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While Jiang Fei waited for Hong Yu to become familiar with her new body, some people were having a tough time.

The Mutants planned to make America's fleet attack the martial artists continuously with scientific and technological weapons to make the martial artists struggle. When the martial artists become exhausted, the Mutants would come and clean up the mess.

However, due to Jiang Fei's existence, most of the martial artists, including Bai Wanli, had been hidden. Only Soaring Cloud Sect was still exposed to the American fleet!

So, tragedy befell Soaring Cloud Sect!

Since yesterday morning, the people from Soaring Cloud Sect have been attacked by missiles, just like how Bai Wanli and the others were attacked previously. Although the American fleet used conventional missiles, one whole day of missile attacks had caused Soaring Cloud Sect to lose two Level 3 martial artists.

The two Level 3 martial artists were already seriously injured from the battle with the Mutants previously, so they did not manage to dodge the missile attacks. The missiles hit them directly and blew them into pieces.

After a whole day of continuous missile attacks, Soaring Cloud Sect had only lost two people so far. Moreover, the two martial artists were killed because they were already seriously injured, to begin with. However, the American fleet's attacks gave the people from Soaring Cloud Sect no breathing space at all. They were all badly frightened.

"Master, let's take a break! Our young disciples can't take it anymore," a Soaring Cloud Sect elder advised.

"No! We can't afford to. You do know that we'll be attacked as soon as we stop, right?" Ye Tianshun said with a glare. As he was a peak Level 4 martial artist, running the whole day was still acceptable to him.

"Master! We should take a break. If we continue running like this, our low-leveled disciples will probably exhaust themselves to death before they're even blasted by the missiles!" Chen Xuanming pleaded with Ma Xuantong.

"Well… " Ma Xuantong was hesitant. He was not blind. He could clearly tell that the disciples around him were exhausted. However, what Ye Tianshun said was right. If they stopped moving, the attacks would come again.

"Master, why don't we ask some other Sects for help? We can see if they have any ways to avoid these attacks!" Feng Xuanyi advised.

"That's ridiculous! We're the Soaring Cloud Sect. How can we possibly go and ask the inferior Sects for help?" Before Ma Xuantong could speak, Ye Tianshun said with a glare.

"You're the one being ridiculous. Should all the disciples of Soaring Cloud Sect die in vain just because you want to protect your worthless reputation?" Feng Xuanyi was also really anxious at this time, so he spat at Ye Tianshun directly.

"What? How dare you talk to me like that?" Ye Tianshun waved his hand and released a wave of energy, which sent Feng Xuanyi flying five or six meters away.

"Cough… " Feng Xuanyi coughed out a mouthful of blood. It was clear that he had had a major internal injury.

"Ye Tianshun! What the hell are you doing?!" Chen Xuanming ran to Feng Xuanyi's side. He held Feng Xuanyi up and asked, "Brother Feng, are you okay?"

"Does it matter if I'm okay or not? Everyone is going to die here today anyway. Is there a difference between dying at the hands of this bastard who had brought disaster to the Soaring Cloud Sect or of the Mutants?" Feng Xuanyi clenched his teeth and said, ready to risk everything. He was staring at Ye Tianshun with no fear in his eyes!

"Hmph! Feng Xuanyi, is this how you talk to your senior?" Ye Tianshun's eyes were cold. He was ready to kill. He was the great elder of Soaring Cloud Sect, a senior to Feng Xuanyi and the others. So, he had great power in Soaring Cloud Sect.

"Kill me if you dare. Instead of watching all our disciples die because of your stupidity, I would rather die in front of them!" Feng Xuanyi struggled to stand up, then shouted.

"Hmph! Since you want to die, I shall grant you your wish!" Ye Tianshun's eyebrows lifted. It was evident that he was going to kill Feng Xuanyi.

"If you're going to kill him, kill me too!" Chen Xuanming suddenly stood in front of Feng Xuanyi.

"Chen Xuanming, do you think that I won't dare to kill you?" Ye Tianshun said very coldly.

"Great elder, kill us too!"

"Yeah! We can't run anymore anyway. You can kill us now and relieve us of our pain and suffering!"

"Yes! I'm willing to die alongside Master Feng!"


When they saw that Ye Tianshun was actually going to kill Chen Xuanming, the disciples in the back could not take it anymore. Before this, when Ye Tianshun suddenly attacked Feng Xuanyi, they were already furious. However, because Ye Tianshun had great power in Soaring Cloud Sect, these disciples did not dare to speak up even though they were angry.

Now, the two seniors that were speaking on their behalf were in trouble and were about to be killed. So, these disciples of three generations could not stand it anymore.

"Okay! All of you want to rebel, right? If that's the case, I'll house clean the entire Sect today!" Ye Tianshun was extremely angry at this time. A group of disciples of three generations actually dared to go against him. He was burning in anger and he was ready to kill them all.

Ye Tianshun almost could not contain his anger anymore. Although he could actually kill them all, he was a little hesitant when it came to Chen Xuanming and Feng Xuanyi as they were also elders of the Soaring Cloud Sect. However, he could easily kill a few generations of disciples.

"Great elders, calm down..." Ma Xuantong quickly stopped Ye Tianshun. Initially, Ma Xuantong was just watching from the side, not saying anything. However, this was because he could not bring himself to speak.

To be fair, what Feng Xuanyi and Chen Xuanming said were undoubtedly right. However, the problem was that Ye Tianshun was a great elder and also their senior. Ma Xuantong had to respect Ye Tianshun. Moreover, the old ancestor Feng Tianqi had also taken Ye Tianshun in as his disciple. This made Ma Xuantong even more hesitant. So, he just watched and did not dare to speak. Even when Feng Xuanyi was attacked, he kept quiet.

Now, however, he could not keep quiet anymore. Seeing that Ye Tianshun was really about to kill some of them, Ma Xuantong could not sit back and ignore it anymore. If Ye Tianshun killed several generations of disciples, then it would be over for Soaring Cloud Sect. Soaring Cloud Sect would be destroyed even before the Mutants attacked them.

"What? Do you have any advice?" Ye Tianshun could get rid of Feng Xuanyi without thinking twice. However, Ma Xuantong was still pretty important to him.

"Great elder, this is not the time for internal conflicts!" Ma Xuantong also had a severe headache. He clearly knew that Ye Tianshun was the thorn in Soaring Cloud Sect's flesh. However, this great elder was the one who saw his talent and accepted him as a disciple. So, Ma Xuantong was in an extremely difficult position.

"What are you talking about? I just want to discipline these disobedient juniors. As a great elder, do I not have such a right?" Ye Tianshun was not giving in to Ma Xuantong at all. As he had Feng Tianqi to support him, he already saw himself as the absolute leader Soaring Cloud Sect. So, he could not tolerate anyone who dared to go against him.
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