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Once she had won the Black Dragon Commander Order, Lady Casanova immediately unsealed it and summoned it. 

A ball of faint light appeared in front of her and a tall, skinny Draconian appeared in front of Lady Casanova. There was nothing much to say since it looked exactly like a miniature version of Garien. Even so, it stood at two meters tall, taller than the average player, but not Lady Casanova! 


A golden light cage encased both Lady Casanova and the Black Draconian Destroyer. Once the pet contract was signed by Lady Casanova, the cage made of light dissipated and she had officially obtained a new pet. 

"How is he?" said Little Rain as he pushed himself through the crowd to see the pet. 

"Quite good! I like it!" Lady Casanova commended before she posted the pet's attribute for everyone to see. 

Black Draconian Destroyer (Pet, Legendary) 

Level: 75

Health Points: 110,000

Magic Attack: 8,800

Skills: Mega Fireball, Flame Burst, Flame Barrier, Rising Heat

Mega Fireball: Casts a huge fireball after two seconds of chanting. Deals powerful damage. 

Flame Burst: Casts an ultra-large fireball after six seconds of chanting. Deals powerful damage and burns the target. 

Flame Barrier: Erects a magical barrier and increases 20% Physical and Magic Defense. Any melee attackers will receive medium flame damage if they attack the caster when the barrier is active. 

Rising Heat: Marks a spot and set it on fire after five seconds. Deals fire damage to all targets inside the marked location. 

The pet's health points and Defense stat was only normal. It was almost the same as a Normal tier and even an Epic tier pet. One could never tell the difference by simply judging its health points. However, its magic attack was superior to the average pet. The Destroyer was capable of being a powerful attacker provided that someone was there to protect him! That was where Lady Casanova came in. 

The pet had two of Garien's original skills. The giant fireball skill and the Flame Burst skill. It was powerful, but it was not a boss. The Black Draconian Destroyer could be easily interrupted or be cast Silence. Its prowess could only shine if Lady Casanova protected the little draconian mage. 

"Not bad! Lady Casanova. Now you can also be on the offense!" said Jiang Fei, satisfied with the outcome. Lady Casanova was supposed to be a DPS class warrior, but since she had chosen to put on Heavy Armor equipment, she had built her stats leaning toward Defense. Her skill set was also built to be a Crowd Controller to disable other monsters or players. Now that she had a pet, she could contribute more to DPS! 

"Alright guys, there's one more here! Who wants it?" cried Jiang Fei once more. 

"Here! Here! I have 100!"





"Can I have this one? I'll offer 200 points!"

When the crowd was shouting out their offers, a sudden crisp, loud, cute voice of a girl came to attention. 

"Mengmeng? You want that?" asked another player who had 150 points to offer. 

"Yes! I need a strong bodyguard!" said Cutie Pie as she smiled bashfully. She was a bow user and even though her class had the strongest Defense, it was still very weak when compared to a warrior. Hence, having a powerful tank-type pet to help her control the monsters coming at her would definitely boost her rate of attack. 

"Hmm. Alright then. I'll back down," said that player. He backed down since Cutie Pie was… extremely cute and 200 contribution points was not a low number for a regular member. 

"No other offers? She's gonna get it!" Jiang Fei confirmed with everyone else before handing the second Commander Order to Cutie Pie. 

"Thanks guys! Please be as cute as me!" Cutie Pie beamed as she picked up the pet egg and unsealed it. 

After the ball of light dissipated, a fatter, shorter Draconian guard appeared next to Cutie Pie. Like Lady Casanova, this Draconian Guard looked exactly like Waldos, except smaller… and cuter? That was what Cutie Pie thought. It was small, round, and cute, nothing manacing like the large counterpart. 

A cute little girl with a round little pet was a perfect pair. Even though it was cute, the Black Draconian Defender was powerful! 

"Let us see the pet's stats!" Lady Casanova barked. 

"Alright… Here it is!" 

Black Draconian Defender (Pet, Legendary) 

Level: 76

Health Points: 550,000

Attack Power: 2,500

Skills: Armored Bulwork, Taunt, Torture, Maim, Hold Down

Armored Bulwork: Erects a barrier capable of absorbing damage. When the barrier is active, increases 30% Defense point. 

Taunt: Taunts a target. Generates powerful aggro on a target and force the target to attack the Defender for two seconds. Ineffective against players. 

Torture: Makes an ear-piercing shriek, generating powerful aggro on all targets and reduces targets' 50% movement speed for three seconds. 

Maim: Attacks a target immediately and deals medium damage to the target. Reduces 20% movement speed and attack speed of the target. Last for five seconds. 

Hold Down: Pins down a target for five seconds, preventing the target from doing absolutely anything. 

The Black Draconian Defender's Legendary tier was nothing special. Once Cutie Pie had made a contract with the little ball, it reached Level 76 in an instant. 

This pet was one level higher than Anew Returner's pet, but it had 550,000 health points. It was obvious to everyone that this pet was a tank with extremely low attack power. While it was not suitable to be a bouncer, it was suitable to be a tank to take all the damage in Cutie Pie's stead. The pet was deemed as strong since it had more than one aggro generating skills that were useful in PvE battles. It was also useful in PvP battles since it had many disabling skills to slow down and even stop a player from doing anything! 

"Ohh... There are no merging skills…" Cutie Pie murmured disappointingly. She had hoped for skills like Anew Returner's pet. 

"Actually, it was better for you to not have a merging skill. In fact, it would only slow your DPS down. Think about it. You're a ranged attacker. If the pet had a merging skill, you would need to run around to attack a target. Wouldn't that be time-consuming?" Seven Star Warrior suggested after he had looked through the skill set. 

"Oh! That's right! With him standing in the front, I can safely attack from behind!" Cutie Pie exclaimed happily after she had understood what Seven Star Warrior was telling her. As a bow user of the Empyreal Dragon, her DPS was considered as the top tier lineup in the guild. If she did not need to move around too much, she could focus solely on attacking! If she did, not even a tank at the same level as she could stand for long being attacked.
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