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Without needing Ariel to make a move, Doomsday chopped off one of its own tentacles and carefully used its Spirit Energy to carry it toward Ariel.

"Eww! That's so gross! If not for my husband, I would not even touch such a disgusting thing!" Ariel said as she looked at the tentacle in disdain.

Although it was only one tentacle, it was two meters long and was as thick as a human's thigh. Moreover, it was one of the thinnest tentacles on Doomsday. Despite that, it was sufficient for Jiang Fei to use for a long while.

"Alright. Go back to sleep. I will look for you if I need anything else!" Ariel said as she turned around and walked away. She carried the tentacle with her Soul Energy as she did so.

Right then, Doomsday was close to tears. It had come to the earth's core to absorb energy in order to heal itself. However, it had barely recovered enough energy for a single tentacle and it had lost it just like that.

Therefore, when it heard that Ariel planned on returning, it had thoughts of killing itself. Clearly, these people were treating it like a poultry animal and would cut its meat off once in a while.

However, it was still a beast that feared death. Therefore, it did not have the courage to kill itself. Despite that, it was also too heavily injured to move around. Therefore, it could only hope that Ariel would not come by in the near future. Once it recovered enough energy, it would run away.

Ariel soon brought the tentacle back to Jiang Fei.

"Husband, is this enough? If it isn't, I could get some more!" Ariel smiled sweetly at Jiang Fei.

"It's enough!" Jiang Fei nodded. Doomsday was very precious to Jiang Fei. He did not want to accidentally kill it. After all, a living Doomsday would be Jiang Fei's never-ending source of Bio-Sample.

After keeping Doomsday's tentacle in his spatial ring, Jiang Fei relaxed somewhat. The rest was up to 0541. With Doomsday's tentacle in possession, there would be more than enough Bio-Samples for the creation of Level 4 Bio-Humans on top of the Bio-Potions Jiang Fei and Si Tuying needed.

"Here, I'm returning this to you. I don't like this stuff!" Ariel handed the Zhanlu Sword back to Jiang Fei. The aura of Valium it emitted was very appalling for her.

"Hehe, you must be the only Level 5 expert who dislikes the Godblade!" Jiang Fei laughed as he kept the Zhanlu Sword away in his spatial ring.

Although the aura of Valium displeased Metahumans in general, the Godblade was the most desired possession amongst all Level 5 Metahumans. As it was the only thing that could threaten the life of a Level 5 expert, owning a Godblade would greatly increase one's chances of survival. The Level 5 experts who did not own Godblades chose to live in hiding because they were either bored of living the common life or they were trying to avoid the Godblade.

Moreover, the Godblades were all left behind on Earth after Braveheart's crash. As the Godblades were created based on Planet Namek's technology, the designs were very odd and inappropriate for human usage. Therefore, they were not suitable to be used in battles. Normally, a Level 5 expert would dominate another Level 5 before he used the Godblade to execute his opponent. Very few would actually use the Godblade in a one-on-one battle. As the Godblades were not designed for battles on earth, anyone who used them would potentially harm himself during a battle which only made things worse.

The only Godblade which was suitable to be used in battle was the one which Jiang Fei possessed. Therefore, that particular Godblade was virtually priceless. The fact that Ariel was willing to return it to Jiang Fei without hesitation proved how much she cared for him.

After acquiring Doomsday's tentacle, Jiang Fei could leave Tokyo in peace. For the sake of secrecy, Jiang Fei decided to bury the entrance which his Earth Mover had dug. After all, Ariel had already travelled there. She would be able to teleport directly to where Doomsday was in the future. There was no point in keeping the passage intact.

"0541, can I reach Level 5 if I drink another potion?" Jiang Fei asked after he had acquired Doomsday's tentacle. He had already gotten used to the powers of Pinnacle Level 4. Moreover, he had plenty of Energy Crystals to spare. Therefore, he naturally wanted to try breaking through to Level 5.

"Captain, you think too much. It's not that easy to reach Level 5. Firstly, we do not have a lot of energy left. It won't be enough for you to break through to Level 5. Even if there was enough energy, I still would not recommend that you immediately break through to Level 5!" 0541 answered.

"Why not?" Jiang Fei asked.

"Level 5 is a very special tier. It involves a set of rules that apply even to Ariel. If you do not comprehend the rules on your own, and instead forcefully reach Level 5 through energy infusion, it will be difficult for you to progress further!" 0541 explained.

"I see!" Jiang Fei nodded. Ariel was in such a state whereby she could no longer increase her capabilities. As her body once belonged to Phoenix who had been forcefully infused with energy to reach Level 5, she did not comprehend the set of rules on her own.

"How can I comprehend the rules?" Jiang Fei asked.

"I do not have related data for that. Level 5 experts are also a pinnacle existence in Planet Namek. Their related data would never be revealed to the public…" 0541 said helplessly.

"Forget about it then. We'll plan as we go!" Jiang Fei shook his head. Although he was very eager to break through to Level 5, he was in no hurry. He did not have enough energy to do so anyway. If Jiang Fei really could not comprehend the rules on his own, he could still decide to progress to Level 5 after he had found the engine room.

"Let's go! We'll return home!" After acquiring Doomsday's tentacle, Jiang Fei had no reason to stay in Tokyo. There were nothing but ruined buildings and the survivors from the war against the major rice-exporting country.

"Alright!" Ariel nodded obediently as she grabbed Jiang Fei's hand and initiated the teleportation.

In the next second, Jiang Fei and Ariel appeared on the highest floor in Manda Square. Ever since Ariel appeared, Jiang Fei had not wasted any time in long-distance travelling.

The next day, 0541 had finished producing the first set of Bio-Potions for Si Tuying. Although it was a single set of potions, it was actually only a small portion.

The Bio-Potion produced using a Level 5 Alien Beast's blood contained a large amount of energy. Since this was Si Tuying's first time consuming it, 0541 only extracted a single drop of the primary potion and diluted it with water into a single bottle. This was to prevent Si Tuying's body from exploding due to the massive amount of energy.

"This stuff doesn't taste bad. However, you will go through unimaginable pain afterward. Have you thought this through?" Jiang Fei asked Si Tuying with a serious expression. He had personally experienced the process and knew how much it would hurt.
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