoulder to calm her down.

"Sister, aren't you worried for him?" Yang Qing turned around to ask.

"What's there to worry about?" Yang Po said without emotion.

"That's Ma Xuantong. Even our master may not be able to defeat him." Yang Qing said softly.

"Stop trying to compliment me. I am definitely unable to defeat him!" Grandmother Yuehua said without turning around.

"Master, I did not mean that… But, Jiang Fei…" Yang Qing was tongue-tied.

"He is no fool. Haven't you noticed? He had been intentionally challenging Sect Master Ma so that he would fight against him. If he did not believe in his own capabilities, why would he do so?" Yang Po said.

"However, there is still a huge gap between a Beginner Level 4 and a Pinnacle Level 4…" Yang Qing said as she looked at Jiang Fei.

"Are you still so naive to believe that he is only a Beginner Level 4?" Yang Po looked around at the audience.
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