The Almighty Ring
833 Let the Show Begin!
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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833 Let the Show Begin!

"Benefactor, if you do not forgive us for our past sins, we shall remain here, kneeling forever!" cried Chen Xuanming, smashing his forehead deeper into the ground. 

Jiang Fei sighed heavily. Truth be told, he held nothing against the members of Soaring Cloud Sect that were present then. It was extremely awkward for him since everyone was trying their best to beg Jiang Fei to forgive them. 

"On your feet. You have not wronged me in any way. The sect had not wronged me in any way. The only person that I have an enmity with is Ye Tianshun. No one else!" said Jiang Fei as he helped the two elders to their feet. 

When the two elders got up, they cupped fists and saluted Jiang Fei with a ninety degrees bow. 

"Thank you, great benefactor!" Chen Xuanming and Feng Xianyi cried out loud. The two had betrayed and left Soaring Cloud Sect. They were not worried when Jiang Fei had openly declared his enmity to Ye Tianshun. 

The two was grateful for Jiang Fei saving them. Healing them with his pills was something that the two elders could not repay. However, that was not the reason why the two elder had begged Jiang Fei for. It was to ask for forgiveness. 

When the two elder had first met Jiang Fei, they were both greatly injured and on the brink of passing out. Even so, they were still able to think straight and could understand that Jiang Fei was a man with the makings of a leader. They come to that conclusion easily because of all the respect that the other elders were giving to Jiang Fei. 

If Jiang Fei did not forgive them, the excommunicated group would need to return to their own sect once more, only to be treated like criminals. That, or die by the hands of the Mutants.

If they had met someone else, someone who was a martial artist for their entire life and had the principle of being an honorable martial artist hammered into their soul, they would be taken care of as a fellow member of the alliance. Jiang Fei was too young and naive. They had always thought that Jiang Fei's youthful thinking was too rash. Chen Xuanming and Fei Xuanyi might help them to beg Jiang Fei to forgive them but Jiang Fei would not listen. Either way, they were grateful that things had turned out well for them. 

If Feng Xuanyi and Chen Xuanming were alone, and not taking care of so many disciples themselves, they would not have begged for Jiang Fei's forgiveness. At most, they would only offer words of gratitude and remember this debt for life. These young disciples had betrayed the sect for them! It would be a disgrace if Feng Xuanyi and Chen Xuanming could not defend their lives! 

From the perspective of others, Feng Xuanyi and Chen Xuanming were seen as men of honor. Even though they were from the infamous Soaring Cloud Sect, a sect that was full of pride, the two were still able to take responsibility for their own disciples. Bowing their heads to the ground was the least they could do for their disciples' sake. 

Naturally, there was one other reason why the two was willing to go all out to seek forgiveness. It was to seek out powerful support! 

Ma Xuantong and Ye Tianshun did not do anything to them when they left the sect. Chen Xuanming and Feng Xuanyi knew exactly why. It was because they were in the land of Japan. Ye Tianshun and Ma Xuantong did not have to waste their strength to kill them since they know that the betrayers could not survive long in Japan. Not unless the Mutants decided to spare them. If they did, and lived to return to China, the Soaring Cloud Sect members in China would never let them go! 

Chen Xuanming and Feng Xuanyi knew exactly how the Soaring Cloud Sect treated betrayers. They also knew that there was only one living betrayer that had not been killed. The rest were killed the second they had betrayed the sect. 

The lucky one was none other than Shang Guanqi. The only reason why Shang Guanqi was living peacefully was due to Jiang Fei's protection. Soaring Cloud Sect dared not to mess with Jiang Fei, his sect, and his mysterious master, Zhuge Shanzhen. 

Right then, Feng Xuanyi and Chen Xuanming dared not ask for Jiang Fei to take them in just yet. They had only wanted Jiang Fei to not bear any enmity towards them. That way, they could at least fight their way in Japan and live to return to China. Once the war was over and everyone returned to China, they would then ask and beg for Jiang Fei to take them in. Even if Jiang Fei had forgiven them but not take them in when they are all back in China, they would end up dead by the hands of the Soaring Cloud Sect. 

Although the two had already steeled their decision to fight until their last breath, they were still happy to look for a way out since they had encountered Jiang Fei. By hook or by crook, they would never want to be controlled by Ye Tianshun. Anything else, even death by the Mutants, was more honorable than being controlled by Ye Tianshun. 

While they had that thought, the rest of the ex-Soaring Cloud Sect members did not share the same feeling. They were all still young and learning. They could not let their mistake to be the cause of their death. 

"Alright. It's all water under the bridge. Now, go to your comrades and check on them. I want them to be fit and ready to fight. It is time for us to kill the Mutants," said Jiang Fei. 

"Yes, as you wish!" Chen Xuanming exclaimed and went away. Although physically he was fully healed, he had only managed to recover half of his Qi. Even so, he was able to fight at full power, just not as long as the others. 

Half an hour later, everyone woke up from their sleep. While Chen Xuanming and Feng Xuanyi had only recovered half of their Qi, the rest of the weaker members had fully restored all their Qi with the one-third Spirit pill. 

"Excuse me, Brother Jiang Fei. How are we going to lure in the Mutants?" asked a random sect leader. 

"Good question. With that!" said Jiang Fei as he pointed to his back. At the same time, he commanded 0541 to disable the optical camouflage to reveal the fake Bio-Lab. 

A faint light flashed and the barrier on both the Bio-Lab and Jiang Fei was removed. The huge building was revealed to everyone. 

"What the hell is that?" 

"When was it there? I'd never noticed it!" 

The huge silver-white structure stood tall, like a watchful tower. It was shocking to all the martial artists since they had never understood modern technology, much less about advanced technology such as optical camouflage system. 

"This thing is very important to the Mutants. Not only they will come as fast as they could, but the American Naval fleet would not dare to launch their missiles at us!" said Jiang Fei, explaining what he wanted to do with the building instead of explaining his entire plan. 

"So… that structure is important to the Mutants?" Bai Wanli asked. 

"Correct. It is the source of all Bio-Enhancement technology. The Mutants would never let this chance go!" Jiang Fei exclaimed confidently. 

"What would happen if the Mutant gets their hands on it? Wouldn't it dangerous for us?" Granny Jinghua asked. She felt that it was a risky gamble to let Jiang Fei use the structure as a chip against the Mutant. 

"That is why we need to protect this thing and have an all-out war with the Mutants! If they take that away, the Mutants can do all sort of experiments to further enhance themselves!" Jiang Fei snorted, purposely hiding the fact that the structure was nothing but an empty metal case. 

"I see…" 

Even though the others did not understand what the structure was, they could at least understand the importance of it. If they wanted to prevent the Mutants from getting stronger, they need to fight them to prevent the Mutants from taking the structure away!


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