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"Pay attention to Jiang Fei's sword-wielding techniques!" Grandmother Yuehua said cheerfully. She was becoming more and more pleased with her future son-in-law. Regardless of what Jiang Fei thought, she was absolutely certain about making him her son-in-law.

Other people were unaware of what Grandmother Yuehua was thinking. However, they all started paying attention to Jiang Fei's sword-wielding technique.

In all honesty, Jiang Fei had very horrible sword-wielding techniques. The main reason for that was because Jiang Fei had spent too little time practicing. Therefore, despite 0541's careful design, Jiang Fei was only to replicate the form but not the impact of the techniques. He might appear to be skilled. However, experts could see through immediately the many flaws in his techniques.

Right then, Jiang Fei did not lose mainly because Ma Xuantong had already been injured and could not use his techniques properly. Moreover, Jiang Fei had much more energy than Ma Xuantong. On top of that, Jiang Fei also had support from 0541. That explained why he was able to defend against Ma Xuantong's attacks successfully.

However, through careful observation, the audience discovered something special about Jiang Fei. As the fight progressed, Jiang Fei's sword-wielding techniques became better and more refined. There were also greater transformations in his techniques. Sometimes, it even appeared as if his sword techniques were designed specifically to counter Ma Xuantong's techniques.

"Isn't his pace of learning too frighteningly fast?" Bai Wanli's jaws were wide open from shock.

"This young man had achieved so much partially because of his master Zhuge Shanzhen and also partially because of his own natural talents!" Ding Tianqing nodded.

"Ahh! This young man is definitely a rarity in the martial arts world!" Mao Gongsui added with a pinch of salt. Jiang Fei had achieved as much as Mao Gongsui did in ten years, but only with a fraction of the time spent.

The audience observing the fight began to admire Jiang Fei greatly. However, none of them knew that Jiang Fei had been judged by old man Hai as not having the ability to train in the martial arts.

If not for 0541's existence, Jiang Fei could not possibly break through his barriers in learning martial arts and in acquiring his own energy system.

Jiang Fei's growth was greatly associated with alien technology as well as 0541. The fight he was currently in was related to those things just as much.

When he started the fight, Jiang Fei realized that he had oversimplified the challenge. 0541's overall prediction that Jiang Fei could defeat anyone below Level 5 was based on a number of factors, which included Jiang Fei's Zhanlu Sword.

The Zhanlu Sword was a Godblade which could kill normal metahumans with a small cut. Even a strong Level 5 expert would not dare to get close to the Godblade. Therefore, Jiang Fei's overall capability had been determined as stronger than anyone below Level 5.

Without the Zhanlu Sword, Jiang Fei could still fight against normal mutants and fellows from the European Vatican. However, he still struggled against skilled martial artists like Ma Xuantong.

These old fellows had practiced martial arts for decades and were very well-trained in sword-wielding techniques. In comparison, Jiang Fei was much weaker in terms of his techniques. Although he had a slight advantage in his energy, it was still difficult for him to beat them.

Numeric predictions could never fully represent the reality. When experts fought against each other, there were many factors to be considered. A lot of factors were actually not able to be incorporated in numeric predictions.

Although Jiang Fei was not as skilled in techniques as Ma Xuantong, he still had the supreme Artificial Intelligence 0541. 0541 would record and dissect Ma Xuantong's sword-wielding techniques. Then, 0541 would figure out the best way to counter those techniques and provide the information to Jiang Fei.

As such, Jiang Fei was akin to a godly fighter. The same technique would not work on him twice.

Moreover, under such an intense fight between experts, Jiang Fei was also improving very quickly. Jiang Fei actually had very good natural talents in learning martial arts. Although his veins had been sealed, such that old man Hai determined him as not suited for learning martial arts, he was gifted with incredible learning and comprehension abilities. Perhaps this was all fated.

During the fight against Ma Xuantong, Jiang Fei tried to improve his own sword-wielding techniques while receiving information from 0541 on how to counter Ma Xuantong's techniques. Therefore, the fight was becoming easier for Jiang Fei as time progressed, whereas Ma Xuantong was finding it increasingly difficult and tiring.

With duress from Jiang Fei's continuous attacks, coupled with the intense pain from the injury on his arm, Ma Xuantong's sweat began to drip from his forehead. His sword-wielding techniques were beginning to appear disorientated. After approximately half an hour, Ma Xuantong and Jiang Fei seemed to be on equal terms.

After around an hour, Ma Xuantong ended up being defeated by Jiang Fei in a corner of the Green Willow Heights.


Jiang Fei leapt backward and put his Chengying Sword back into its cover. Then, he walked toward the crowd without even batting an eyelid at Ma Xuantong.

"Whew… Whew…" Ma Xuantong panted as he saw Jiang Fei walking away. He couldn't care less about his image right then. He even used his precious sword as a crutch to support himself. 

Members of the crowd glanced at each other as they were uncertain about how to face this young expert.

Ma Xuantong was by no means weak. In fact, he was the strongest martial artist among the sect leaders. Yet, he was defeated by Jiang Fei. Although Jiang Fei discontinued the fight to save Ma Xuantong from complete embarrassment, it was clear to everyone present then that Jiang Fei had won the fight.


"Brother Jiang, you are indeed a young hero!"

"Yeah! You have achieved so much at such a young age. Us old fools could not possibly compare!"

After finding out about Jiang Fei's true capabilities, everyone treated Jiang Fei with even greater respect. A seventeen-year-old youth had actually defeated the famed Pinnacle Level 4 martial art expert, Ma Xuantong. If these people had not witnessed it in person, nobody would believe that that had happened.

How could Jiang Fei possess such capabilities? Apart from his incredible natural talents, his master must have contributed to his success greatly.

Due to such thoughts, the martial artists present thought of Jiang Fei's non-existent master as even more powerful and mysterious. After the sect leaders had reported what they saw, the Level 5 old fellows also started enquiring about Zhuge Shanzhen.

Unlike Bai Wanli and Grandmother Yuehua who now showered Jiang Fei with compliments, Ma Xuantong stood alone by the sidelines. He was unsure of whether to stay or to leave.

If he chose to leave without a closure to the plan against the mutants, the Soaring Cloud Sect would not be able to withstand the attack of the mutant army and their Bio-Technology without the help of the Martial Art Alliance.

However, if he stayed, Ma Xuantong would have to bear the embarrassment. Although Jiang Fei spared him in the end, the results of the fight were very clear. Ma Xuantong had been thoroughly defeated by a seventeen-year-old kid. Even his famed sword-wielding techniques did not help him win the fight, which made it even more embarrassing for Ma Xuantong.
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