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According to 0541's plan, Jiang Fei needed to bring the Reputation level of these twenty-five women to the Infatuated state. After that, he would have to spend more time with them to make sure they truly fall in love with him beyond the limitations of the system. That was the only way to stimulate the evolution of these women.

Increasing Reputation points was relatively easy for Jiang Fei. Although he could no longer complete quests to increase Reputation points as they had already become his private army, Jiang Fei could still bring them along to fight against monsters which also contributed a lot to the point increase.

Although the amount of Reputation points earned through such a method was very little for others, it was not the case for Jiang Fei who had the Title of Romeo.

On top of that, Jiang Fei had also become very skilled in flirting with women after spending so much time around ladies. As such, all the women in the group had easily started falling for him.

With the Title of Romeo, Jiang Fei was akin to a celebrity to his female fans. Even simple questions like "Are you tired?" would make the ladies blush in front of him, unless of course if they were in any way like tomboys, then they would have rolled their eyes at him.

In a few days' time, Jiang Fei had managed to bring the level of Reputation of these women to Infatuated toward himself. Everyone, including Hong Yu, was now looking at Jiang Fei with a loving expression.

"Whew… Thank goodness…" When he saw that these women still knew how to control themselves, Jiang Fei sighed in relief. He was truly worried that these women would behave like the Naga Priestesses who looked at him with a dominant gaze. It always seemed as if they would devour Jiang Fei in a heartbeat.

Jiang Fei had chosen to bring the souls of the members of the Saint's Guard to his world partially because of this. After all, the Naga Priestesses were all too possessive. Each of them seemed to want to rape him forcefully. If he brought them to the real world, he was worried he might lose his virginity against his will.

In comparison, these human females handpicked to be trained in the Saint's Guard were much more demure. Although they looked at Jiang Fei with an expression of love, they did not have any intention of invading his body.

"Come on! Phase two…" Jiang Fei scratched his head as he recalled 0541's plan.

0541's plan was very simple. Flirting with women sounded like a simple task after all. However, flirting with over twenty women at the same time was certainly no easy feat. Even a self-proclaimed womanizer like Han Tianyu might not be able to succeed at it.

Over the next couple of days, apart from participating in matches, Jiang Fei worked on deepening his relationship with the twenty-five women. It seemed like Jiang Fei might actually have some talent in that area. They were falling more and more for Jiang Fei. Based on 0541's statistical analysis, the women's rate of evolution was much faster than initially expected. In just two days, their overall points had reached over 500 and were much higher than the Naga Priestesses'.

Although Jiang Fei was having the time of his life in the game, he was much busier in the real world. Firstly, the batch of equipment he was meant to deliver to the Chinese military had already been completed. However, as the third aerial duel had not begun yet, Jiang Fei was in no hurry to hand the equipment over to the military. After all, he had told them it would take twenty days to produce. If he gave the equipment to them in only ten days, the military might have stray thoughts about his capabilities. Since the major rice-exporting country's plans to go to war had already been delayed, Jiang Fei did not want to stir the pot further.

Apart from the completion of the equipment, 0541 had also prepared the martial arts techniques specially designed for Si Tuying.

Unlike Jiang Fei's harsh style of fighting, Si Tuying's martial arts techniques and skills were much more agile. Although the powers did not match Jiang Fei's Origin Force and Thunder Gale Kick Technique, they were much more agile, easily transformed, and therefore more appropriate for a lady.

"Little Ying, come with me!" Jiang Fei said as he brought Ariel along into his room.

"Oh!" Si Tuying followed behind Jiang Fei. Shang Guanqi, on the other hand, walked into her own room.

As a martial artist, Shang Guanqi knew that stealing techniques from others was a forbidden act. Although she was now Jiang Fei's sister, some rules still had to be adhered to.

However, Shang Guanqi had clearly misunderstood Jiang Fei's intention. He had kept Shang Guanqi out of it mainly because he did not know how to explain the Memory Transfer technique to her. Within a few minutes, Si Tuying would have had the techniques memorized thoroughly. Such advanced technology did not seem appropriate for martial artists.

Although Jiang Fei had bared the truth about Braveheart to Han Tianyu, he was still not strong enough. Therefore, he did not want too many people to know about his secret. It was not that Jiang Fei did not trust Shang Guanqi. It was just too tough a secret to keep. The more people that knew about it, the harder it would be to keep it a secret.

"Ariel!" After Si Tuying had entered Jiang Fei's room, Jiang Fei glanced at Ariel.

"Alright!" Ariel nodded as she waved her hand to create a zone of seclusion in the room.

"Bastard, have you been up to no good with Ariel! Tell me honestly, how many girls have you sexually harassed by doing this?" Si Tuying pointed at Jiang Fei's chest as she spoke.

"If you keep spewing nonsense, I will sexually harass you!" Jiang Fei threatened jokingly.

"Hmph! You're evil! Sister Ariel, he is bullying me!" Si Tuying hid behind Ariel as she laughed.

"Alright. Stop fooling around. I have asked you to come in because I want to transfer martial arts techniques to you!" Jiang Fei stopped smiling and said seriously.

"Oh!" After playing around, Si Tuying became serious again. After all, she treated the matter of capabilities with seriousness as well. Only after improving her capabilities would she be able to help Jiang Fei out. Otherwise, she would only be trapped at home with her worries and concerns.

"Relax your mind. No matter what happens, do not resist it…" Jiang Fei said.

"What do you want to do…" Si Tuying suddenly stepped back, gripping her collars as if Jiang Fei was about to sexually harass her.

"Hey! Can you be serious, please?" Jiang Fei said.

"Hehe!" Si Tuying noticed that Jiang Fei was getting annoyed and therefore stood quietly in front of him immediately.

"Alright! Do it!" Jiang Fei nodded at Ariel. Thereafter, Ariel used her Soul Energy to hypnotize Si Tuying in an instant.
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