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"Tanks, take on the puppets!" Seven Star Warrior commanded. When Jiang Fei declared that everyone might die in the battle, the rest of the party had come to terms that they would be a benchwarmer. Even so, they would not allow themselves to be killed by mere monsters!

"Got it!" Anew Returner was the first to respond. He led the team of tanks and took control of the summoned puppets. 

"Healers, you're up!" Seven Star Warrior continued to orchestrate the fight. Those puppets might be monsters but they were all Level 88 Leader tier mini-bosses. They could not afford to treat these puppets as normal monsters. 

"Have fun," said Jiang Fei, leaving the party to handle them on their own while he started to fight the boss. 

One of the problems of the boss was its ability to continuously summon new puppets from the ground after executing an electric-based attack. These Level 88 monsters were problematic and it would only get tougher if the party did not eliminate them quickly. 

"Submit to me!" the Golden Dragon Prince roared. Five random players were selected and forced to walk towards the portal at the center of the battlefield. 

"Stop them!" Seven Star Warrior yelled. If those players walked into the portal, not only would they die instantly, a powerful boss would be summoned too!




Voodoo Art!

All kinds of disabling skills were casted and used to stop the players from moving. Because they were controlled by the boss, they became hostile targets momentarily, allowing players to attack and use skills on them.

"Insects! Do you think you're strong? You have never known true strength! I shall show you what true strength can do!" 

Both the Dragon Prince and the Dragon Princess roared together, creating four Lighting Orbs that floated around the Dragon Princess. 

Crack! Thoom! 

The orbs crackled with electricity before exploding into an electric storm that extended up to 60 meters around the Dragon Princess. 



"Ding! Your party member XXX has died!"

"Ding! Your party member XXX has died!"

Roughly 20 players that were standing too close got caught by the electric storm and were killed instantly. Only four players with higher health points were able to survive the attack!

"Aaargh! Stop struggling and die already!" Jiang Fei roared as he unleashed as many arrows as he could to attack the slightly smaller Dragon Princess. 

When the Golden Dragon Princess had over 50% health points left, she managed to charge Power Surge. 

"I will exterminate all you ants!" the Dragon Princess roared deafeningly. Unlike the previous electric storm that resembled a small tesla spark, a lightning storm was released with bigger, more terrifying bolts of lightning. 



"Ding! Your party member XXX has died!"

"Ding! Your party member XXX has died!"

Before everyone could regroup after the first large AoE attack, the second AoE wiped out almost all of Jiang Fei's party. Those that were petrified from the first attack died without knowing what had happened. 

Right then, the only players that survived were Jiang Fei and the tanks. Without the support of the healers, these tanks would still die under the attacks of mechanical puppets. 

"Ding! Your party member XXX has died!"

"Ding! Your party member XXX has died!"

A few seconds later, after receiving multiple system notifications about the death of his party members, everything went quiet besides the deafening roar of the Dragons. It took him several seconds to realize that the system notification had stopped chiming! All of Jiang Fei's party members had died! 

"The monsters are filling up the room…" Jiang Fei grunted. Currently, he was still able to handle the pressure being attacked by all the monsters and bosses. However, if the puppets continued to spawn, Jiang Fei might even have trouble attacking. 

Venomous Blood!

Jiang Fei used the skill that came with the Crimson Reaper cape. It was a skill that he had never used before. 

Venomous Blood: Inflicts poison on a target, causing them to lose 1% of their Health Points every second for 30 seconds. Within the active time duration, anyone who attacks the target will restore 20% Health points. 5 minutes cooldown time. 

With such a powerful Lifesteal effect, Jiang Fei could last a bit longer but the main point of the skill was the 1% maximum health point reduction per second. Even though it was slow but every ounce of effort was worth its while. At this point, the Golden Dragon Princess had a little less than 20% Health Points left. It would be a confirmed kill if Jiang Fei used the Dragon's Bane on her. Jiang Fei dared not use the item since it was an item that was bound to him. The Dragon Prince might pick it up after Jiang Fei had used it. 

"Old school style it is!" Jiang Fei grunted and attacked with his arrows. It took a little while and fortunately, nothing bad happened as Jiang Fei killed the Dragon Princess. 

"Forgive me, brother… I have failed you…" 

After the Dragon Princess fell to the ground and delivered her last speech to the Dragon Princess, the Golden Dragon Prince went berserk. His attack power and speed received a great boost. If Jiang Fei did not have three times Defense stat, there might be a small chance that he would find it troublesome. 

"Heh. So much for the Dragon Prince…" Jiang Fei scoffed, unimpressed. Once the Dragon Princess was killed, the chance of Jiang Fei being killed off was zero. 

Jiang Fei attacked and inflicted Venomous Blood on the Dragon Prince. Even though the Dragon Prince could stun and occasionally knock Jiang Fei away, he lacked the explosive attack power to kill off Jiang Fei. On the other hand, Jiang Fei had only needed to attack to kill the boss without the need to worry about any sort of gimmick from the boss. There were times that Jiang Fei's Ruthless Barrage was disrupted because of stuns, but it was futile since Jiang Fei needed only 2 seconds to stack Ruthless Barrage back to the max! 

"Father… Forgive me! Avenge me!" cried the Dragon Prince before dying off with so many arrows stuck on him that a porcupine would feel embarrassed! 

"As expected of the great Jiang Fei!" 

"Praise to our great guild master!" 

"Haha! At this point, I'm glad to be a benchwarmer!" 

"Don't think I didn't hear that…" 

To others, it was a miracle fight. For Jiang Fei however, it was nothing but a routine. He had encountered much stronger bosses before and had survived harsher battle conditions than that. Even though everyone died and Jiang Fei was the only one left, it did not mattered when Jiang Fei dealt 99.99% of the damage! 

"Time for a corpse run guys. I can't revive you!" said Jiang Fei in the party chat as he killed the remaining puppets. 

"Oh! Oh! Don't pick the loot yet! Wait for us! Wait for all of us!" cried Little Rain as he quickly released his soul to revive outside the dungeon.
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