The Almighty Ring
834 Baited
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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834 Baited

"General! A large number of martial artists have been detected in Area Z7041. They appear to be surrounding an odd structure!" 

When Jiang Fei removed the camouflage field, the American Naval fleet detected their presence via high altitude surveillance drones. 

"What structure? Enhance the image!" said Robert.

"Yes, sir! The image is being captured once more. Acquiring high-resolution images in 5 seconds!" said the operator. 

"Image is being displayed now, sir."

"T-That is no random structure! That's an alien artifact!" cried Robert. 

"Contact the Mutants!" Robert turned around and informed the communication operators. 

With speed, a communication line was established and Desir was called. Unlike martial artists, the Mutants and Americans had a high interest in obtaining alien technology. 

"Why the sudden call?" Desir asked. He was the one being contacted since he was the man in charge of all the Mutants deployed in Japan. 

"Mr. Desir, we have found the main group of the enemy. We have also found an… unexpected surprise!" 

"What is it about?" Desir asked nonchalantly. If they had found the martial artists, Robert would not have informed Desir about it. He could simply fire all his missiles, bombarding them to hell. 

"It's an alien artifact! A large silver-white metallic structure! It's been hidden in a canyon!" said Robert. He also transferred the image he had obtained to Desir. 

"This… a pleasant surprise!" Desir smirked. Based on the reports from his spies planted deep in China, he had known about the Chinese discovery of an alien artifact. Although the authenticity of the report was questioned, the discovery of an alien artifact was too important to let go. When Desir obtained the images Robert sent to him, all doubts were erased. There was no way any Earth-based technology could replicate the alien metal. 

"Since the enemies are gathering around the structure, I am not going to launch an airstrike on them. The chance of getting the alien structure destroyed is very high!" 

"Smart move. Cease all attacks and focus solely on tracking martial artists. I want to know where they are at all times! We will handle this ourselves," said Desir. He could not agree more with Robert on his decision to abort an airstrike. The alien artifact was too important to them!

Desir hung up the call and started to think of an attack strategy. 

"Who is closest to them?" Desir asked his assistant. 

"Vine Demon is the closest to them. They can arrive in about an hour!" 

"Good. Sent them over but do not let him engage the enemy. There are too many of them. Have him survey the enemies and wait for us to arrive," said Desir. 

"Yes, sir!" 

"General Robert, remember to keep me in check if there are any changes to the enemies' position," said Desir. 

"Yes, sir. The 7th Fleet will not disappoint," said Robert. 

"I expect not." 

The Mutant's initial plan was to reduce their fighting force by reducing their numbers with airstrikes. However, they had found the surrounded Bio-Lab, forcing the Mutants to change their tactics. They knew that the martial artists had no interest in alien technology and that was extremely worrisome for the Mutants. 

In the beginning, the Japanese had their hands on the Bio-Lab and made breaking discoveries about Bio-Enhancement technology. The Mutants knew about it and wanted to get their hands on the Bio-Lab as well. On the other hand, martial artists had no interest in the Bio-Lab. They would not want to let the Mutants do what they wanted to and might just destroy the Bio-Lab to get in their way. If that happened, Desir would be devastated. 

It was unexpected but Desir had to mobilize his entire army of Mutants to have an all-out war with the martial artists. Time was of the essence since they cannot allow martial artists to destroy the Bio-Lab.

"Captain, I have detected a small group of Metahumans coming in our direction! I have detected that they are Enhanced Mutants!" said 0541 as soon as the separated team of Mutants had been informed to move in. It was Vine Demon's team. 

"How many are they?" 

"I have detected 5. All of them have power levels exceeding Level 4," said 0541. 


From the looks of it, the team was not meant to fight but only scout him.

"Sect leader Bai, I need you," Jiang Fei called out to Bai Wanli. 

"What's the matter?" 

"The Mutants have taken the bait. The main group is coming soon but they had sent in a few flies to sniff around. If you have time, please have a group ready to deal with them," said Jiang Fei, smirking suggestively. 

"Hah! Flies, you say? I don't need a group. I, alone, shall be enough to swat them all!" cried Bai Wanli, eyes glittered with excitement and vigor. He had enough of the Mutants. If it was a large group, Bai Wanli might take precautions but a few flies meant nothing to him!

"There are 5 of them and everyone is above Level 4. Take more than you need and do not let them run! Swat them good!" said Jiang Fei, implying that the Mutants were weak. However, he was merely sugarcoating it. He suggested Bai Wanli take more than he needed to ensure that they would not be the ones that were swatted. 

"5 of them… I understand! I shall take it from here," said Bai Wanli. He was compelled to leave alone but he had remembered that one advice from Jiang Fei—to not underestimate his opponents. Jiang Fei had not specified whether they were Beginner stage or Pinnacle stage. If he had faced off with 5 Pinnacle stage of Level 4 alone, he might be the one squashed like a bug. 

"Will the three of you would follow me for some fly-swatting? It would be nice to have more than one swatter with me!" Bai Wanli asked the other sect leaders. When Jiang Fei had informed Bai Wanli about the incoming scouts, the other sect leaders were close enough to eavesdrop. 

"Count me in!" Zhu Tianfei roared. The man had been itching to have his revenge. 

"This one will not back down from a fight!" said Ganming Zhenren. 

"The three of us wish to participate!" said Ding Tianqi, along with two other elders, Mao Gongyu and Lu Gongzan. 

"6 of you versus the 5 of them. Heh. You best not be defeated or it would be extremely shameful!" Granny Jinghua teased. 

"Hah! There's no way I would allow that to happen! I will chase them even to the edge of the world if I have to!" said Zhu Tianfei, clutching his sword so tightly that his veins were about to burst.


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