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After the first day of duels ended, Han Tianyu reported the results to the military and also gave Jiang Fei a call.

"How did it go?" Jiang Fei asked.

"How else can it go? We won, of course. This kind of battle makes us a bully. The major rice-exporting country's battle aircraft was like a blind man waiting for us to kill him. Our battle aircraft took him down in seconds!" Han Tianyu said happily.

"That's not what I meant to ask!" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes. If Planet Namek's advanced battle aircraft lost the battle, it would have been ridiculous.

"Oh! Oh! The major rice-exporting country reacted as we had predicted. As we did not show our true abilities, they are probably finding ways to decode our perfect invisibility effect," Han Tianyu answered.

"Alright! Let them take their time to find out. The longer they take, the better!" Jiang Fei nodded. The thing China needed the most right now was time. Whether it was making the Supreme Androids or preparing Planet Namek gunpower, both required a lot of time. Therefore, Jiang Fei would be happier if the major rice-exporting country decided to extend the period of duelling.

Due to the time needed to modify the battle aircraft, the second match was postponed by the major rice-exporting country. The excuse they used was that they needed to investigate China's cheating incident. Therefore, the duel was delayed by two days. China's military was naturally against the request and even insulted the major rice-exporting country.

On the other hand, Jiang Fei was very free over the next two days. During the day, he would spend time with Si Tuying and Ariel. In the evening, he would spend time with the girls in the game apart from fighting in the competition.

After two days, the major rice-exporting country was finally done with modifying the battle aircraft. The completed battle aircraft was transported to Tokyo. After removing a lot of the weapon setups, the new battle aircraft's movement speed was increased by 50%. The major rice-exporting country's pilot very confidently assured Robert that, as long as their aircraft could detect China's battle aircraft first, they would be able to win with certainty.

With the pilot's assurance, Robert was able to relax somewhat. He was under a lot of pressure because of their previous failure in the duel.

"Eagle 2, Eagle 2, Robert's exploration vessel has already arrived at the designated area!"

"Eagle 2, affirmative. Please provide radar protection and information on the enemy!"

"We are currently scanning the area for signs of the enemy. Currently, there is no sign of the enemy's vessels!"

"What's going on? Did the Chinese not send any of their warships for support?" Robert frowned.

"Perhaps the enemy had sacrificed a lot more in order to perfect their battle aircraft's invisibility!" One of the officers said.

"What do you mean?" Robert asked.

"I am guessing that the Chinese battle aircraft is able to have such perfect invisibility because the aircraft absorbs all electromagnetic waves. Although this allows it to avoid radars completely, it also means that they lose all communication. Since their communication devices do not work at all, they naturally do not need supporting warships!" The officer explained.

"Oh?" Robert was still not convinced entirely. However, the officer's analysis was very reasonable.

"Unfortunately, they trust too much in the invisibility of their battle aircraft!" The officer laughed.

At the same time, China's battle aircraft was also communicating with the control center on the mainland.

"Falcon 2 has identified the target. Should I destroy it immediately?"

"Falcon 2, proceed as planned!"

"Yes! Falcon 2 understands!"

After receiving the command, China's battle aircraft tilted to one side and changed directions immediately. It went past the major rice-exporting country's aircraft. Due to the 3,000 meter difference in height and the amazing invisibility effect, the major rice-exporting country's battle aircraft and exploration vessel did not notice it at all.

After getting behind the major rice-exporting country's battle aircraft, the Chinese aircraft made a 180-degree turn and started charging towards its enemy. In the blink of an eye, it arrived at the same altitude as the major rice-exporting country's battle aircraft.

Right then, China's battle aircraft was directly behind the major rice-exporting country's battle aircraft. If it opened fire now, the major rice-exporting country's battle aircraft would be absolutely destroyed.

4x speed!

This was the maximum speed that the nuclear energy supply could allow. Although it consumed a lot of energy, it allowed the battle aircraft to reach its maximum speed.

Originally, China's battle aircraft made with Planet Namek's technology was already much faster than the major rice-exporting country's aircraft. Now that there was a 4x speed boost, the distance between the two battle aircraft very quickly narrowed.

"Ha! Come on, let's get closer!" Just as the distance between the two battle aircraft had shortened to less than 1,000 meters, the Chinese pilot did something drastic.

The Chinese battle aircraft lowered its altitude slightly and was positioned just below the major rice-exporting country's aircraft. The two battle aircraft were close enough to touch each other. The Chinese battle aircraft's sharp vertical stabilizer was pointed right at the center of the major rice-exporting country's battle aircraft.

"Haha! Darned caucasian, open up!" As the pilot shouted excitedly, his battle aircraft sliced through the major rice-exporting country's aircraft.

"The enemy's aircraft has been discovered!"

"Where?!" The major rice-exporting country's pilot did not notice anything on his own radar.

"Behind you! No! Right in front of you!" Before the exploration vessel could transmit the message, an alarm had gone off in the major rice-exporting country's battle aircraft.

Beep! Beep!

"The engine has been damaged. The plane will lose all flight capabilities immediately!"

"Lock on to the target!" The major rice-exporting country's pilot tried to stabilize the aircraft whilst locking on to the Chinese battle aircraft in front of him.

"Radar system has been destroyed. Unable to lock on to target!"

"Fire the missiles!" The pilot pressed on a button. A normal missile had a short-distance firing range. However, as it had its own infrared tracking system, it did not need to lock on to a target prior to being fired.

"The firing arm has been damaged! It's stuck!"

"Losing all flight abilities! Pilot, please eject yourself immediately!"

As the Chinese battle aircraft had flown past the major rice-exporting country's aircraft at a high speed underneath it, the sharp vertical stabilizer acted like a knife which sliced through the center of the major rice-exporting country's aircraft. Therefore, not only was the aircraft's engine destroyed, but it's firing bay was also destroyed. In the final two seconds, the major rice-exporting country's pilot could do nothing but look at the various emergency lights in the cabin.


The pilot instantly ejected himself from the cabin. The battle aircraft wavered as it had lost its flight abilities, and eventually fell into the ocean.

At the same time, the Chinese pilot had already turned off the speed booster and was returning to his base at a speed which conserved the most amount of energy.

"Eagle 2! Eagle! Please answer if you can hear us!" The sudden termination in communication urged Robert to call out for the pilot.

"This is the exploration vessel. Eagle 2 has already been destroyed!" At the same time, the exploration vessel responded to Robert's call.

"How is that possible?!" Robert's mind went blank. He was already under a lot of pressure from his previous failure. He could not believe that they lost yet again. He could vaguely picture the country's defense department requesting for his resignation.
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