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"As long as you are by my side, I can bear any pain!" Si Tuying said as she looked deeply into Jiang Fei's eyes.

"Ughh! That's so gross!" Shang Guanqi could not stand the romance. She had been curious about the effects of the potion which claimed to be able to increase one's capabilities instantly, but she did not want to see the goings-on between Si Tuying and Jiang Fei.

"Yikes! Sister Guanqi, you are horrible! You made fun of me!" Although Si Tuying was used to joking around with Jiang Fei, she was still embarrassed by Shang Guanqi's reaction.

"Come on. I'll be right by your side!" Jiang Fei said as he tried to diffuse the awkwardness. He then handed Si Tuying the bottle of potion.

"Alright!" Si Tuying blushed with embarrassment. As she was also eager to change the topic, she immediately grabbed the bottle and chugged down the contents.

"It does tastes fruity!" Si Tuying exclaimed. The sweet and sour taste of the potion was quite enjoyable. However, Jiang Fei knew that the true challenge had yet to come.

Indeed, not too long after, Si Tuying's facial expression changed.

"Jiang Fei, this feels horrible…" Si Tuying said bitterly as she squatted down.

"You must bear this on your own. If I tried to help you, it would only make things worse! Don't worry, I will accompany you until it's over!" Jiang Fei held Si Tuying's hand tightly as he spoke.

"Can we really not help her?" Shang Guanqi said pitifully.

"Only those who bear the pain on their own can reap the rewards!" Jiang Fei said without turning his head around. He was completely focused on Si Tuying at the moment.

"Yikes!" Shang Guanqi sighed. Although she could not imagine the amount of pain Si Tuying was going true, she began to envision everything she had experienced growing up. If she had a choice, she would rather go through all this pain on her own than hurt the people around her.

"Ahh…" Si Tuying finally shouted out loudly as she could no longer contain the pain within herself.

"Ariel, do something!" Jiang Fei turned around to look at Ariel.

"Alright!" Ariel nodded as she created a seclusion to prevent Si Tuying's sound from being heard beyond Jiang Fei's room.

Although Jiang Fei's parents were not home, he did not want to risk them worrying once they returned as the painful process Si Tuying was going through would not end anytime soon.

Just as Jiang Fei did in the past, Si Tuying would have to go through the pain. The pain was what strengthened her soul so that both her soul and body could handle the change in her powers.

After some time had passed, Jiang Fei's mother returned from grocery shopping. Shang Guanqi and Ariel left the room to help her out in the kitchen while Jiang Fei continued to accompany Si Tuying in his room.

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"Jiang Fei, am I still alive?" Si Tuying was soaked in her own sweat.

"Of course, you are alive and well!" Jiang Fei brushed his hand against Si Tuying's pale face gently. He looked at her compassionately.

"Have I acquired new powers?" Si Tuying felt very happy when she saw Jiang Fei's look of concern. However, she was much more concerned with something else.

"Of course. You have obtained Level 3 powers!" Jiang Fei said as he kissed Si Tuying's forehead.

"Really?" Si Tuying was in a state of disbelief. Although the pain had nearly killed her, she had acquired such a tremendous amount of growth in a short span of time. It was all worth it.

"Absolutely. Once you recover your strength, you will be able to feel it!" Jiang Fei hugged Si Tuying as he said.

"Jiang Fei, could you ask Shang Guanqi to come over? I would like to take a shower…" Si Tuying said with a blush.

Due to the pain she felt earlier, Si Tuying had rolled around the floor and was drenched in sweat. She was in terrible pain from the huge amount of energy channeled into her body.

More importantly, she did not want to show Jiang Fei her terrible state. That was why she was keen to take a shower right away.

However, her body was exhausted from going through all the pain. She could not even sit up on her own, let alone take a shower. Therefore, she could only ask for Shang Guanqi's help.

"Alright! I'll go immediately!" Jiang Fei nodded. He then walked out from his room and called for Shang Guanqi in the kitchen.

'Ah Fei, don't worry. I'll be able to fight with you in battles very soon!' Si Tuying thought to herself as she looked at Jiang Fei from behind.

"How's Little Ying doing?" Shang Guanqi asked softly when she saw Jiang Fei quietly sneaking around.

"She's fine. The test of the potion is already over. She is completely exhausted now and would need your help to take a shower." Jiang Fei smiled.

"Has she really acquired a lot of power?" Shang Guanqi asked curiously.

"Definitely. Once she recovers tomorrow, the energy level in her body would reach Beginner Level 3!" Jiang Fei answered.

As Si Tuying was a girl, 0541 did not dare to give her as high a dosage as it had given Jiang Fei which allowed him to reach Beginner Level 4 immediately.

Jiang Fei's body quality was unique. Although he used to be a geek with a weak body, he had a shocking willpower which surpassed anyone else's. One might also say that he has strong soul energy which was not apparent elsewhere except for when he had to accept a lot of pain. Basically, he was a tough nut to crack.

That was why Jiang Fei was able to consume a large amount of potions to increase his capabilities swiftly. If Si Tuying had been subject to equally high dosages, she might have fainted in the process. That was a dangerous aspect of consuming such potions. Once a person fainted in the process, there was a possibility that his or her soul might be destroyed.

"Could you give me a bottle of that as well?" Shang Guanqi asked all of a sudden.

"Ahh?" Jiang Fei was stunned.

"If I train with conventional methods, there is little chance that I would break through to Advanced Level 4 before the age of thirty. Since you have a shortcut, I would like to try it out," Shang Guanqi said as she stared into Jiang Fei's eyes.

"0541, can she use this potion?" Jiang Fei did not immediately answer Shang Guanqi. Instead, he sought for 0541's advice.

Jiang Fei and Si Tuying had both acquired energy through Planet Namek's potions. Therefore, Jiang Fei was not sure if the potions would be suitable for Shang Guanqi.

"In theory, that is possible. However, as no tests had been done prior, I cannot confirm whether there would be any side effects!" 0541 answered.

"That…" Jiang Fei hesitated when he heard 0541's reply. He truly treated Shang Guanqi as his older sister. Therefore, he would not want to experiment on her. If something went wrong, he would feel terribly guilty.

"What's the matter? If the potion is too precious, then forget it… Shang Guanqi clearly misunderstood Jiang Fei's intention.
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