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"What should we do now?" 

"Give me a moment. I'll ask Brother Jiang for the location of the closest sect. We should go to them!" said Bai Wanli. 

"I agree with that," said Granny Jinghua. 

"Seconded," said the other sect leader. 

The Snow Mountain Sect and the Aquamoon Heavenly Palace were the two strongest sects in that little coalition force. Even without the other sects joining, their combat prowess would not be affected. To agree with whatever decision they made was the only sensible choice the others had. 

Once a consensus was reached, Bai Wanli contacted Jiang Fei once more to ask for information regarding the safety of the other sects. Jiang Fei informed them in a heartbeat, thinking that they had finally made some progress, albeit being small. He told them that the sect that was currently being hunted by the Mutants were the Rainbow Longsword Sect. For better or worse, they might actually be saved. He did not want the alliance to lose too many of their members. 

"Thank you. We shall help the Rainbow Longsword Sect!" said Bai Wanli as he hung up. Bai Wanli took charge of over 200 martial artists and headed over towards the center of Japan to help the Rainbow Longsword Sect. 

"Bai Wanli should be fine since they had so many of them together. Soaring Cloud Sect might be strong but they will be outnumbered by the Mutants. At best, they might still be able to make it out alive as long as they were smart enough. Xiankong Island Sect and the Zhangle Clan… they might not make it out…" said Jiang Fei to himself as he ran multiple scenarios in his head. 

Even though he wanted martial artists to learn something from this lesson, he did not want to lose too many of them as it would weaken the alliance as a whole. 

"Zhangle Clan is too far away… I guess saving them would be impossible by now. I should focus on Xiankong Island Sect," said Jiang Fei after weighing the pros and cons. 

Zhangle Clan had little members and their overall combat power was low. Jiang Fei did not mind having to weed out the weak since he was not close to them to begin with. He did not even know who their clan leader was! 

Xiankong Island Sect is with one other sect. Together, they make up quite a number of fighters. The Xiankong Island Sect was a famous sect in the alliance, albeit with only over 80 members. The other sect that was with the Xiankong Sect was the Valiant Veridian Sect. The second rated sect was only considered as second rated due to their low number of followers. At best, they were on par with the Green Willow Sect. For this mission, the Valiant Veridian Sect had dispatched over 40 strong fighters. Almost every fighter that was Level 3 and higher were sent into Japan. 

These two sects had over 120 fighters in Japan now. Unfortunately, the number of Level 4 fighters were too little to make an impact. That was why they would never be as prominent as the Soaring Cloud Sect. 

After he had made his decision and planned his route, Jiang Fei faced the resting martial artists in his group. 

"Everyone, I assumed you have plenty of rest now." 

"Yes! Brother Jiang Fei, when can we start fighting?" 

"Brother, we are all ready and waiting to fight! Just give us the signal!" 

"Are they finally here? Are we finally going to kick their butts?" 

Even though they were inexperienced in real life-or-death combat, they still had the confidence for it. As long as they were not ambushed, the group would not fall! It was because of their inexperience to handle unexpected events in a war, being ambushed was akin to a death sentence. However, Jiang Fei was not worried about it. With 0541 helping him, there was a zero percent chance of anyone sneaking in. It was never a problem to actively scan a hundred kilometers around him at all times, hence an ambush was the least of his worries. 

With that thought in mind, Jiang Fei was confident in his fighting skills. The only thing he had to worry about was the actual fighting itself. Now that the stage had been set, it was time to move on. 

"Attention, we are going to bring the fight to them! If anyone had anything against me, please speak out now. I don't want anyone to disobey my orders when we are in a fight. I expect absolute obedience. If you cannot comply, please leave right now. I cannot let one rotten egg to spoil my entire group!" said Jiang Fei with a stern face. 

"Relax, we wouldn't do such a thing!"

"That's right. I would never do anything that would bring shame to my sect!" 

There were so many girls present then. The guys were so pumped as if they were on steroids. It was only a means to show the girls how "manly" they were, in hopes that they could score one of them. 

"Brother Jiang Fei, you are our leader. We will listen to your orders!" 

"We would not disappoint you!" 

While the guys were pumped, the girls were quiet and disciplined. Every one of them clasped their fists together and bowed to Jiang Fei in an orderly fashion. The complete opposite of what the guys were displaying. Only a handful of them kept quiet and said nothing. Those were the girls that had survived the previous battle in Japan. They knew just how terrifying a real battle could be. 

"Everyone ready? Let's move. On me!" 

It was close to noon when Jiang Fei decided to move out. Even though there was a risk of being detected by the Americans, Jiang Fei had made sure to prevent that by having 0541 create a camouflage barrier on top of the group to prevent any high altitude surveillance drones and satellites from spotting them. 

0541's barrier was a huge dome that extended a few hundred meters away from Jiang Fei. Only by entering the barrier could one see their movement. From outside, one could only see the image that was broadcasted by 0541, which was what behind the barrier, minus Jiang Fei and the group of martial artists. 

Jiang Fei was basically running a cross country marathon. Even with martial skills, it would still take some time to reach their destination. The Mutants had it easier since they had the support of the American army. If there was some place that they needed to be, helicopters would be sent out to help them. Not only was it time-saving, but they were also able to save their strength to fight for later! Jiang Fei and the other martial artists had to rely on their own two feet to travel! 

When the sun was high in the sky, someone called in through the communicator asking for reinforcements. 

"We are under attack! Who is the closest to us? Please respond! We need help!" cried the Sect leader of the Rainbow Longsword Sect, Ganyang Zhenren. From the looks of it, he sounded extremely desperate. 

"We are on our way! Hold on!" Bai Wanli immediately replied. Even though they had departed earlier, they were still slower than the Mutants! 

"Brother Bai! We are counting on you! Please hurry!" cried Ganyang Zhenren. When a response for reinforcement came in immediately, he was happy but it was not over just yet. They would still have to survive the attack until Bai Wanli arrives! 

The Mutants that were attacking the Rainbow Longsword Clan were more than they could take. However, it was a frontal attack with no sneaking ambush. Hence, the Rainbow Longsword Sect, as well as the other three sects that were together with them, could still hold them off without sustaining too much damage. So far, none had perished yet.
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