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"Little Rain! Run!" cried Seven Star Warrior. If Little Rains stood there, the other players would have no choice but to run away. However, if they did, the formation would be a mess. If the boss had decided to use another skill right away, the party would face another trial. 

"Alright!" cried Little Rain as he ran behind the crowd. 

"My dessert! Come here!" cried Waldos. 

A binding light whip flashed from Waldos' palm and curled itself around Little Rain. In the next instant, he was dragged in front of him. 

"Little one! I will enjoy you slowly!" said Waldos as he swallowed Little Rain in one clean gulp. 

"Crap! I need heals! I need heals right now!" cried Littler Rain from inside the boss's stomach. 

Ticking Bomb would have a 5,000 Fire damage per second, paired with Waldos' Swallow skill, Little Rain was taking another 5,000 damage per second DoT effect. It would take a long time for him to die!

"Little Rain, you're on your own! Healers can't heal you because you are out of sight!" cried Seven Star Warrior. 

"No sh*t!" Little Rain grunted. 

Even though healers could heal from a faraway distance, they would still need a line of sight to the healing target. Sadly, even if the healers were standing next to the boss stomach, they could not heal Little Rain since they could not literally see him! 

"F*ck me! My mana is running out!" cried Little Rain as he panicked. 

Mana Crystals!

Desperate, Little Rain used the Mana Crystal to immediately restore 20% of his Mana pool. With enough mana, he would be able to deploy Mana Shield to mitigate the damage dealt to him and survive. 

Fortunately, Little Rain had survived for the entire duration of Swallow. After ten seconds, the boss vomited him. 

"That's scary! One more second and I'm done for!" cried Little Rain. 

"It matters not if you lived. Just don't feed the boss and let him recover health points!" said Seven Star Warrior as he chuckled. 

"Hey, have a little sympathy here! I was literally in the belly of the beast!" 

While the two were talking nonchalantly, Jiang Fei had already dealt so much damage to the boss. At this point, the boss had only over 20,000,000 health points left. 

"Use your ultimate skill!" cried Anew Returner as he cheered for Jiang Fei. 

"Relax. Take it slow. One needs to have patience!" said Jiang Fei. The boss was still able to use Illuminating Return. If Jiang Fei used Dragon's Bane now, the boss would survive the attack and might pick up the spear to use it against Jiang Fei!

After several more minutes, Waldos' health points were almost gone. 

"I've underestimated you all! But this isn't over! Hmph!" Waldos roared and activated Illuminating Return to restore his health. 

"There is it! Time to kill him now! Don't let the boss kill you when you're in his stomach!" cried Jiang Fei. If they were killed in his stomach, the boss would restore health points! 

After healing himself, Waldos' skills was unleashed at a faster rate. Garien had also joined the sudden amok and used just as many skills as Waldos. Jiang Fei aside, the other party members had to run around faster than ever. That only showed how strong were these two bosses were. 

As everyone besides Jiang Fei was always running around, they did not have enough time to stand still to attack. Without Jiang Fei, the almost-invulnerable cannon to attack, there was no way the party could finish the boss fight without everyone dying. It was all thanks to Jiang Fei's crazy strength to deal over one million damage per second. If it were not for him, Waldos could never be killed with his Illuminating Return skill. 

"Waldos? Are you dead?" Garien roared angrily. 

"What a useless one! Even so, I will not forgive you ants for killing Waldos! All of you shall die!" 

Once the partner was dead, Garien went on a berserk. His skills were cast one after another with only a few seconds gap in between. Flame Burst was even used once after every three Fireballs! 

"This is bad… I think," said Jiang Fei to himself. The damage dealt by Flame Burst was worrisome since the skill Pain Suppressor could not be used by the Priest as fast as Garien used Flame Burst. Although without a barrier on him, Jiang Fei could still survive being hit by Flame Burst. The only thing that kept him on the edge was Critical hit. If Flame Burst triggered a Critical hit, Jiang Fei would surely die! 

For having a high magic attack, Garien lacked the one thing that Jiang Fei was happy to exploit, Defense. As a magician, Garien's Defense was less than half of what Waldos had. The same went for his health points as well! Jiang Fei had taken less than half the time to take away more than 50% of Garien's health points. 

"Time to die!" Jiang Fei roared as he hurled the Dragon's Bane and killed Garien. 


"It's finally over!" Little Rain blurted. Everyone else sighed in relief once the boss was killed. Even though Jiang Fei had already done his best, everyone else still felt the battle had taken too long. Everyone was constantly running around, trying their best not to be killed or snatched by the boss. 

"What's the drop?" Lady Casanova barked, interested. 

"I'll check it out," Jiang Fei snorted as he picked up Dragon's Bane first before checking the boss's drops. 

Black Dragon Command Order (Magic) (Pet Egg, Legendary)

Use: Once unsealed, summons a Black Draconian Destroyer to be your pet!

Black Dragon Command Order (Defense) (Pet Egg, Legendary) 

Use: Once unsealed, summons a Black Draconian Defender to be your pet!

The two bosses dropped one pet egg respectively. Garien, the magician, had dropped a magic-type pet egg while Waldos, the tank had dropped a tank-type pet egg.

"It's auction time! Guys!" cried Jiang Fei to liven up the mood. 

"200! I want the Destroyer!" cried Lady Casanova as she threw everything into the pot. 

"Lady Casanova, you're no lady!" said Little Rain. Ever since he had played the same way, by throwing everything he had into the pot, he had started to look down on others who had offered points that were lower than him. Seven Star Warrior did not throw everything he had, but he had used up all his contribution points to buy Magic Crystals to feed his pet. That was why Little Rain was fine with Seven Star Warrior but not Lady Casanova. 

"Little Rain… I know you don't like me but guess what, I don't like seeing your head attached to your neck," said Lady Casanova with an eerie smile. 

"Urgh… Erhm… Oh my… what's that over there?" Little Rain stammered as he tried to run away from Lady Casanova's menacing pose. The lady was indeed behaving unladylike but who could call her out for it? Not even Billy Boy could advise her to change her ways! 

"Hmph! Calling me unladylike is a bit…" Lady Casanova murmured softly to herself. 

"Is there anyone else?" Jiang Fei called. 

"Let Lady Casanova have it!" 

"Yeah! Let her have it!" 

"She deserves it!" Little Rain bellowed from the back, making sure that no one knew that he was the one who said that. 

Everyone in the guild loves having her around. Even though she was more butch than Jiang Fei, she was adored by all. Even though the price she had placed was not high, no one would raise a higher price to take the pet away from Lady Casanova.
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