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Jiang Fei was not surprised that the second boss was a true Overlord. After all, the first boss was already a Highlord. The second boss would rightfully be stronger than the first.

With over 100,000,000 Health Points and over 30,000 Attack Power, the Golden Dragon Prince was indeed a powerful Overlord. Apart from the lack of intelligence, he was basically on par with Hua Mulan and Sylphy.

"Guild master, can we defeat this one?" Lady Casanova asked. After all, the boss seemed to be far too powerful in the eyes of these normal players. They would have to depend on Jiang Fei entirely. If Jiang Fei said it was impossible, they would have no choice but to give up.

"Let's give it a shot. I think it's not quite impossible," Jiang Fei said after some thought. Under normal circumstances, he might not actually be able to defeat an Overlord. However, if Jiang Fei transformed into a Covet Nephilim, he still stood a chance.

"Guild master, we trust in you! We'll sit this one out," Little Rain said as he laughed.

"Alright then. I will begin attacking!" Since Jiang Fei had decided to transform, he would not require his teammates to provide any form of assistance. Therefore, Jiang did not provide them with any tasks and he immediately started attacking the boss.

Zoom! Zoom!

As a series of arrows were fired at the Golden Dragon Prince, the battle was initiated.

"Invaders? Have you actually made it here?"

"Hahaha! Sister! We have new toys!"

The Golden Dragon Prince let out a loud cry. Thereafter, the sound of another Dragon could be heard.

Flap! Flap!

Another Golden Dragon appeared before Jiang Fei and the rest.

"Darn! It's not a small monster! It's actually another Overlord!" Jiang Fei was surprised when he saw that another Overlord Dragon appeared.

Golden Dragon Princess, Lorreinicht (Dragon Race, Overlord)

Level: 90

Health Points: 110,000,000

Attack Power: 30,000

Skills: Claw, Lightning Roar, Power Charge, Power Surge, Lightning Surge.

Claw: Instantly deal significant damage to the current target.

Lightning Roar: Emit lightning energy to deal significant damage to enemies in a cone-shaped area, whilst also activating the underground mechanism.

Power Charge: The Golden Dragon Princess continuously charges herself throughout the battle. Moreover, whenever the Golden Dragon Prince uses Lightning Release, she would also be charged. When Lorreinicht is fully charged, she will detonate the energy to kill everyone around her instantly.

Power Surge: Once the Golden Dragon Prince uses three lightning skills, Lorreinicht would obtain sufficient lightning energy to use Power Surge, dealing 50,000 damage to all players.

Lightning Surge: Lorreinicht releases electricity through the jewels around her to deal 30,000 lightning damage to targets in a 60-meter radius.

"Get ready to die!" Jiang Fei knew he could not protect his teammates after seeing the Golden Dragon Princess' attributes. The damage she dealt was far too high, with one skill dealing 30,000 damage and the other dealing 50,000 damage. Apart from tankers, none of the other players around Jiang Fei would be able to survive such damage. Even if the tankers were able to survive one or two attacks, they would not be able to sustain themselves for very long after all the Clerics were killed.

In simple terms, this dungeon was not meant for Level 70 or Level 80 players. Therefore, the damage dealt by the monsters were significantly higher than the amount of Health Points most players had. As such, it was pointless even if the players had very good battle techniques as the monsters' skills could easily wipe them out.


As the Golden Dragon Princess appeared, the two monsters started attacking Jiang Fei.

Battle Form!

Jiang Fei did not waste any time either. He immediately transformed into the Covet Nephilim state.

"Damn! Is he planning to fight against two Overlords on his own?"

"So what? He had already killed a Celestial in the past!"

"That's true. One Ancient Celestial would probably be stronger than two Overlords!"

As Jiang Fei started fighting the monsters, the players behind him entered a heated discussion. They had already given up on helping Jiang Fei out. All they could do was wait for their own deaths after the two monsters used their skills.

Unholy Desire! 3x boost!

With the Cauldron of Spirit's recovery effect, Jiang Fei was not worried about wasting his Mana Points. He immediately activated the 3x boost. Right then, his Attack Power and Defense were increased by 3x. Coupled with the Chaotic Attack and godly Defense attributes from his Covet Nephilim state, Jiang Fei's capabilities increased by at least ten-fold.

Shadow Clone!

Jiang Fei activated yet another skill. Since the Golden Dragon Prince summoned his sister to aid him in battle, Jiang Fei also summoned three equally capable clones to help him out.

Zoom! Zoom!

Jiang Fei and his three clones simultaneously started firing arrows at Lorreinicht.

As the Golden Dragon Prince would use Lightning Release for every 10% Health Points he lost, which would charge Lorreinicht and end up killing everyone around, Jiang Fei understood that he had to first kill the Golden Dragon Princess.

Jiang Fei's Attack Power skyrocketed with the stacks of Ruthless Barrage.

The 3x boost coupled with Ruthless Barrage gave Jiang Fei up to 750,000 Attack Power. Moreover, Jiang Fei was able to fire eight arrows every second. With his clones, Jiang Fei was able to fire a total of twenty-four arrows every second.

As Jiang Fei was under the Covet Nephilim state, he was able to deal Chaotic damage which meant his attacks ignored the enemy's Defense. As such, he was able to reduce his target's Health Points directly.

Therefore, Jiang Fei was able to deal a shocking 18,000,000 damage every second.

Although Lorreinicht had over 100,000,000 Health Points, she was still helpless against such a frightening opponent.

In the blink of an eye, the Golden Dragon Princess lost 20% of her Health Points.

"How dare you retaliate?"

"You have angered me!"

As the Golden Dragon Princess lost 20% of her Health Points, two of her skills were activated.


The two Golden Dragons used Lightning Roar at the same time.



The two lines of damage appeared above Jiang Fei's head simultaneously. However, Jiang Fei was able to fully recover his Health Points within one second with the help of the Cauldron of Spirit.

However, after the Lightning Roar was used, the mechanisms buried underground were instantly activated.

Crack! Crack!

Countless golems surfaced from the ground below Jiang Fei. As soon as they appeared, some of them charged toward Jiang Fei while the rest headed for the players around him.
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