The Almighty Ring
790 Cheerleading Team
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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790 Cheerleading Team

as jiang fei gave the orders, the four tankers in the group immediately charged toward the monsters. although these level 80 lords were considered weak by jiang fei, they were still quite a challenge to normal tankers.

"form a group of three tankers to drag aggro!" seven stars warrior commanded. he was the one in charge of leading the guild in most dungeon quests.

as the four monsters could aggro, a single tanker would not be able to handle these monsters. moreover, these monsters had deadly strike that could slow down the players' recovery rate. therefore, it was safer for three tankers to take on each monster.

"that won't be necessary…" jiang fei smiled as he fired a line of arrows and dragged all four monsters' aggro toward him.

with the boost of ruthless barrage, jiang fei's attack power reached 250,000. moreover, he was ten levels above the monsters. therefore, his damage output was even higher than expected. even if the other tankers attacked the monsters with all their might, they would not possibly drag the monsters' aggro away.

"guild master, are you sure you can handle them?" seven stars warrior asked worriedly.

"they have less than 10,000 attack power. they are of no threat to me!" jiang fei laughed confidently. although the four monsters seemed incredibly powerful to the other players, they appeared weak to jiang fei, just as any monsters below the overlord rank were.

with the cauldron of spirit's incredible recovery effect, jiang fei would not be killed as long as his opponent was unable to kill him with a single attack. he was also unaffected by the deadly strike as the cauldron of spirit improved his passive recovery and did not affect his recovery using active healing skills.

although four level 80 lords were attacking jiang fei at the same time, they were unable to effectively damage him. meanwhile, jiang fei's arrows had significantly reduced their health points.

"let's attack them too…" seven stars warrior sighed in relief when he saw that these monsters barely reduced jiang fei's health points despite their close to 10,000 damage with each attack.

although seven stars warrior gave the order to attack, the players around him were all stunned. before they could even attack, the four monsters had already lost 25% of their health points.

"damn! are we being taken on a ride?"

"guild master, are you planning to fight solo again?"

"this is too much. he has managed to reduce the monsters' health points by 10,000,000 in just a few seconds!"


jiang fei's attack power had reached 250,000 with his ruthless barrage fully stacked. moreover, he was able to fire eight arrows in a second. as such, he was able to deal 2,000,000 damage per second.

although jiang fei was fighting against four monsters simultaneously, he was still shockingly efficient.

"come on! let's help him out. it doesn't matter if we don't deal much damage…" seven stars warrior rolled his eyes. he thought to himself, 'this guild master is way too powerful. he is stronger than a group of one hundred players!'

in less than half a minute, jiang fei had managed to kill all four gatekeepers. the players around jiang fei were dumbfounded as they stared at the four shiny corpses. the heroic mode dungeon seemed to be even easier than a normal mode dungeon.

"come on. let's see what you've got!" jiang fei flipped the corpses over. he was already used to fighting overlords. therefore, these lord ranked monsters were nothing to him.

dragonoid's crest (pet egg, epic)

use: removes the seal to summon a dragonoid guard as your pet.

"damn! these gatekeepers have actually dropped pet eggs?!" jiang fei was stunned. each of the gatekeeping monsters had dropped a dragonoid's crest that could be used to summon an epic pet.

"it appears that this dungeon purely provides pet eggs. there probably won't be any equipment rewarded," lady casanova said.

"i think so too. the four easier dungeons probably provide pet eggs of lower ranks," little rain said.

"if the gatekeepers already dropped epic pet eggs, the monsters we will meet later will probably drop legendary pet eggs!" seven stars warrior appeared even more excited. after all, he had specifically come for the high-tier pets.

"you guys can distribute these four dragonoid pet eggs among yourselves!" jiang fei handed the pet eggs over to lady casanova and seven stars warrior so that they could distribute them.

"come on! it's an auction using guild contribution points. the same rules apply. whoever wants these eggs, start bidding now!" lady casanova shouted in the group channel.



"i'm calling 60!"

"i'm calling 80!"


although seven stars warrior did not care about these dragonoid pet eggs, the normal members did. after all, they did not have guild contribution points as high as that of seven stars warrior and those like him. even if the dragon pet eggs appeared, they would not be able to afford them. therefore, these normal members could only keep their eyes on the lesser pet eggs before them.

despite being slightly weaker, the dragonoid pet eggs were still related to the dragon bloodline and were ranked as epic pet eggs. they would still be deemed priceless in the market. therefore, the normal members in empyreal dragon were still largely attracted to them.

very soon, the four pet eggs were auctioned off at an average of 120 guild contribution points. for normal players, 120 guild contributions was a huge sum. the amount was sufficient to be traded for an entire set of epic level 70 equipment.

"let's move forward!" jiang fei said after seeing that the battle rewards had been distributed.

after getting past the gatekeepers, jiang fei and the rest officially entered the dungeon. monsters started appearing. although these were small monsters, they were all ranked at advanced elite and above. leader ranked monsters were aplenty.

these monsters typically came in a group consisting of dragonoids and baby dragons. they belonged to the light-based dragon race and were around level 75. on average, one group would have thirty to forty monsters that were slightly challenging to most players.

"come on! tankers, get ready to drag aggro!" seven stars warrior ordered as he charged toward the monsters

"attack! attack! don't hesitate! kill them directly!" jiang fei did not care about formations and synergies. with his incredible capabilities, all he needed to do was open fire.

zoom! zoom! 

jiang fei immediately started firing arrows at the monsters. although he was alone and had only one bow, he was able to fire a barrage of arrows at the monsters with his shocking attack speed.

as jiang fei started attacking, multiples monsters started falling to the ground. although these were all advance elite monsters, they were killed instantly after being hit by two or three of jiang fei's arrows.

"damn! it appears that we can sit out on this one too. we just need to enjoy the ride!"

"guild master, you can do it!"

"we love you, guild master!"


in the beginning, seven stars warrior and the rest would still try to help jiang fei out. however, toward the end, they stopped because their targets would be instantly killed by jiang fei before their arrows or magic spells even reached the intended targets. as such, jiang fei's teammates had suddenly become his personal cheerleading team.

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