The Almighty Ring
802 Leaving
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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802 Leaving

"grand elder, that is not what i meant. understand the situation that we are in now. we are facing an enemy with a larger force. it is all the reason why we need to work together. if we are fighting amongst ourselves, we will only become a laughing stock for the enemy," said ma xuantong calmly. 

"it is exactly the reason why i am silencing these runts! i would not like them to cause trouble to the entire sect for a stupid reason!" ye tianshun roared. ma xuantong had never thought that ye tianshun would not even listen to him. the man had clearly steeled his decision to kill those level 3 disciples. 

"sect leader, since the grand elder is clear with his intention. we shall take our leave," said chen xuanming when he saw that ma xuantong was torn. he carried feng xuanyi and went their own way. 

"master chen, we will follow you!" 

"me too!" 


when chen xuanming had failed to reason with ye tianshun and had left with feng xuanyi, almost fifty level 3 disciples had followed them. they knew very well if they decided to follow the main group, they would be killed, not by the enemy, but by ye tianshun. 

"brother chen, brother feng, please… " cried ma xuantong as he tried to chase after them. if they left, the entire soaring cloud sect would be divided. they would lose their fighting force! 

"let them go! we don't need weaklings in our sect!" said ye tianshun, he had clearly not learned his lesson. 

"... " ma xuantong sighed heavily. even though he was the sect leader, ye tianshun was his senior and the personal disciple of the great master of soaring cloud sect, feng tianqi. if he tried anything to dethrone him of his authority, then, there would be consequences. 

"sect leader, i know that you are a man of wisdom. if we continue on like this, none of us is leaving japan alive. i know that our survivability will drop to zero once we leave the main group, but i would rather die in the hands of the enemy than in the hands of that senile old man," said chen xuanming. he then turned away with feng xuanyi on his shoulders, leading more than fifty level 3 disciples away. 

"hmph! spineless runts! let them go! at least we now know that the weak are gone!" ye tianshun scoffed. 

ma xuantong gazed at the leaving party and sighed once more. 

"let's go," said ma xuantong as he led the main group in the opposite direction. the communicator that jiang fei had given him was in his hands. chen xuanming's group had no means of communicating with the other group, leaving them open for attacks without any ability to summon reinforcements. worst of all, they had only two level 4 fighters and one of them was already injured by ye tianshun. 

ma xuantong's current group size was smaller than chen's. however, they were about the same as chen since they had over twenty level 4 fighters. even though they had only one-third of chen's group member. their combat power was still on par. 

ma xuantong had never once used the communicator that jiang fei had given him. hence, jiang fei did not know where and how the soaring cloud sect was. concurrently, he was watching hong yu mastering the skills and arts that 0541 had imprinted in her mind. 

when the sun was rising from the horizon, hong yu had gotten used to her new body. even though her combat skill was not yet sharpened, she could at least gauge her own power and know her limits. that alone was enough to join the fight. 

"alright. let's go," said jiang fei. 

ariel, who was laying next jiang fei's shoulder, jumped to her feet and nodded. 

"yes, my lord!" said hong yu as she stood as still as a pole and saluted. 

"hey… need i remind you again that you should never, ever call me that. from here on out, only address me as 'brother'! remember, we are students under the same roof. that is all!" said jiang fei as he frowned. 

like the other girls that he had brought into this world, he had told hong yu about the situation they were in and that she must never address jiang fei as "my lord" when others were present. unfortunately, this female commander had gotten too used to the military's conform that it would take some time before she could kick the habit. 

"sir, yes… i mean… yes, brother…" said hong yu as she tried her best to follow jiang fei's order. 

"haha… it's fine. always mind your words. you might get me in trouble," said jiang fei. 

"mhm," hong yu nodded. the girl was smart. she knew that she might take some time before she could get used to calling her master as "brother". as a precaution, she had decided to just stay quiet most of the time in case she slipped. 

"alright then, follow me," said jiang fei as he returned to the cave. 

"brother jiang! you've finally returned! brother bai here is worried sick that he had even started to pray to his ancestors!" said yan wentao as he greeted jiang fei. 

"hah. didn't i say about fetching a junior of mine?" said jiang fei as he introduced hong yu to the group. 

"please, little lady. have a rest here," said yan wentao as he invited jiang fei and the rest inside the cave. ever since jiang fei had informed how the americans were locating them, these martial artists had learned their lesson and dared not leave the cave during the day. 

"brother jiang fei! you've returned!" cried bai wanli happily. 

"thanks. ah. this is my junior. her name is hong yu," said jiang fei 

"please to meet you, miss hong yu!" 


hong yu kept quiet and merely nodded at bai wanli's polite gesture. from bai wanli's point of view, it was only natural for a young girl to be shy when meeting a stranger. hence, he had accepted the odd behavior. 

"brother jiang fei, have you received any news about military reinforcement?" bai wanli asked. it was the thought that was in his mind for a while; hence, he did not bother wasting time trying to butter him up. 

"erhm... " 

jiang fei was caught off guard. the reinforcement from the military had been delayed repeatedly and there was still no news about them. 

"what's wrong? did something happen?" bai wanli asked again, only this time, he grew anxious.

the martial artists had previously underestimated normal humans capabilities and had suffered a great loss when they were attacked by missiles and the mutants. knowing their true strength, the same martial artists dared not lead their disciples to roam the island anymore. all of them wanted military support to help them. 

"i'll ask again," said jiang fei.

he did not realize it until now, but he did feel odd that the military had not answered him. once he was out of the cave and at a faraway place, he contacted han tianyu once more. 

"brother yu, where is my support? what is going on with the military?" jiang fei asked. 

"urgh… there's a problem here and they need to solve them first. it might take some time…" said han tianyu as he struggled with his words. he needed to obey qin tian's order if he wanted to live. 

"how long?" jiang fei asked. 

"one… two days max. they are asking you to fight the mutants when you can and they will provide support!" said han tianyu as he followed the scripted words by qin tian. 

"brother yu! what's wrong with you? you're behaving abnormally these days!" said jiang fei.

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